You Should Be Aware of These 10 Benefits of Combination Locks

Combination locks have been increasingly popular in recent years. Many people are opting for them because they provide numerous advantages that regular locks do not. You’ll want to learn more about these advantages so you can decide whether combination locks are right for your home or business. We’ll go through ten various benefits of using combination locks in this article!

1. It’s safer

Key locks are less secure than combination locks. Because you can establish your own codes that no one else knows, they provide a lot more protection than key locks.

It also deters anyone from attempting to duplicate your phone number or pick the lock with a hairpin because normally only numbers are shown, not letters. If someone knew your keyless entry combinations, they could easily build their own set of false keys that would open with the identical codes! It’s a lot safer than having a single key that unlocks everything in sight.

2. Simple to Reset

If the code is forgotten, combination locks can be reset. After 10,000 failed attempts, you can reset your code to keep it safe from others who might try to guess it. Because you can set the combination ahead of time, you won’t have to worry about forgetting it.

3. Simple to Setup

You can use a number lock or a padlock to set up combination locks. The digits 0-99 are commonly used on each dial, and then the dials are simply turned until they are aligned perfectly. This method assures that the number of possible possibilities for setting up combination locks is endless. It should be difficult to lose your setup combination unlock key if everything is done correctly, because even if one digit is incorrect, none of the other digits will line up properly.

4. Convenient to Transport

A combination lock is also easier to carry about than a key, so it will be much more convenient for you if you intend on traveling or going out late at night. Although it is not the same as the typical padlock you may remember from your youth, many people still use them.

5. Keep an eye on your belongings

Combination locks are a simple and effective way to keep undesirable visitors out of your home. Nobody wants their valuables to be stolen or vandalized, especially those who have worked hard to get them. If you own a variety of valuables, such as motorbikes, ATVs, lawnmowers, patio furniture, and so on, it’s in your best interest to install combination locks so that thieves can’t easily steal them.

6. It’s Simple to Use

Anyone with average intellect should be able to figure out how they work in a matter of minutes – no need for lengthy instructions, as with certain other types of locks! You don’t need any special tools to open a combination lock; simply utilize items you already have on hand, such as paper clips or bobby pins.

7. Imperceptible

Because the combination isn’t visible from the outside, guessing what it is is more difficult. Because the numbers are on the inside of the lock, they can’t be guessed by someone looking over your shoulder.

8. It’s a good idea to use it outside.

Traditional padlocks can be replaced with combination locks that are ideal for outdoor use. They’re ideal for locking up anything outside, whether it’s a garden shed or a bicycle, because they’ll keep your stuff safe from not only burglars but also thieves and poor weather! They are available in a variety of sizes and digit counts, allowing you to select one that is appropriate for the information you need to keep secure.

9. It’s Ideal for Office Construction

For an office building or other common facility where numerous individuals will have access to it, a combination lock is ideal. When it comes to commercial facilities and business owners, having the correct combination lock is critical. It should be simple to use while also being simple to install and secure.

It’s critical for business owners and facility managers to understand which combination locks are most suited for high-traffic areas and circumstances requiring multiple codes, such as master codes that allow both individual user codes (workers) and key-controlled codes (management).

10. Reasonable Cost

If a combination lock is lost or stolen, it is less expensive to replace. Because it is a popular alternative for those who wish to secure their houses from burglary, its pricing is reasonable. The fact that they provide inexpensive costs compared to other security solutions on the market is the key reason why this product has grown popular among homeowners and business owners alike.

11. Warranty for a lifetime

For anyone who needs to protect their assets at home or at work, combine locks are a great, economical, and dependable alternative. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so if something goes wrong with the lock, you’ll get a new one for free!

Combination locks have a disadvantage.

The main disadvantage is that they take up more space on doors and cupboards, but since we don’t leave our homes unlocked all of the time, this isn’t a problem.


Combination locks are a fantastic method to keep your valuables safe. They may appear to some people to be the ideal solution for their needs because of how simple and quick they are to lock up. But there’s more to it than meets the eye; in addition to being simple, it offers a number of other advantages that make it a viable alternative to regular padlocks or keyed locks. Here are a few reasons why you should replace your old padlock with one that uses numbers instead!

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