Analogue Pocket Review


The Analogue Pocket gaming handheld completely performs Sport Boy, Sport Boy Shade, and Sport Boy Advance video games merely pressed away and might do much more on high of that.


  • Completely performs Sport Boy, Sport Boy Shade, and Sport Boy Advance video games.
  • Unimaginable display, with convincing filters to emulate traditional system LCDs
  • Glorious construct high quality
  • It might be linked to a TV with a non-obligatory Analogue Dock
  • Adapters help further programs’ video games
  • Additional improvement and music options


  • The uncovered cartridge slot does not securely maintain sport cartridges
  • It feels unfastened when docked

Classic gaming purists and collectors are likely to eschew emulators, as a result of the software program does not present the identical expertise as the unique {hardware} (and customarily can’t play cartridges to start with, which makes accumulating them pointless). I’ve been sympathetic to this angle and deeply respect Analogue’s non-emulation, FPGA-based consoles just like the Super Nt and Mega Sg for entirely operating Tremendous NES and Sega Genesis cartridges, respectively, whereas making them look incredible on a high-resolution TV. Nevertheless, I don’t assume I revered simply what an enormous distinction this non-emulation expertise may make till I held it in my hand.

The Analogue Pocket is the corporate’s first try at a handheld game system, designed to play Sport Boy, Sport Boy Shade, and Sport Boy Advance cartridges with the same care and accuracy as their dwelling consoles. Its display is so high-resolution compared to the unique handhelds that it could reproduce how their LCDs seemed as simple as it could make each sprite look razor-sharp. Its audio replica is pristine. And its controls feel tighter and extra responsive than any emulation-based system I’ve used.

The Pocket takes one of the best elements of taking part in a unique Sport Boy and combines it with a display that appears much better than any Sport Boy (or DS, or 3DS, and it’s even sharper than the Nintendo Switch’s display) ever did. If that isn’t sufficient, you may join it to your TV with a non-obligatory dock for a Change-like handheld/dwelling console expertise, develop your video games and apps for it with free programming software program, and create your personal chiptunes music. The Analogue Pocket is the one Sport Boy system you’ll ever want, which simply justifies its $219 worth and earns the hand-held our Editors’ Alternative award.

A Premium, Upscale Sport Boy

The Pocket’s design is impressed by the unique Sport Boy’s, with a vertical type issue that locations a display immediately above a directional pad and face buttons. The chunky, black handheld measures 5.9 by 3.5 by 0.9 inches (HWD), with a solid-feeling, matte black plastic chassis. The Pocket’s entrance holds a 3.5-inch, 1,600-by-1,440 LCD, a plus-shaped coarse pad, four face buttons (two concave, two convex, like the unique SNES controller), and three buttons for Begin, Choose, and Menu close to the underside. 

The left fringe of the system holds a flat inexperienced energy button and a tiny quantity rocker, whereas the right edge includes a microSD card slot. The amount rocker is a bit too small to simply discover with a fingertip without to discover with a fingertip without wanting simply wanting. You received unintentionally pressed it; however, you might need to take an additional second to regulate the quantity. 

The again of the Pocket includes a thick, grippy backside half and away more slender high half that leaves the cartridge slot open. This design resolution creates sufficient room for left and proper set off buttons across the place and ensures that Analogue’s upcoming cartridge adapters will match without a subject. The cartridge slot is a Sport Boy Advance slot, making it backward suitable with Sport Boy and Sport Boy Shade cartridges. The space is ample open to accommodate adapters for different programs, which suggests your Sport Boy cartridges stick out on the again as a substitute for becoming snugly in a recess, and there’s no mud cowl to guard the slot itself when a sport isn’t in it. We didn’t have any points with cartridges wiggling or feeling unfastened within the space; however, they feel much less safe than those within the unique, form-fitting handhelds.

Unlike the unique Sport Boy and Sport Boy Shade, the Analogue Pocket’s backside half doesn’t confide in insert batteries. A built-in 4,300mAh rechargeable battery substitutes between six and 10 hours of playtime decreased output retro decreased output retro-sport sports-sport

The Pocket’s backside edge holds a USB-C port for charging and connecting to the non-obligatory Analogue Dock accent to play video games in your TV, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a Hyperlink Cable port for utilizing Analogue’s non-obligatory Pocket to Pocket Hyperlink Cable or sure Nintendo Sport Boy and Sport Boy Advance Hyperlink Cables. The Analogue Pocket doesn’t have Wi-Fi or other web connectivity; however, you may commerce Pokemon between the primary three-sport generations with the cable and luxuriate in different multiplayer video games regionally with a wire.

As is typical with Analogue’s merchandise, the Analogue Pocket has good building. It feels strong within the hand, and the entire controls feel properly springy and clicky. The matte end additionally appears pretty good, giving the impression of an extra mature, upscale model of the Sport Boy.

Greater, Higher Display

The Pocket’s display is completely gorgeous. It’s 100 occasions the 160-by-144 decision of the unique Sport Boy’s display, and 60 occasions that of the Sport Boy Advance’s display (complete variety of pixels). In truth, its 615-pixels-per-inch density is considerably sharper than even flagship smartphones. It’s the best canvas to make the most of the system’s FPGA core and Analogue’s incredible scaling expertise that lets low-resolution, traditional handheld video games seem visually trustworthy or razor-sharp.

In truth, due to the decision being a lot greater than the unique handhelds, the Pocket can apply clear retro filters that genuinely look good, in contrast with the widely low-quality scan line choices in lots of different retro-sport units. By holding the Dwelling button-down and urgent left or proper on the coarse pad, you may select between completely crisp upscaled graphics displayed as shiny and colorful as potential or have the image emulate the unique handheld the sport was done for by successfully rendering a tiny darkish “body” round every game-designated pixel to offer the impression of wanting on the lot lower-resolution GB/GBC/GBA screens. These filters additionally restrict the color vary of Sport Boy Shade and Sport Boy Advance video games to look extra correct, and substitute stark black-and-white with the green-tinted monochrome of the Sport Boy or grey monochrome of the Sport Boy Pocket for GB video games. For GBA video games, you may even select between the unique Sport Boy Advance’s extra muted colors or the Sport Boy Advance SP AGS-101’s brighter, backlit colors.

All of the Equipment

Several types of equipment can be found for the Pocket and relying upon your tastes, a few of them may be necessary. The most important is the Analogue Dock, a $100 dock for the Pocket that provides Nintendo Change flexibility. It outputs the system’s video to any TV over HDMI at 1080p. It helps Bluetooth controllers with several 8Bitdo gamepads, the Pro 2; the Change Professional Controller; and the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4. The dock is a straightforward, black block with a recess geared up, a USB-C port within the center for the Pocket, and a black metallic cylinder behind it to help the system. The Pocket isn’t held in a form-fitting slot when docked; it is supported by the USB-C plug and metallic tube behind it. Once more, the Pocket didn’t unintentionally fall out of the dock; however, a deeper recess or some type of supporting aspect items would have made it feel safer.

The again panel holds an HDMI port, a USB-C port for the included cable and wall adapter, and two USB-A ports for wired controllers and updating the dock’s firmware with a USB drive.

Analogue additionally plans to launch 4 $30 adapters to develop the Pocket’s capabilities past Sport Boy video games. At present, solely the Sport Gear adapter is accessible; however, adapters for Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket Shade, and TurboGrafx-16 video games will launch subsequent yr. Different equipment embraces a $16 tempered glass display protector and a $30 exhausting case for storage and show (the Pocket isn’t usable inside it). Several cables spherical out the equipment, starting from $16 to $20 that embrace a sync cable for connecting to different Pockets or unique Sport Boy programs (besides the primary Sport Boy) and USB/MIDI cables for utilizing the Pocket’s music sequencing options with computer systems or audio gear.

Analogue despatched us several of the equipment for testing together with the Pocket itself, together with the Analogue Dock and Sports Gear adapter.

Performs Video games Completely

I examined the Analogue Pocket with over a dozen different Sport Boy, Sport Boy Shade, Sport Boy Advance video games, together with Japanese and North American cartridges. However, one loaded on the Pocket; the exception was a replica cart of Ultimate Fantasy V Advance I bought from eBay with the “Sound Restoration” mod utilized. That cartridge didn’t load in any respect, which might be due to the inconsistent manufacturing of replica carts. Analog is presently testing related replica carts to research the issue and is engaged in an answer. The Castlevania Double Pack labored superbly on the Pocket, another replica cart.

I also tried several Sports Gear video games utilizing the Sport Gear adapter; they were usually labored without points. The adapter blocks the Pocket’s shoulder buttons; however, not one of the adapters’ programs is for characteristic shoulder buttons, so it shouldn’t be a problem with these video games.

Each sport performs, for lack of a more excellent phrase, completely. The graphics are sharp, shiny, and colorful (or precisely muted, tinted, and textured to replicate the screens of the unique handheld), and the sound is spot-on. Beginning up Tetris on the Analogue Pocket introduced me to 1989, simply from how the music sounded. Sport Boy Advance video games are letterboxed on the 4:Three display due to their wider side ratio; however, they look incredible. You’re getting across the identical energetic display dimension as the unique GBA.

Management constantly feels simply as glorious on the Pocket. The course pad and face buttons have acceptable ranges of clickiness and springiness, and inputs come immediately. I’m very forgiving of the quirks of emulators for taking part in traditional video games and tend not to concentrate on minute ranges of lag; besides, the responsiveness of the Pocket feels a step above each emulation-based gaming system I’ve used. It’s a distinction I by no means reasonably seen or appreciated till now; nevertheless, it comes via the Pocket.

Graphics, sound, and management all merely pressed; however feel simply pretty much as good on a TV over the Analogue Dock, with a small visible caveat. The LCD-emulating filters obtainable on the Pocket’s display aren’t available when the video is output over HDMI at 1080p, so you may get that incredible impact of the screens of the unique handheld in your TV. To be truthful, the decreased output decision most likely barely limits simply how nicely that texturing filter can look, and the impact may merely not translate to a big display you’re sitting several ft away from as a substitute for a smaller one in your hand. Each sport appears crisp and clear on the TV, which is the output I need from emulation-based retro-sport programs, and my most well-liked technique to play traditional video games. For monochrome Sport Boy video games, you may change between several mild color filters to tint the sport mint, blue, inexperienced, or purple; however, I might have appreciated having the green-browns of the unique Sport Boy and darker grayscale of the Sport Boy Pocket as choices.

The Pocket’s excellent efficiency is from the FPGA-driven system rather than utilizing software program emulation and from Analogue’s incredible upscaling expertise. As a result, it doesn’t use emulation, and you received discover many emulator tips like rewinding or making use of cheats or hacks. Nevertheless, Analogue has enabled save states on the Pocket, storing a sport’s state in reminiscence so you may snap again to it with a button press. Holding the Analogue button-down and urgent up on the course pad saves your sports state and binding down on the pad masses that state. The characteristic is presently in beta and solely supplies one save state slot. That mentioned a future software program replacement would develop these capabilities and add screenshot capabilities.

Additional Options: Programming and Music Instruments

Moreover, taking part in traditional cartridge-based handheld video games, the Analogue Pocket has further options I can’t test almost as wholly. GB Studio is a utility for Home windows, Mac, and Linux that gives a reasonably direct, visible toolkit for creating Sport Boy-level video games and software programs. GB Studio initiatives can then be exported as .pocket information, which the Pocket can learn (or as Sport Boy ROM information, which it can not, however, which will be run in an emulator). 

It appears to be a reasonably direct, versatile program that lets programmers create video games in quite a lot of genres nearly solely via visible objects reasonably than text-based coding. Sadly, it’s a bit past my ability set. The software program also has to improve set off my PC’s antivirus when compiling pattern initiatives, which signifies it performs quickly and unfastened with temp information (although it seemingly doesn’t current a system risk).

For much more devoted programmers who wish to dig into the expertise behind the Pocket (and Analogue’s different units), the Pocket includes a second FPGA core only to improve other system cores to run software programs designed for much more teams. Analogue introduced an FPGA developer program and made its glorious graphical scalers obtainable via the processor.

Lastly, the Pocket has Nanoloop, a music sequencing app. It’s a mixture of synthesizer and sequencer that allows you to create music with surprisingly in-depth management. It helps create synthesized patterns in 16-note blocks, with three tonal channels and one noise channel. Notes will be adjusted with totally different choices, equivalent to assault, decay, delay, cutoff, highpass and bandpass filters, size, and others. Patterns will be saved into sound banks with 15 channels and strung collectively into songs. There may be a good house for 120 sound banks, although every tune can solely use the patterns from a single sound financial institution. However, it’s just like Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator units, with extra channels, extra storage, and no audio sampling options.

With non-obligatory accent cables, you may join the Pocket to a pc to sync your initiatives with a digital audio workstation (DAW) software program that may deal with MIDI information, exterior MIDI units like keyboards, analog devices, or different Analogue Pockets. It appears to be a robust little toolkit for making chiptunes.

The Finest Sport Boy

Though Nintendo didn’t create it, the Analogue Pocket is one of the best Sport Boy systems ever made. It completely performs Sport Boy, Sport Boy Shade, and Sport Boy Advance video games, faithfully reproducing every system’s graphics and audio while providing a lot sharper and brighter image within the course of. By itself, with no further options, it’s the sole system a GB/GBC/GBA cartridge collector may ever want. It made me put my lovingly restored Sport Boy Advance SP AGS-101 away in favor of it (and go on the hunt for brand new Sport Boy cartridges to add to my assortment). 

Add the assorted adapters, and it could deal with Sports Gear and (ultimately) Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket Shade, and TurboGrafx-16 video games simply as nicely. Add GB Studio, and it’s a platform for creating and testing your personal Sport Boy video games. Add Nanoloop, and it’s a chiptunes instrument. It’s unimaginable.

The Pocket is costly; however, the efficiency and high quality justify the worth. For those who desire comfort over new replica, emulation-based handhelds just like the Anbernic RG351P can maintain hundreds of video games without delay (and include hundreds of video games, in the event you don’t care about the place they received them) and emulate most sports programs as much as the fifth console technology. Even the Nintendo Change can help retailers many traditional video games from totally different consoles (although, perplexingly, it lacks Sport Boy and Sport Boy Advance video games). Nonetheless, they’ll compete with how good the cartridges look and play on the Analogue Pocket for the purest expertise.

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