6+ AI Writing Tools You Should Check Out

AI writing tools can help if you’re suffering from writer’s block or simply don’t enjoy writing. Aside from saving you time on the first draft, they can also inspire you to come up with new and innovative ideas.

Automation may take you through the entire writing process instead of just reiterating what you’ve already said. We’ve compiled a list of the seven greatest artificial intelligence writing tools for you to peruse.

1. Jasper

Using OpenAI’s GPT-3 as a backend, Jasper is a widely used AI writing tool. With over 50 templates to choose from, it’s easy to come up with compelling copy for ads, blog posts, or social media.

There are two modes of play for Jasper: Starter and Boss. Shorter copies are best served by the Starter design (for example, Facebook ads or LinkedIn company bio). People that need longer content, such as blog articles or video scripts, should use Boss Mode.

The Boss Mode includes a long-form editor, Grammarly integration, a plagiarism checker, and an SEO option. The tool can also be programmed to follow your instructions. As an example, ask it to produce three captions for a flower photograph.

Additionally, you can use Recipes to provide the tool with repeating instructions. There is a strong community behind Jasper, as well as a fast support crew. In order to help users get the most out of the tool, they offer free tutorials on their website.

With 20,000 words included, the monthly cost of Starter Mode is as little as $29 (USD). At least $59 a month is required for the Boss Mode, which provides up to 50,000 words per month. For an additional fee, you can increase the output capacity on either of these plans

2. ClosersCopy

6+ AI Writing Tools You Should Check Out

One of the best AI-powered copywriting tools out there is ClosersCopy. There are hundreds of pre-made marketing frameworks and workflows in this tool that can assist you in creating a compelling piece of written content quickly and efficiently.

With three distinct models of artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to write effective advertising copy, articles, and stories at the same time. More than 100 languages are supported by ClosersCopy.

You’ll need to supply some background information about your project and a hook sentence before you can begin writing. With the use of templates, you may also collaborate on documents with your colleagues and get the job done more quickly.

The monthly fee ranges from $30 to $80, depending on the number of words generated. The $80 plan allows for an infinite number of words, while the Starter plan limits you to 45,000 words. GPT-3 isn’t used by ClosersCopy, which instead uses its own AI model.

3. Rytr

6+ AI Writing Tools You Should Check Out

Rytr, which has more than 60,000 users, claims to be a writing aid. It can write blog entries, song lyrics, marketing copy, captions, screenplays, and product descriptions, among many other things. Even better, you can use this tool to compose emails and other messages.

Because of the wide range of possible applications, the initial draft can be completed quickly. Use Rytr’s editing tools to fine-tune your first draft and customize the output.

Rytr has the ability to compose in over 30 languages and in over 20 different timbres. An extension for Chrome, plugins for WordPress and Shopify, and an API are all part of the package.

It costs $29 per month for the unlimited plan and $9 per month for the saver account (50,000 characters). Rytr offers a free subscription with a monthly character limit of 5000.

Rytr includes themes and features to make content creation easier for you, whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or blogger.

4. Writesonic

6+ AI Writing Tools You Should Check Out

powered by gpt-3, Writesonic is an artificial intelligence (AI) writer with three primary use cases: product descriptions, marketing copy, and articles.

You may use AIDA-like copywriting formulas to create landing pages, digital ad copy, and more. Using Writesonic, you can construct introductions, summaries, an outline, reword the text and generate blog entries.

In addition to product descriptions, product titles, and sales emails, Writesonic can also generate them. In addition, you may use this tool to write emails, press releases, and corporate bios.
Writesonic features four paid options, as well as a free trial option. It’s possible to create infinite material in the three additional plans. The first two plans have a limited number of characters.

5. CopyAI

6+ AI Writing Tools You Should Check Out

CopyAI offers templates to assist you develop human-like prose to help you overcome writer’s block.

Ad copy, landing pages, website content, blog entries, product descriptions, and social media content may all be written with CopyAI’s assistance. It can also be used for other purposes, such as coming up with business ideas, composing birthday cards, and sending emails.

If you want to learn more about CopyAI’s tool, you can get a lot of information for free. In the free plan, you get 10 words a month, whereas in the Pro plan, you get limitless words.

Another dozen free tools are available from CopyAI, such as those for producing email subject lines, images and text for CTAs and product names and slogans. The best part is that you don’t have to join up to use these free resources.

6. Peppertype.ai

6+ AI Writing Tools You Should Check Out

You don’t need to do much with Peppertype.ai in order for it to produce original content. The uniqueness of its use cases and templates, on the other hand, makes it stand out.

One-liner tweets, product review generators, customer review responses, BAB copywriting, and blog post conclusions are all examples of this. All of the standard templates for creating marketing copy, product descriptions, and articles are available, of course.

Starter and Growth are the two options. Only the more expensive plan comes with additional features that are particularly handy for teams. The cost is determined by the plan and the number of users, but it starts at $35 per month.

7. Smart Copy

6+ AI Writing Tools You Should Check Out

Smart Copy is a great tool to use if you want to create documents that accurately represent your company. This AI content generator, which is a member of the Unbounce family, may help you produce landing pages and ad copy quickly.

Templates for email subject lines, thank-you messages, and content expanders are among the more than 50 available.

Core principles, taglines and mission statements are just some of the things Smart Copy can help you create for your business. It is available in six languages and has a Chrome extension that is free.

Smart Copy has both a free and a premium subscription available. For $49 a month, the Growth plan allows for limitless generations, whereas the free plan only allows for five. The Writer, a long-form editor included in the Growth plan, is also available.

Goodbye, Author’s Block!

When you’re suffering from writer’s block, staring at a blank computer screen is an unpleasant experience. You’ll be able to get rid of it quickly thanks to these AI writing programs.

Using tried-and-true copywriting formulae, these tools may help marketers and business owners develop appealing content that not only saves time but also generates more sales.

When using these tools, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with their functions and evaluate how they stack up against real people.

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