Backyard BBQ Ideas

It’s summer in the south, so it’s usually always time for a backyard BBQ. In the winter, the weather is a little nicer, and we’re simply plain dedicated. However, in the north, where I grew up, the grilling and BBQ season doesn’t really get going until Memorial Day weekend.

That’s a major weekend for me because the number of people looking for grills and recipes online increases dramatically that weekend.

Because it’s the start of the season, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of everything you need to know. I’m a year-rounder, so I’m always thinking about these things, but when your body and mind are frozen for seven months in the great white north, you’re bound to forget a few things.

Make sure your BBQ Grill Cover doesn’t have any wasp, bee, or hive nests!

A few months back, I received an email from a man who said he heard buzzing when he got close to his grill. I’m not sure if it was from previous experience. He did, however, decide to attach an automated Hornet sprayer to the end of a rake.

While he went in the opposite direction, I placed the rake under the grill and covered it, and it let loose till it was empty. He returned to see a 12-inch pile of dead hornets behind his grill. Yea. Take extreme caution!

Clean your charcoal or gas grill thoroughly.

You should generally do this at the end of the season so that all of the gunk doesn’t harden during the winter. Check your burners and igniters if you have a gas grill to make sure they aren’t starting to rust or come apart.

This will happen eventually, but if you follow the care instructions in your owner’s manual, you can extend the life of your vehicle. Also, make sure the grate is clean. However, if you clean it too thoroughly, you may need to re-season it.

Choose a date and invite your friends to your next backyard BBQ party.

Don’t wait until the last minute to book popular dates like Memorial Day Weekend, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day. In the United States, Bastille Day isn’t a big affair, so prepare ahead and lock your buddies in.

Cook Some Real BBQ, Not That Fake Grilled Chicken With BBQ Sauce, Dude.

Sorry, but if you’re going to have a backyard BBQ party, do something different. Do things the proper way the first time. Low-temperature cooking for lengthy periods of time – almost often with smoke – is the essence of BBQ. If you have a gas grill, it will be more challenging, but not impossible.

If you really want to go all out, invest in a good smoker, such as the Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker Cooker. The explanation is simple: using a gas grill at a low temperature, such as 225-250 F, for long periods of time is nearly impossible.

I’ve tried, and I simply munch through propane like it’s nothing. That’s quite a sum! You may also locate low-cost smokes (even electric ones) that perform admirably. The Brinkmann Gourmet Charcoal Smoker is a good value and does the job well.

Keep in mind that BBQ isn’t meant to be sauced.

This is a critical point. You can’t call a Backyard BBQ party if the meat is grilled and covered in BBQ sauce. All it takes is one wise-cracking specialist (such as myself) in the throng to ruin the party. For one thing, the food won’t be as excellent, and for another, this is supposed to be your chance to shine. to figure out how to do it properly! You’ll have more pleasure while also developing a nicotine addiction.

Recipes for Pork Shoulder and Pork Ribs can be found here.

Make sure to provide a well-smoked pork butt to your guests. When you begin to pull that apart, you’ll notice the lovely smoke ring. And when you bite into it to taste it, your eyeballs will pop out of their sockets.

The same goes for well prepared baby back ribs. If you host a backyard BBQ and prepare these properly, your guests will be blown away. This is the kind of cooking you don’t see up north.

The bottom line is to enjoy your backyard barbecue. However, if you do the real thing, you’ll have a lot more fun. You’ll be delighted you did it right if you do it correctly.

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