We evaluated 4 affordable vacuum cleaners.

Nowadays, many vacuums have Wi-Fi, sophisticated particle detection, and a slew of specialized accessories.

If you don’t need or want these features and are on a budget, you can acquire a good vacuum for considerably less.

The best affordable vacuum cleaners have strong suction and are easy to use. Throughout, we use the term “cheap,” but we mean value — the best performance and utility for the least amount of money.

We’ve evaluated vacuums from $600-$800 and found that $100-$200 can get you a fantastic vacuum. Here’s how we evaluated our budget vacuum picks. Check out these shopping suggestions for a cheap vacuum and when to get the greatest bargains.

Here are our list:

We evaluated 4 affordable vacuum cleaners.

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Vacuum

Cheapest corded vacuum
Pros: strong suction, huge cleaner head, large dust container, attachments, foot controls
Cons: Heavy, clumsy, and loud

The Bissell Cleanview Swivel Vacuum is huge, but strong and smooth. Many accessories help pick up pet fur and clean awkward areas.

  • 13 x 14 x 44.5
  • 15 lb
  • 0.26 gallon dust bin
  • Washable HEPA
  • Battery life: n/a
  • 27 foot cord
  • Pet tool, crevice tool
  • 3 years parts and labor warranty

Cleanview Swivel Pet Vacuum by Bissell Despite the annoyance of the wires, Bissell makes up for it with intelligent design elements.

All of our cleaning tests were passed with flying colors by the huge, square cleaner head with a brushroll. The vacuum took up everything cleanly and swiftly, from Cheerios to flour. It also works with pet hair.

It has five settings for different floor kinds, which you must adjust by bending down. But you can start the vacuum by pressing a foot lever at the base. A separate foot pedal tilts and swivels the vacuum.

The dust bin is large and easily removed by pressing the top release button. The contents empty toward the bottom, minimizing or eliminating direct contact with dirt and dust. The bin includes a handle on top so you can easily transport it downstairs or to various rooms.

The vacuum is already a terrific deal for its tremendous suction and mobility. Even better, it comes with a few attachments for cleaning upholstery or getting into crevices. We still prefer a cordless handheld vacuum for various cleaning duties, but it’s wonderful to have options. That the attachments are stored immediately on the vacuum is a plus.

We evaluated 4 affordable vacuum cleaners.

Hoover vacuum

Budget cordless stick vacuum
Pros: Quiet, cleans well on all surfaces, easy to use, huge dust bin
Cons: No attachments, dust bin position prevents access to low areas, a little hefty

This Hoover vacuum pleased us with its quiet but effective cleaning. Due to the dust bin being at the bottom, it is light and easy to maneuver, but it also prevents cleaning under low surfaces.

  • 9.5 x 11 x 44 inches
  • 8.2 lb
  • 0.3 gallon dust bin
  • No extra filters included, washable HEPA
  • 3 hr battery life
  • Cord length: n/a
  • No attachments
  • 3 years parts and labor warranty

This cordless vacuum’s cleaning ability and pricing are not compromised. It works well on carpet, hardwood, and tile. Large particles like Cheerios challenge it.

However, the dust bin is positioned near the cleaner head rather than the handle, so it doesn’t seem heavy. Vacuuming becomes more enjoyable and less tiresome. It cleans quietly and smoothly, and you can scarcely know it’s cleaning up dust (rest assured, it is).

To use as a cordless vacuum, the dust bin location should not block access to low regions beneath furniture. You’ll have to find another technique to clean under your bed and couches. The power and mode switches are on top of the dust bin, so you have to bend down to turn your vacuum on or off.

Still, I liked this vacuum’s cleaning ability, battery life, and quiet motor. If you’re on a budget and only need a basic cordless vacuum, this one will meet and exceed your expectations.

We evaluated 4 affordable vacuum cleaners.

Moosoo MT-720 Robot Vacuum

Cheapest robot vacuum
Pros: Good performance on carpet and hardwood, excellent corner cleaning, quiet operation, compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, low-profile design
Cons: Gets stuck easily, can’t set no-go zones

The Moosoo MT-720 Robot Vacuum cleans nicely on a variety of surfaces, gets into corners, and runs silently.

  • 4.5 x 16 x 5 inches
  • 3 lb
  • 0.18 gallon dust bin
  • No extra filters included, washable HEPA
  • 15 min. battery life
  • Cord length: n/a
  • Motorized brush, upholstery, and crevice tools
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

Low-profile design, quiet operation, Google Assistant and Alexa compatible, good performance on carpet and hardwood.

Easy to get stranded, can’t set no-go zones

The MT-720 is a smart device with a user-friendly design. It’s cheaper than many corded and cordless vacuums, and it does all the cleaning for you, saving you time.

It takes about five minutes to set up and use. The app allows you set the vacuum to clean at different times each day. Cleaning modes include smart, wall follow, spiral, random, and manual. The software maps the cleaned area, but you can’t specify no-go zones like other room mapping robot vacs.

That means it will pick up most coffee grounds, cat litter and pet hair off hardwood and carpet. It is excellent in corners, gathering up 70% of the flour on carpet and 85% on hard floors. Other models may miss narrow, low locations where this model can fit.

Strong suction does not translate to loud operation. The sound meter read 66 dB, or somewhat louder than a corporate office. This is quieter than usual conversation at 59 dB.

The MT-720’s major flaw is that it gets stuck easily. It frequently got trapped on the one-inch threshold between the testing area’s living room and kitchen.

We evaluated 4 affordable vacuum cleaners.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Best low-cost hand vacuum
Pros: Attachments, compact, and light
Cons: Short battery life, unhygienic disposal technique, insufficient suction for big particles

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum is tiny enough to carry in your car or on hand for quick cleaning. It’s light and picks up anything from cat hair to coffee grounds.

  • 4.5 x 16 x 5 inches
  • 3 lb
  • 0.18 gallon dust bin
  • No extra filters included, washable HEPA
  • 15 min. battery life
  • Cord length: n/a
  • Motorized brush, upholstery, and crevice tools
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

You don’t always need a big vacuum. A compact handheld vacuum can be stored in your car, desk, or closet.

Powerful handheld vacuum cleans most particles thoroughly (it struggles with large particles like Cheerios). The suction works best when held at a 45-degree angle to the surface.

The grip is large and uncomfortable to handle for my small hand. With a 15-minute battery life, you won’t be able to hold this portable vacuum for long. There’s also no need to press a power trigger – only an on/off button.

We like that it’s handy to have about when you see debris or spill something and don’t want to carry out your upright vacuum. The provided accessories are a plus. Our favorite for eliminating entrenched dirt is the motorized brush.

The vacuum’s drawbacks are that it makes a loud, high-pitched whirring noise and is difficult to clean. It takes a few steps to get to the dust bin, and once it’s out, dust and other fine particles tend to fly. Aimless, they’ll fly right into your face.

We also tested

Other suggestions and why:

In general, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum cleans well and is easy to use, but it didn’t beat the Bissell and felt heavy in the hand. Cleaning head is smaller.

Our favorite feature of this affordable cordless vacuum is its lightweight and easy maneuverability. It also comes with an associated app and a few attachments. It was our top selection for pet hair cordless vacuums. Like a little dustbin and less carpet performance? The Tineco is for you.

Our method

  1. On carpet/rug, hardwood, and tile surfaces, I evaluated each vacuum’s capacity to pick up five distinct things (flour; coffee; cat litter; entire Cheerios; and dog hair). I tested each vacuum by sprinkling half a cup of each material on each surface, resulting in 15 tests for each vacuum. We tested robot vacuums for corner cleaning and obstacle avoidance. If the vacuum had attachments, I evaluated their efficacy on relevant surfaces (e.g. crevice tool on furniture cushions and automobile seats).
  2. Battery life: If the vacuum is cordless, I used it until the battery died and compared the two.
  3. I noticed each vacuum’s ergonomics: how tiring it is to hold, how easy it is to handle, and how much effort it takes to turn it on. Notable features were a headlamp to illuminate your cleaning path and the ability to fit under low spots.
  4. After a cleaning session, I rated the dustbin’s cleanliness and convenience of emptying. Opening the bin To contact dirt and dust that didn’t entirely empty?
  5. I noted the vacuum’s disassembly and whether it had a wall mount or docking station.
  6. The warranty and customer service were evaluated by registering each vacuum, noting warranty details, and speaking with customer service representatives.


Finding a nice affordable vacuum

Cheap vacuums are not all equal. Poor design causes vacuum parts and motors to fail within months of use. Even if you’re on a budget, look for these features in a vacuum:

The motor is the main source of suction and consequently cleaning ability. Former Dyson engineer Edward Chudleigh advises a brushless motor: “Brushless motors are highly efficient and use more of the battery’s power to clean the floor. The problem with brushed motors is that they have greater friction, which uses up battery power and makes the machine less efficient.”

Brushroll type: Brushes on vacuums vary in size, placement, and kind, as well as their ability to dig into surfaces and lift dirt and debris.

Filter type: Look for allergy-friendly HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters. Airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns are trapped and removed by these filters.

Battery life (if applicable): Less costly cordless vacuums may not have as long a battery life. You may need to charge your battery more frequently or acquire a backup battery for longer cleaning jobs.

Cord and hose length: Long wires and hoses eliminate the need to search for an open outlet. The usual upright vacuum has a 25-30 foot cord.

Guarantee: Even inexpensive vacuums should have a year of parts and labor warranty. Our affordable vacuum picks all have 1-3 year warranties. Register your vacuum online to expedite the warranty process.

How often should your vacuum filter be cleaned?

The instructions vary by model and filter type (cartridge, disk, foam, cloth), so see your product’s manual. If you notice a scent or a decrease in vacuum performance, wash and dry it. Others will alert you when the filter needs to be changed. A filthy filter restricts airflow and reduces suction power.

The optimal time to buy a vacuum is.

Cyber Weekend and Prime Day (June 21 and 22 this year) are the greatest times to find all-time low prices on major vacuum brands like Shark, Dyson, Hoover, and Bissell. They’re regularly on sale at Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.


High efficiency particulate air HEPA filters in air purifiers and vacuums catch and remove 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, dirt, mold, germs, and other airborne particles 0.3 microns in size.

FILTERING THE WHOLE M The machine is completely enclosed to keep unfiltered particles in. The filter filters all air before it is emitted.

Dustbin: Where you store your vacuum’s dirt and hair. After cleaning, empty the dustbin into the garbage.

In a cleaning head, a rotating bristle cylinder helps remove dirt from carpets and rugs. Brush rolls can harm hardwood and tile, so switch them off whenever possible. Replace your brush roll’s bristles (like on your toothbrush).

Bruise tool: An angled, long flat attachment. It can get into tiny spaces like baseboards, stairwells, and between couch cushions.

A tiny brush with delicate bristles. Blinds, windowsills, and delicate items benefit.

Toweling tool: A wide, flat attachment that can suction well. It’s good for beds, chairs, and couches with fabric upholstery.

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