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10 Unique Nerd Gifts That People Will Absolutely Love | For Grown Ups

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10 Unique Nerd Gifts That People Will Absolutely Love | For Grown Ups
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Buying items for a good friend is a superb duty. If that pal is an extremely refined gadget fanatic, then your mission turns into much tougher. The web is rife with extremely nifty devices and gizmos that can shock and delight the nerds in your life. We’ve achieved some digging and uncovered 10 of probably the most superb science items nerds, and simply type, clever folks will admire it.

Levitating Potted Plant

Levitating Potted Plant

This levitating potted plant doesn’t just look really cool. It also brings a literal breath of fresh air into your home, making it a perfect gift for that friend of yours who not only likes out of the ordinary stuff but also has a green thumb. A potted plant is always a nice present, and if you add in some magnetic levitation that makes it float, you surely can’t go wrong if you decide to offer it to even the pickiest of nerds.

This levitating plant apart the first thing I noticed about the plant apart was its high-quality wood grain finish. It really is a nice look; however, I was a bit worried about how challenging it might be to get this thing to levitate. I check the instructions. It looks simple enough, and I had a go. I didn’t get it on my first try. It was a little bit of a challenge at first, but once I worked out where it needed to go, it was simple enough. It was a little Messier trying to get the pot to levitate with the little buns I plan in there, but I need up me a couple of girls, and then I got it; something really interesting about this product is that actually emits negatively-charged ions this is actually really cool this is gonna balance out the positively charged ions that we have around our office I think this really does make it a perfect addition to the office and it has such a relaxing Bart.

Equation Wall Clock

10 Unique Nerd Gifts That People Will Absolutely Love | For Grown Ups

Because we all probably have one smarty pants friend who likes math, this equation wall clock packs in just the perfect amount of spunk to help them start their day in a clever and meaningful way instead of the classic analog notation for the hour’s several mathematical equations need to be solved in order to tell the time, and while this might not sound so enticing for the majority of people, your nerdy friends will definitely dig it.

Color Changing Umbrella

10 Unique Nerd Gifts That People Will Absolutely Love | For Grown Ups

While in a boring umbrella when you can walk out in the rain under cover of this amazing color-changing umbrella printed with color-changing ink, this eye-catching item looks pretty plain when dry, but when the rain starts pouring and the unlikely rainbow will appear an amazing passer buys this pretty umbrella is definitely going to impress even the most pretentious of friends the fact that it can change colors is both surprising and innovative.

Mini 3D Printer

10 Unique Nerd Gifts That People Will Absolutely Love | For Grown Ups

3d printers have experienced a lot of hype over the last few years. More and more people using them to create all kinds of small props, miniatures, prototypes figurines. Seeing how these devices are very sought-after and useful, we think it would be a great idea to buy a nifty little one for your friend’s birthday. They’ll be so overwhelmed you’ll surely be showered not only with thanks but also with the myriad of cool 3d printed gifts. 

Magic Wand TV Remote

10 Unique Nerd Gifts That People Will Absolutely Love | For Grown Ups

This magic wand TV remote is the type of gift that you’ll want to buy for yourself at first, and only after you’ve had your fun, you’ll consider buying one for your equally nerdy friend. There’s no greater pleasure than to zap through programs with a simple yet firm gesture and well-directed spell that will change the channel for you faster than you can say expel Aramis. It’s more than obvious that this magic TV remote is the absolute best gift for the Harry Potter loving friend we all have. 

It is a TV role control with 13 gestures, and she does feel like a wizard with this what’s really cool about this is it’s just kind of like your phone it’s got an accelerometer, a gyroscope, all those kind of sensors inside it so it can actually tell the gestures you’re making so if you turn it or flick it or swish it that will send out just like you were pushing buttons a TV on TV off those kinds of things, but I did promise you how to feel like a home cake wizard. So I couldn’t get Siri to do it today, but there is an Easter Egg that if you name your scenes Lumos sometimes Siri will actually respond to you, hey, you’re a wizard, which is kind of cool. So if you look at this, it is plastic it not wooden right, but it does have a really nice finish. It’s got that little green accent on the end of the wand here right that’s pretty cool. It feels not heavy, but it feels solid. It feels like it’s not something that we’re going to break, you know easily, which is nice and again. The other thing here that I want to show you which is I was like wow um front of the Harry Potter fans is totally reminded me of the marauders map the instructions are all kind of hot hand-drawn and it is definitely in the shape of kind of like a treasure map that teaches you how to do the 13 separate gestures and yes there are 13 so you can duplicate 13 of the different buttons of your existing TV remote with this wand now I’m not sure how many those I’m actually gonna use frankly I can only think of three that I need I don’t have cable anymore so I need volume up and volume down I need to be able to turn the TV on and off so I’m hoping that I’m gonna be able to learn the basic magic and get enough to get those three and so I could have a little bit of trouble finding even the batteries and that is because this thing is really put together solidly so you’re just gonna twist off that little the two silver and the jeweled end there and you’ll find that inside here there is first off a little battery cap to prevent it from losing battery when it’s in transportation so we’re gonna take that off so we can power the wand up and you can see here we’ve got a couple of triple-a batteries in here that are gonna power our wand so I haven’t looked through the instructions a little bit there are a few different easy gestures or you can just roll it kind of just like you have a volume knob on a traditional stereo you’ve got flicks up and down you’ve got some more advanced tapping kind of things going on I’m gonna save you guys the trouble of watching me try to figure this thing out because it does take a little bit of getting used to I’m not going to to lie about that however I may even inform you that it’s a whole lot of fun and I had a blast.


10 Unique Nerd Gifts That People Will Absolutely Love | For Grown Ups

The orbit wheel takes a futuristic approach to everyday transportation, and it features a straightforward design that can be summarized like this you have two feet, so you need two wheels to carry them through town. That’s simple the hoverboard might still be in fashion, but the orbit wheel is more compact and easy to carry around and will definitely take the market by storm and become the next hottest trend for years to come.

  • One Size Fits Most
  • Carrying Strap
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design for portability
  • Capable of countless maneuvers

AI Personal Trainer

10 Unique Nerd Gifts That People Will Absolutely Love | For Grown Ups

Because there’s nothing extra essential than staying wholesome, an artificial intelligence personal trainer is the perfect gift that combines the basic idea of exercising with the exciting domain of computer science. The VI cents wireless headphones not only help you get into shape by giving you vocal commands but also have an aerospace-grade heart rate monitor that tracks all of your bodily functions. In short, this AI personal trainer is truly amazing and useful.

It will transform the way you run workout and live health v is the first through AI personal train ready to help you lose weight maintain your fitness brand-new. First miles or push you to new limits, she lives in balancing earphones, put them on, and she comes. VI pulls data from any sources looking at your workout history goals and apps, including google fit and apple health kit for biosensors detect real-time physiology such as heart rate and exertion. She also knows your environment like elevation location and weather. With this info, we can deliver tailored real-time insight as Naturals reach to make sure VI and your music sound great, partnered with Harman Kardon to put beautiful sound into your ears. VI has you run to the beat to find the right step rate. You can follow the immersive sound to get to the right place, and you’ll run through milestone beacons along the way to get updates on your progress. Part of what we wanted to do with VI created an AI that was unlike any other out there want her to have a personality that actually had an edge to it, you know that felt more human and more real and more personal. 

Hovering Bluetooth Speaker

10 Unique Nerd Gifts That People Will Absolutely Love | For Grown Ups

This Bluetooth speaker reminds us a little bit of bb-8, and even though it might not have any connection to the actual Star Wars universe, it appears that it’s using the Force to float like that. In fact, it’s kept hovering by its magnetic base, and you can be sure that your nerdy friend will tell you everything about this process if you happen to buy him or her one of these extra cool hovering Bluetooth speakers that look good and sound good too.  

All proper so proper off the bat this isn’t one thing you’d purchase for sound high quality however quite for showcase a dialog piece the wow issue which I believe it is best appropriate for workplace or desk environments when a product appears this fancy 9 instances out of ten that is its strongest promoting level actually there’s not a lot element in regards to the speaker specs itself apart from the truth that it is solely 5 watts which that alone says rather a lot however regardless of that I believe for what it’s it nonetheless sounds fairly first rate the speaker itself appears sort of like a pokeball for those who’ve ever watched a cartoon Pokemon what I’m speaking about it has just a little weight to it and that is largely as a result of big magnet on the underside half of the gadget I actually just like the blue LED accents just like the ring that glows round it which is without doubt one of the first issues that attracted me to it your speaker grilles run throughout the highest with the precise speaker itself seen on the within on the physique you could have a microUSB port for charging that sits proper in between an influence button and a bluetooth button and by charging you should use it as a standalone speaker and put off the bottom for those who select to take action after all the bottom is simply an adjunct the speaker even comes with a carrying pouch however this factor sheds material like loopy and I can’t be utilizing this pouch to energy it on you press and maintain the ability button and the identical goes with a Bluetooth button however if you wish to manually pair it up regardless of the speaker trying as if it got here out of a Star Wars film it will get fairly darn loud however not a lot bass comes out this man I imply do not get me improper there’s extra thumps right here and there like when listening to hip-hop for instance you hear the beats however it’s undoubtedly not spectacular to music lovers like me they do promote that you simply get a kind of 3d encompass sound impact when the speaker is spinning however I did not hear any distinction alright so let’s get to the enjoyable half the precise levitation the magnetic base has a brushed aluminum floor that is kind of satisfying to the contact for those who ask me it options 4 blue ornamental LEDs that mild up when it is plugged in however these LEDs are additionally used as a information that can assist you align it correctly with the middle being the candy spot when all 4 LEDs are stable it’s going to start to droop within the air because of its highly effective magnet know-how when it is levitating the momentum of the magnets enable it to spin by itself and it simply appears mesmerizing I am unable to stress it sufficient however you do must play with it just a little to get it there within the first place as a result of the magnets on the bottom are actually actually actually sturdy it principally snatches the speaker out of your hand it really scared me as a result of once you energy the bottom off the speaker snaps again to the floor with an incredible quantity of pressure it is just a little irritating to deal with it is like a recreation to get it proper it takes apply however I discovered that it is best to make use of two fingers when aligning it now I can see why the sturdy magnets are crucial to attain such an impact however it’s one thing that issues me as a result of I am unable to assist however really feel that the bottom will ultimately get broken over time given the quantity of pressure that persistently hits it in order that’s one thing I’ll must look out for now what’s fairly candy although is that the speaker itself is supplied with NFC proper up prime Center on the blue LED in order that’s an enormous plus in relation to ease of pairing and one which I’m fairly completely happy about you additionally get a sort of twin one product right here because the magnetic base can also be a charging station with a USB port now so far as battery is anxious it is a 1500 milliamp hour battery and it is marketed for round ten hours of playback time and I’m right here to say that it really performs near it I received a median of round eight hours of use at a fairly first rate quantity just a bit bit greater than midway talking of quantity I want there have been some quantity on the speaker itself that is one thing I’d have actually preferred to see there’s additionally no speakerphone capabilities which I believe would have been helpful as properly general it is a actually spectacular setup and I’m all the time keen on futuristic type know-how I believe they nailed this impact and I do hope to see extra mainstream audio system from prime producers use this know-how I believe that’ll be fascinating to see all proper so let’s speak worth the ISO retails for 150 on Amazon now earlier than you say it that is a manner too steep particularly if what this factor is you’ll find rather a lot cheaper Bluetooth audio system that sound rather a lot higher so I assume figuring out what are you going to purchase this is determined by how dangerous you need your audio system to levitate me personally I nonetheless assume this factor is fairly cool so I’ll be holding on to this for just a little longer.

Build Your Own V8 Engine

10 Unique Nerd Gifts That People Will Absolutely Love | For Grown Ups

For that friend who’s always building stuff and tinkering around with nuts and bolts and electronics and combustion engines, this build-your-own v8 engine kit is the most OnPoint gift you could ever think about. It includes over 100 parts, and it simulates a real motor featuring Mission engine sounds and light-up spark plugs. Honestly, this v8 building kit is a no brainer when it comes to awesome gifts for your friend’s special day.

  • Includes over 100 parts
  • The motorized model simulates real motor
  • Features ignition and engine sounds and light up spark plugs
  • For ages 14 and up

Bone Conduction Headphone

10 Unique Nerd Gifts That People Will Absolutely Love | For Grown Ups

Bone conduction headphones are a new piece of technology that leaves your ears totally unplugged and instead delivers music through your cheekbones as futuristic and Star Trek II as they sound the vibrations really deliver a high-quality sound experience, and this is a thoughtful and totally awesome present for a friend who’s interested in acoustics.

Because it’s bone conduction technology that means that your lug holes are open and free as demonstrated here by this roller fetching luck and gentlemen here very nice, and that’s great news if you’re going to be doing a bit of a cycling jog and anything like that where you really want to have you’re here and fully enabled there are plexuses are supposed to be a step up from the previous air model supposed to be louder better bass levels and less leakage and everything as well. So first up the air apexes are definitely a lot more compact and subtle compared with the older aftershocks as they sit very comfortably behind the ears they’re then nice and stable and thankfully you can just about twist that rigid band with a fair bit of force to get them sitting absolutely perfectly and much in your own particular airship even if you’re moving at Pierce did a better job in something like that it’s a very stable fit these things do not ever feel like they’re about to fly off your bonds thankfully and it’s just 26 grams they are perfectly light and comfortable to wear even all afternoon as well and these aftershocks also ip67 water and sweat resistant that means they can be fully submerged in water for around half an hour assort so in all ways if you’re the kind of masochist who likes to go jogging even when it’s absolutely slashing it down all of the controls you could possibly hope for for your media as well as taking calls on their house between the left and the right sections skipping tracks can be a little bit clunky it involves with double or triple a click of up play pause buttons or skip and backwards is especially clunky but once you get used to it it does actually work I compared with the previous version the aftershocks there the arrow pecks is definitely seem to be a little bit louder though I’ve got to admit that that open ear design definitely meant I was struggling a little bit when I was in a really noisy environment such as a busy High Street if you’re right next differences loud traffic going by you then really even on that top volume level I was struggling to hear what was happening in my podcasts audiobooks things like that and on that top volume level as well you can expect a little bit of ear tickle from the air apexes despite the fact that aftershock says angle the transducer away from the surface so it’s less tickle and you would get on the airs but it still is present as I say on that very maximum volume now while the air apexes are obviously designed for when you’re out and about doing bit jog and something like that where you need to have your wits about you I actually found them ideal for just using about the home I could listen to a sweary podcaster an audiobook in private without anyone here and the nasty things that they’re done listens to in spare time but also my ear canals were opened to meet their demands whenever they want an ice-cream or a drink or whatever else is that a four year old needs every five seconds and these things are definitely best suited to podcasts and audiobooks and things of that ilk music playback is absolutely fine but as you’d expect obviously the quality can’t hold up to a pair of popper all the earphones the clarity simply isn’t as strong and with the likes of rock music as well as fun things get a little bit muddled so you just can’t enjoy it quite as much but another benefit of the arrow pecs is compared with you all that airs as well is less sound leakage the old one you could sort of hear quite a bit going on if you’re stood close to the person wearing them with the air apexes I was blasting some mountain music on pretty high volume and some people stood around me in a pretty quiet room could only hear a faint buzz so definitely impressive stuff I’m not worries with the mic quality as well the built-in mic from the air OPEX absolutely perfectly pick up your voice even quite a noisy environment they did not struggle whatsoever so it is great for when you’re doing a bit of calls on the gore my quasi had absolutely no issues whatsoever with the connectivity even in quite a busy environment they stood connectors perfectly well to my smartphone and the stream and quality was absolutely fine or little stutters or stumbles anything like that now the final area where the air apexes improve on the old Eze is the battery life you now get up to eight hours of battery life and i’ve found that’s pretty much an accurate estimate generally between seven and eight hours on a full charge so it’s not quite as strong as some rivals such as the oneplus bullets Wireless to things like that but to be fair unless you’re literally using them all day long it is enough to get you through a commute good bit use at work and stuff like that and then just plug them in at night job done and unfortunately it is that proprietary charging cable compared with the microUSB on the other airs you will have to make sure you take that cable with you whenever you’re on your travels you can’t just use your phone cable or anything like that that’s my full review of the aftershocks air apexes and how they compare with the older air model as I said the open air design is fantastic when you need to be aware of what’s going on in your environment whether you’re out and about or just knocking about at home.

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