The best dog boots and paw wax, according to dog walkers and trainers

Your dog’s enthusiasm for going for a walk will not be dampened by conditions such as sleet, rain, heat, or snow; but, you may find yourself second-guessing your decision when faced with such conditions. The sensitive feet of a dog can become irritated by extreme temperatures, and the effects of ice and snow can be downright hazardous.

Even if the weather isn’t ideal, there’s no need to call off the stroll altogether. Protecting your dog’s paws from the elements, whether it be ice, heat, or rough terrain, with a good set of dog boots or a high-quality paw wax will allow them to continue doing the things they enjoy doing the most.

We talked to nine dog walkers and trainers from different parts of the United States to get their input on which dog boots should be included in this buyer’s guide for dog boots. We inquired about their preferred methods for protecting the paws of their dogs throughout the chilly winter months, the scorching summer months, and while on outdoor trips. The Pawz Rubber Dog Boots are a set of water-resistant slip-ons that are simple to put on, difficult to kick off, and reasonably priced. Our specialists have determined that they are the best dog boots overall.

Best dog boots overall

The best dog boots and paw wax, according to dog walkers and trainers

Pawz rubber dog boots

Pros: The boots are made of rubber, are waterproof, and can be slipped on. They are supplied in packs of twelve.
Cons: May not be able to withstand difficult terrain, does not reflect light, and does not provide insulation

Most dogs have no problem tolerating the Waterproof Pawz rubber dog boots, which offer paw protection in harsh environments such as high heat, ice, and snow.

  • There are seven different sizes, ranging from extra little (paws that are up to an inch long) to extra huge (paws over 4-inches long)
  • Colors: Vary according on size.
  • Instructions on how to wash: Clean individual messes

The paws of your dog need protection from ice, snow, and salt in the winter, and hot asphalt in the summer. Several of our dog experts have agreed that the best solution is Pawz waterproof dog boots.

According to Megan Selheim, owner of Come, Sit, Stay in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota, “We have discovered that these boots are by far the best for remaining on a dog’s paws during a walk.” “We have found that these boots are by far the best for staying on a dog’s paws during a walk.” Stacia Anderson, who helped create the RuffCity Dog Walking business in New York City, is of the same opinion. “In my perspective, all dog boots are inferior than Pawz balloon booties,” she added. “I have a lot of experience with dog boots.”

Pawz are available in a range of sizes to accommodate a wide array of canine breeds, from miniature Chihuahuas to enormous Newfoundlands. They are crafted from natural rubber that is both flexible and durable. The dog booties have no straps or buckles, so they just slide over the paw and provide a snug fit. They do not have a hefty sole, which is another quality that contributes to their utility, and they have sufficient grip to prevent a dog from slipping and sliding on smooth surfaces.

According to Selheim, “the majority of dogs adjust to them fast due to the fact that they are not bulky and they can still sense the sensation of the ground through these boots.” However, due to the absence of a reinforced sole, it is much simpler for jagged rocks and other potential hazards on the sidewalk to rip through the rubber and scratch a dog’s paws.

The lack of reinforcements in their construction makes Pawz susceptible to wear and tear. However, there is no need to feel guilty about discarding them because they were sourced in an environmentally responsible manner and are biodegradable.

Since Pawz are offered in packs of 12, it will not be difficult to get a replacement for any that are lost. This is something that is important to Lori Riegler, the owner of Off Leash MKE in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is a dog walking and pet sitting business. “Booties are like socks and mittens; you always seem to lose one,” was what she had to say about them.

The season’s most desirable canine footwear.

The best dog boots and paw wax, according to dog walkers and trainers

Original All-Weather Muttluks

Pros: The boots are made of stretchable fabric, have a durable leather sole, and come with a storage bag. Additionally, they are sold in packs of four.
Cons: It is not water resistant.

The Original All-Weather Muttluks, which are warm and comfortable, offer everyday paw protection from the bitterly cold temperatures of winter.

  • Sizes: a total of eight sizes, ranging from XXXS to XXL
  • Yellow or black are the colors.
  • Instructions for washing: can be washed in a machine

The Original All-Weather Muttluks are designed to fit over a dog’s paws like a pair of sturdy mittens. The dog walkers and trainers that we contacted recommended a particular kind of elastic fabric that is used in the winter dog boots. This fabric slides over the paw. During treks in the snow and ice, they stay safely in place thanks to a Velcro strap that goes around the ankle.

The Original All-Weather Muttluks include a small layer of treated suede leather sewn into the bottom of the soles to provide additional reinforcement. Even though their smooth surface can become dangerously slippery in wet conditions like slush and rain, they are tough enough to stop sharp things like rocks and nails from penetrating the paw pad and causing injury. Insulation is provided by the nylon fabric shell, which ensures that even the most delicate toes remain warm. They are easier to see in low light since they include reflective straps.

These winter booties are warm and pleasant for everyday wear during the winter season; however, because they are not water-resistant, they are likely to become soaked if worn while walking in conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or slush. Even though their sturdy soles are designed to withstand the heat of hot pavement and sidewalks in the summer, it is possible that they will become uncomfortable to wear if they are exposed to the heat for an extended amount of time. The business recommends retracting the leather after washing it, even if the boots may be washed in a machine. This is done to provide the finest possible outcomes.

In contrast to the majority of boots, the size of these is decided by measuring the paw from the front to the back rather than from side to side across its broadest point. The boots are packaged in a storage bag made of mesh and are offered for sale in sets of four.

Best dog boots for hiking

The best dog boots and paw wax, according to dog walkers and trainers

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots

Pros: High traction, flexible and water-resistant soles made of rubber, luminous piping are some of the pros of these shoes.
Cons: The fastening strap could irritate your skin, and they are only supplied in sets of two.

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots offer the paw protection that active dogs need while traveling long distances over rocky or uneven terrain.

  • There are eight different sizes, ranging from paws that are up to 1.5 inches broad to paws that are up to 3.5 inches wide.
  • Blue, black, and red are the colors.
  • Instructions on how to wash: Washable in a machine and dryable in the air

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots shield the paws of young dogs from the cuts and scratches that can come from spending extended periods of time on the route. These dog shoes include a breathable mesh upper and soles manufactured from Vibram vulcanized rubber that are flexible and water resistant. They are designed to give powerful traction on surfaces that are slick or uneven without impairing paw sensitivity to an excessive degree.

According to the responses of the dog specialists we polled, the Ruffwear Grip Trex boots are an excellent choice for going on hikes and participating in other types of outdoor activities. They have a rubber sole that is more substantial than the brand’s everyday boots, but they are less bulky than the brand’s dog snow boots. The top is made of mesh polyester, and it features a wide opening for putting on and taking off the boot, as well as a reinforced toe. Each boot has a luminous accent for increased visibility in low-light conditions.

The Grip Trex from Ruffwear are designed to wrap around the leg just above the paw and secure with a velcro fastener to prevent the boots from falling off. According to Jacob Venter, owner of Denver Dog Joggers in Denver, Colorado, this boot has the potential to irritate and create abrasions when worn for lengthy periods of time. This is due to the fact that there is very little material between the rigid strap and the ankle. Walking around the neighborhood with your dog in the boots on a regular basis before wearing them on an adventure will help break them in, as can wearing Ruffwear’s dog socks with the boots.

Instead of being supplied individually, Grip Trex boots are always sold in pairs. This is because the size of a dog’s front paws might vary significantly from the size of their back paws. These booties are the most expensive of those we considered for this guide; but, because they come in such a broad variety of sizes, you can rest assured that you will find one that is the perfect fit for each paw.

The most effective protective wax for dog paws

The best dog boots and paw wax, according to dog walkers and trainers

Musher's Secret Paw Wax

Pros: Paws are protected from ice, snow, and heat; the product is created from natural components; and it is reasonably priced.
Cons: Offers only minimal protection against rocky terrain; may require reapplication when used in snowy environments

Paw Wax from Musher’s Secret is an effective substitute for boots in a wide variety of weather situations, from ice and snow to extremely high temperatures.

Musher’s Secret paw wax can provide relief from the ice, snow, and salt on the pavement, as well as severe heat, for dogs that do not want to wear boots. Katie Westling, a co-owner of Paw Pet Care Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, stated that “Musher’s Secret is incredibly good for protecting paws and so much easier than booties.” Paw Pet Care Company was founded in 1998.

The canadian-made balm works by creating a wax barrier between the dog’s paw pads and the ground, but it does so in a way that does not impair the dog’s ability to sense its surroundings. Candelilla wax, carnauba palm wax, white and yellow beeswax, and candelilla wax are the four types of wax that are utilized in its production, together with vegetable oil and vitamin E. If a dog tries to lick it off, they won’t do any harm to themselves because the components are food-grade and harmless.

Melody Koney, a dog walker with Windy City Paws in Chicago, Illinois, assures us that this is not the case, despite the fact that it may appear that all of that wax and oil would result in greasy hands and a slippery trail of puppy paw prints. However, this is not the case. She stated, “It’s easy to put on a dog’s paws, and it doesn’t make a mess on floors or carpets,” referring to the paw protection.

The soothing and conditioning effects that the oils and vitamin E in Musher’s Secret give for dry, cracked winter paws and dog noses are an additional advantage of using this product. The balm does not offer the same degree of protection when traveling over rocky ground. It may help to keep paws safe from excessive rubbing and scratching, but it won’t stop a sharp stone from slicing a delicate paw pad. Keeping paws safe from excessive rubbing and scratching may assist. When venturing outside for longer periods of time in snowy circumstances, it is possible that the wax will need to be reapplied.

If you don’t use it all up in one season, affordable Musher’s Secret paw protection is available in three different sizes: 60 grams, 200 grams, and one pound. It has a shelf life of several years and won’t go bad if you don’t use it all up right away.

How to adjust your dog’s paws to fit into boots

The width of a dog’s paws is typically taken into consideration while manufacturing dog boots. Put some paper down on the ground, and then fetch a pencil out of your desk drawer. This will help you get the perfect fit. Put one of your dog’s front paws down on the page, and then lift up the other paw so that both of their front paws are resting completely flat on the paper. Utilizing your pencil, sketch out the outline. Repeat the technique with the back paws as well due to the possibility that they are smaller than the front paws.

When you have your outlines completed, measure the paw from toe to toe to get the broadest point of the paw. The width must to be proportional to the different sizes in which the boot is offered for purchase. If the paw size of your dog falls between two sizes, you should choose the smaller choice.

In the case of boots that are sized according to their length rather than their width, you will need to measure the paw shape you’ve drawn from the toenail that is the furthest away to the “heel” in order to locate the appropriate size on the sizing table. Because a close fit is preferable to a loose one, you should go for the smaller size if the dimensions of your dog’s paw lie between two sizes.

How to keep your dog safe as the temperature drops

Even though they have fur coats already attached, dogs can still feel the chill when exposed to temperatures that are too low. When the temperature dips below freezing, clothing your dog with a coat and boots can assist to keep them from getting frostbite or hypothermia. This is true even if you have a hardy Northern breed such as a Husky or Bernese mountain dog. According to Dr. Zay Satchu, DVM, chief veterinary officer and co-founder of Bond Vet in New York City, New York, “a reasonable rule of thumb is that if it is too cold for you, it is too cold for them.”

Shivering and hunching are physical responses that a dog’s body makes when it is cold as a way to conserve heat. They might also lift or hold their paws off the ground, or they might rush toward enclosed locations that they think would be warmer. If a dog is left outside in subzero conditions for an extended period of time, they run the risk of developing frostbite on their ears, nose, and paw pads. In the most severe situations, the dog may even suffer from hypothermia.

On days when the only way to be comfortable outside is to wrap yourself from head to toe in clothing, only cold-weather-loving breeds should be spending a significant amount of time outside, particularly if you aren’t there to accompany them. “If you aren’t directly supervising, it can be difficult to pick up on signs of hypothermia, which can be life threatening,” said Satchu. “If you aren’t directly supervising, it can be difficult to pick up on signs of hypothermia.” If your dog is exhibiting symptoms such as lethargy, muscle stiffness, weakness, decreased alertness, or loss of consciousness, you need to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Your dog’s body temperature may have dropped to levels that are potentially life-threatening.

During the harsh winter months, it may be helpful to provide your dog with an insulated coat and boots. Satchu advised, “If you’re going to grab a coat for yourself on the way out, you might as well grab one for Fluffy as well.” Boots can protect the paws from the icy and salted pavements, snow, and slush in the same way as mittens or gloves protect the hands. Satchu suggests attempting a paw balm to establish a barrier between your dog’s sensitive paw pads and the sidewalk if your dog refuses to wear boots. After the walk, wipe your dog’s salty paws down with a warm, wet cloth. If your dog will not wear boots, try a paw balm.

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