The Best Free Google Chrome Extensions

In January 2015, Chrome has 22.65% of the desktop browser market. According to Statista, it was 56.84% in December 2020—and higher if you consider mobile devices.

Chrome is popular. Then there are the extensions, much like Firefox. Its Chrome Web Store extras have rivaled Firefox’s for years and enable access to nearly every web program imaginable.

Realizing the popularity of Chrome, Microsoft redesigned its Edge browser as a Chromium-based version that supports all Chrome extensions natively while also supporting Edge extensions from the Microsoft Store Automatically, Windows 10 users get Chromium.

We’ve produced a list of several dozen Chrome extensions you should check out. Some are specific to Google and its services (like Gmail), but most extensions operate across platforms, so you may try them on any desktop (particularly Chromebooks) or mobile Chrome.

There’s no danger in trying these free extensions. To disable or remove an extension, simply type chrome:/extensions/ into the Chrome address bar, or right-click its icon in the toolbar. To remove an extension’s toolbar icon without uninstalling it, right-click and select Hide in Chrome Menu.

Here are our favorites; tell us if we missed one.

Screen/Page Capture

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

Take more than just standard screenshots. Use shapes, arrows, and text comments to make them wonderful. allows you to upload an image in one click for storage on Google Drive and rapid distribution on social network.

Full Page Screen Capture

Many pages continue to scroll. Full Page Screen Capture will cycle across the page for you and save a JPG if you need to capture the entire thing. Simply keep your mouse away from the page while it auto-scrolls.

Diigo Web Collector

Diigo is a useful combination of social bookmarking and a comprehensive information gathering tool. This extension activates the service, allowing you to bookmark, archive, and annotate everything you see on the web. You get 500 bookmarks for free, but Diigo charges $40 a year to remove the ads and add unlimited image storage and webpage backup.

Evernote Web Clipper

This is an absolute must-have for anyone living the Evernote lifestyle. Evernote is still the finest way to clip and save everything worth saving online, despite its restrictions. This plugin simplifies things by isolating and storing only the core content of a page. It has annotation tools built in. When you save a screenshot, give it a tag so you can find it later on or in the offline applications and apps (at least two of them).


capture tool that operates by pressing a toolbar button to capture only the contents of the browser (download the full program for macOS or Windows to tap the print-screen key to grab anything appearing on the screen). It has a plethora of capabilities at its disposal, ranging from sharing to annotating. It’ll even submit what you’ve captured to Google for a similar-graphics search.


The greatest explanation is sometimes a video of what you’re doing online. Make one quickly with Loom, a video screen recorder that supports voiceovers and allows you to place your webcam mug in the corner. Shoot just the active tab or the entire screen. Even for free, there are no restrictions on how much you can record.

Mercury Reader

Install Mercury Reader if you despise pages with advertising and odd formatting (Opens in a new window). It minimizes the “noise” on a page with a click (or keyboard shortcut) so you only see the text you want to read, in a typeface you can control, in a dark or light theme. What’s left can be shared on social media, printed, emailed, or sent to your Kindle for later reading.

Nimbus Capture

Nimbus is the most feature-rich recorder available in Chrome, including screen captures (including entire webpages) that you may annotate and full video recordings of a browser tab, part of a screen, or the entire screen. You can even draw on the video to add annotations. Edit, share, save, print, or copy it to the clipboard after it’s finished. Nimbus(Opens in a new window) is also available for Firefox, but anything you capture is accessible on nearly every platform.

OneNote Web Clipper

Microsoft’s OneNote program and service performs many of the same functions as Evernote, if not better. It can now do them in Chrome or Edge thanks to its own Clipper extension. You can use it to save everything you view on the internet.

Save to Pocket

Pocket (owned by Mozilla, the inventors of Firefox) is a service that allows you to save and read stuff you find later. Create an account and save information via the Save to Pocket extension, bookmark buttons, or apps. One click “Pockets” the content so you can access it from any device, even when you’re offline. Pocket has apps and add-ons for just about everything, and you can store video as well as text.


Do you want to generate a film from what you see in a Chrome tab? Screencastify will take care of it without the need for any additional software. It works outside of the browser tab, recording the entire screen, including your webcam thumbnail, if desired. Visibility is improved with animation methods such as highlighting a mouse in a spotlight. Videos can be saved to YouTube or Google Drive with ease. Videos can be up to 10 minutes long in the free version.

Send to Kindle for Google Chrome

Many people like reading on their Kindle devices or applications. Use Amazon’s extension to find a webpage with a longform article. It will convert pages and send them to your preferred Kindle device or app for subsequent reading. You may even preview it before sending it. (If you have another ePub-compatible ebook reader, try dotEPUB(Opens in a new window).)

Google Services

Checker Plus for Gmail

Have you ever wanted to check your email but didn’t want to waste time opening a new tab? No judgments here; we’ve all been there. Checker Plus is the greatest plugin for users with multiple Gmail accounts (I have three!). It provides quick access through a drop-down menu in Chrome, desktop alerts, color labeling, and even voice input for message authoring. It also reads your messages to you without you having to go to Gmail. It’s completely free, but any money donated unlocks even more features. Any Gmail addict will appreciate this.

Checker Plus for Google Calendar

Never again use Google Calendar. This extension allows you full access to Google Calendar from your Chrome toolbar, as well as different options for adding calendar events, such as right-clicking on a webpage and adding it as an appointment. The notifications (which include voice) are flawless. When Chrome is closed, it continues to run in the background, ensuring that you never miss an engagement.

Google Scholar Button

Google Scholar (Opens in a new window) is a Google search engine that focuses on academic articles and case law. This Chrome addon adds it to a drop-down menu. It’s also simple to convert an online search into a scholar search. It’s preferable if you’re on your school’s network, but it may be set up to operate anywhere if your school library provides credentials.

Google Dictionary

After you’ve loaded it, double-click any word on any webpage to see a definition show up. Alternatively, use the toolbar to search for words. There are several languages available.

Google Translate

Have you ever wished you could read a foreign website? Chrome will automatically offer to translate the entire website to the language of your choice for specified languages. You can use the plugin to highlight a word or line of text and translate it only.

Google Voice (By Google)

Google’s voicemail-plus-call-around-number service is still functional and may be integrated directly into your browser. This extension gives you instant access to your voicemail messages (complete with transcriptions) and SMS texts (to which you can respond), as well as the ability to make VoIP calls directly from your browser. It allows you to call any phone number you find on a website by simply clicking on it (either explicitly or via a right-click menu).


AdBlocker Ultimate

Adblock Plus (a community-driven addon migrated from Firefox) and the unrelated AdBlock are presumably familiar to you. However, AdBlocker Ultimate is a superior option because it does not play games (like permitting certain “allowed” ads to go through to appease sponsors). It’s free and open source, and it works with Edge, Safari, and Opera.


“So much of the internet is better when it’s opt-in,” as my colleague Rose put it, “and that goes triple for noise blaring unexpectedly at you from a web page you accessed.” Every page you open is muted by default with AutoMute.


If you like the customized avatars you can create with Bitmoji(Opens in a new window) from Snap, Inc.—which, in my opinion, are lightyears ahead of any avatars from Apple, Facebook, and the rest—you can integrate it directly into Chrome to record yourself saying something clever to use in every message and post.


Chrome Remote Desktop

There are numerous occasions where being able to remotely control someone else’s computer or allowing someone to take control of yours for tech support would be beneficial. There are a number of applications available to help you accomplish this, but none are as simple to use as Chrome Remote Desktop(Opens in a new window), which automates what you can do on the website. It works on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks, among other systems. It allows you to operate PCs from your mobile devices.


Consider FoxClocks(Opens in a new window) your friend when you need to know the time in other timezones instantly, wherever in the world. It resides in Chrome’s bottom status bar, constantly updating the zones you’ve set up for monitoring. A drop-down menu with the same information appears when you click the symbol in the toolbar.

Hover Zoom+

On sites like Google Photos, Instagram, deviantART, and social media, there are a lot of thumbnail images. If a larger image is available, this extension displays the full-size image when you hover your mouse over any tiny thumbnail. This is a free and open-source version of HoverZoom (RIP).

Image Downloader

This plugin allows you to download photos in bulk from a single webpage. Before the download begins, it will display all of the photographs for you to choose from.


This addition is straightforward, but you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. When accessing a difficult URL, click the up-arrow symbol next to your Chrome address bar. It’ll take you back one step in the URL hierarchy to the parent address. To go to the original domain name, keep clicking. You’ll be able to navigate up even faster if you master the hotkeys.


Do you need some background noises to help you focus? In Chrome(Opens in a new window), Noisli provides a drop-down menu full of them to play, as well as a sleep timer to turn off the music. You can use it on the web or download the iOS or Android apps. The free edition is limited to 16 sounds and allows just 15 hours of streaming per day.


Print-Friendly & PDF

Generally, you have to print an internet web page. Then you definitely are caught losing ink printing commercials. This extension removes all navigation and commercials from the web page once you print, optimizing them for studying. It will probably save pages direct to PDF in case you want.


This extension works with scripts you obtain from to rework the look of internet sites. There are millions of theme scripts that may aid you in enhancing your shopping on Reddit, YouTube, Fb, Tumblr, Google, Twitter, and elsewhere.

Speedtest by Ookla

Ookla has ported its web velocity tester to an extension that lives within the Google Chrome toolbar. Immediately test your obtain and add velocity as you go to new websites to see impression efficiency, or use Internet Velocity to test web page load time. (Editors’ Observe: Ookla is owned by Ziff Davis, the writer of PCMag.)

Text Mode

If you solely need to learn, not look at pics or videos, then the online might not be your favorite nook. Then once more, you may flip all that media off (that features promoting) with Textual content Mode. All you may see then is the black-and-white copy on the web page.

µBlock Origin

On the lookout for a choice to Adblock or Adblock Plus that is somewhat less helpful resource intensive? Strive µBlock.


Change Case

Microsoft Phrase has an operation to vary the case on phrases, a complete phrase, or extra—immediately to UPPERCASE, lowercase, Title Case, sentence case, and extra. Now you need to use it for any type of area in Chrome, too. 

Distill Web Monitor

Cease refreshing internet pages to search for modifications. With Distill, put within the website and situations you are searching for, and it’ll warn you by way of push, SMS, or e-mail when a change occurs. Monitor as many as 25 pages or websites free of charge with updates every six hours. Get it for Opera and Firefox, too.


The Pomodoro method is supposed to make you’re employed 25 minutes, break for 5, then begin all of it once more to extend productiveness. There are numerous timers on the market to assist; however, Forest is exclusive. Because it counts down, it grows an animated tree so long as you chorus from visiting websites you’ve got blocked (ahem, Twitter, cough). By the top of the day, you may have an entire forest.


You’ve got, in all probability, seen loads of adverts for Grammarly, which needs significantly a lot to be the official spell- and grammar-checker for all of your online writing. It is definitely worth the setup for the additional test on each phrase you write within the browser, from emails to social media and the past. It even has a dictionary operation, so once you double-click a word or phrase on an internet web page, you get a definition or a hyperlink to one thing associated with the period. It works with Gmail and Google Docs; however, if you’re a Microsoft person, attempt its competitor, Microsoft Editor.

Lookup Companion for Wikipedia

Wikipedia could also be second solely to Google for searches throughout the day (not less than on my pc). Lookup Companion offers you a toolbar entry to look at the user-built encyclopedia of all the pieces. Outcomes seem in a drop-down menu and open in a brand new Chrome tab. (To look with a right-click, attempt Right-Click Search Wikipedia.)

Magical (Formerly Auto Text Expander)

Do not kind a lot. This add-on enables you to write little snippets that develop into complete, often used textual content, from one phrase as much as entire paragraphs. By no means kind that annoying e-mail out once more—simply write it as soon as after which kind “@jerks” every time you need to use it (for an instance that may probably come from my actual life). Check-in together with your Google account, and all of your shortcuts get saved auto-magically.


You are on your PC. Your Android cellphone is in your pocket. You get textual content. Do not waste time fishing it out. MightyText exhibits your texts in Chrome (or Firefox, Safari, Opera, and IE). All of the messages despatched and acquired, even with photos and video, are synced, so long as you have got an Android cellphone with the MightyText app put in. You may additionally get low-battery alerts. There’s an extension mainly to get MightyText messages in Facebook or Gmail, too.



Yes, that’s Microsoft Office, which now lets you create documents right from the Chrome toolbar, which you can then edit and save at It connects to your Microsoft OneDrive account and works with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Sway Online. There’s no need to install the entire Office suite.


Notifications are increasingly vital for mobile and desktop users, but they are rarely in sync. With this extension, which mirrors what you get on the Pushbullet apps and extensions, Pushbullet(Opens in a new window) modifies that. You’ll be able to check incoming calls on your desktop, forward files from your PC to your smartphone, and send SMS texts from your desktop (if you have an Android phone). Pushbullet also includes a Firefox plugin and an IFTTT channel(Opens in a new window), making it nearly infinitely extendable.

Project Naptha

Naptha(Opens in a new window) is the key if you’ve ever desired to interact with the text you see in a picture online. It renders text in photos copyable and editable using optical character recognition. It will even assist with the translation of content in other languages.


Multitasking with multiple tabs is already a fantastic idea. But what about combining numerous tabs into a single tab? Configure Panda 5 to handle it, functioning as a newsreader to load all of your news sites in one tab, all of your social media sites in one tab, and so on, so you can see everything at a glance. See how the web-app version works (Opens in a new window).

RSS Feed Reader

Put an RSS feed proper on the bookmarks toolbar of Chrome (additionally Firefox and Edge). Feeder immediately tells you when new posts are in your favorite RSS/Atom feeds and makes it simple to subscribe. It additionally has different themes, so you’ll be able to change the way it seems. The free model helps 100 feeds with a replacement every two hours.


Ever surprise by what the visitors are like for a website you are visiting? SimilarWeb will immediately present a snapshot of “engagement statistics” for the positioning you are visiting.


Allow your self-control by limiting the period you enable yourself to spend on websites in Chrome. For instance, give yourself one hour a day on Fb, and StayFocusd will not allow you to gain on the positioning. It will probably block particular pages, entire websites, even apps or video games. Couple this one with RescueTime, and you will be somewhat more productive.

Strict Workflow

If you like Pomodoro, however not its bushes method, Strict Workflow presents an identical timer with no extras. Simply click on it to start the timer and repeat as wanted after every five-minute break.


Wikipedia’s presentation is numerous issues—dense, fascinating, and busy—however, few would reasonably discuss it. Wikiwand optimizes Wikipedia content material with its interface and ensures that you see Wikiwand’s much-improved look as a substitute every time you click on a hyperlink for Wikipedia. Customize it, so the fonts and pictures are available simply how you want. You can even get Wikiwand for Firefox, which presents a right-click Wikipedia search on any period you spotlight within the browser.


Zotero Connector

Zotero is an accessible technique to monitor, handle, and share citations. Study much more about placing it to make use of at It is a researcher’s (and pupil’s) dream.

Security & Privacy


Abine Blur is a favorite service. This Chrome extension places all of Blur’s excellent correct privateness choices proper within the browser. It creates and shops sturdy passwords, blocks trackers, masks emails, and extra. Most of it was free of charge. The complete model will price you $39 per yr.


Enter a scorching zone of privateness and safety with this add-on. The drop-down menu from Click on&Clear offers entry to your browser cache, cookies, plug-ins, extensions, and historical past—and fast methods to erase them. You even get a full browser test to see how properly Chrome is defending you. It should aid you in scanning for malware utilizing Bitdefender, clear your personal information, and several different safety choices you are neglecting. Customize all of the favorites to get complete protection with Click on&Clear.


This extension has one objective: block all third-party cookies from social media and advertisers that comply with you as you browse. Disconnect claims this helps shopping velocity and even saves on battery life for cell units. You may see the cookies you are blocking in case you need to let some by way of.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

DuckDuckGo (accessible at in a new window)) is a non-tracking search engine. It extends that idea to this addon, which is only concerned with maintaining your privacy at all times. It gives a trust guide (look for the immediate privacy grade in the toolbar), imposes encryption when available, disables trackers, and, of course, makes it easy to search—privately—by making DDG your default search engine.

Edit This Cookie

You can use this to change the text of a cookie directly in the browser settings. However, this extension can delete, add, or generate a new cookie from scratch.


While you’re surfing the web, a lot is going on behind the scenes. Bugs, beacons, pixels, and other technologies are used to track your movements. Ghostery(Opens in a new window) is there to keep you informed about what’s going on in the background and to provide you control over these “extras.” If you don’t like what a firm is doing, Ghostery may block scripts, objects, and even entire images to protect your privacy. It’s available in practically every browser (Opens in a new window) as well as Android, iOS, and Amazon apps.

HTTPS Everywhere

When you see “https://” in front of a URL (or the “lock” icon in Chrome’s Omnibox), you’re visiting a site that uses SSL encryption, which is required for e-commerce at the very least and preferable everywhere. This plugin guarantees that every site you visit utilizes “https://” as an option, adding another degree of protection.


For free password managers, LastPass is a PCMag Editors’ Choice winner (the Premium version also gets a nod). Thanks to extensions like this one, it works on all operating systems, mobile devices, and, of course, web browsers. It can also import passwords from other programs. Even on the free version, there is no restriction to the number of passwords that can be stored and synchronised.


To encrypt and decrypt your web-based email messages, use the open-source OpenPGP protocol. Mailvelope(Opens in a new window) is a webmail client that works with Gmail,, Yahoo Mail, and other email clients. It’s also available for Firefox.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger, a product of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, does just that: it protects your privacy. It specifically blocks trackers and advertising that appear to follow you across the internet. Firefox, Edge, and Opera are also supported

Type Form Recovery

Have you ever entered information into an online form just to lose all of your hard work? Auto-save can help with this, but it’s not available in most web forms. That is, until you install Typio, which promises to save your work automatically everywhere.

WOT – Website Reputation Ratings

The Web of Trust is an online community that ranks websites based on one important factor: can they be trusted? The WOT extension(Opens in a new window) is your first line of protection against malicious websites, displaying red, yellow, and green indicators next to search results and alerting you before you click a link.

Shopping & Coupons

Amazon Assistant for Chrome

Some of Amazon’s other Chrome addons have been decommissioned in favor of relying on Assistant. You may use it to add items to your Amazon Wish List (from any website), perform on-the-fly Amazon searches, compare prices on other websites, track shipments, and more. Of course, it aids Amazon in tracking your shopping habits, so you should only use it (like so many other extensions) if you truly value what it offers.

The Camelizer

The Camelizer shows the entire pricing history for an item on Amazon, as well as some third-party sales comparisons. It won’t tell you when you’ll save money, but it can help you figure out when the price is most likely to fall.


Do you believe internet product reviews? You probably shouldn’t because 39% of them are completely untrustworthy. Another approach is to evaluate the reviews on the product you’re interested in using Fakespot(Opens in a new window).


Honey (owned by PayPal) robotically sees what procuring website you are on. It offers a drop-down listing of relevant coupons (or hyperlinks properly on the positioning to get higher offers). It should additionally robotically apply all of the coupons it might probably to your checkout service on choose websites, so you are not slicing/pasting/typing obscure, lengthy codes. (Honey is free; however, that is within the eye of the beholder, as a result of it is accumulating information. And Amazon hates it sufficient to tell you it’s malware.)


InvisibleHand robotically scours the online to decrease costs. Just a little bit of your legwork remains useful; however, with a pool of over 600 retailers in several international locations, it is an excellent instrument that works not solely with online shops but also with airways.

Library Extension

Whereas I would by no means saying do not buy an ebook, you also need to assist your public library positively. This extension watches as you surf for books, music, and different media and can inform you if it is obtainable as a substitute at your native library. With over 5,000 libraries supported, you are sure to discover an actual deal. You can even get this for Firefox and Edge.

Our forest and TreeClicks

Save the world as you store. Set up both or each of those providers; they’re going to monitor your procuring at accomplice shops and plant bushes to offset the impact you’re having by online procuring.

RetailMeNot Deal Finder

The oldsters at RetailMeNot are all about discovering coupons that will help you save on online purchases. Its Deal Finder extension places these coupons to give you the results you want on e-commerce websites throughout checkout, auto-magically filling in fields to use the financial savings immediately. The listing of supported stores is intensive. (Editors’ Observe: RetailMeNot is owned by Ziff Davis, the writer of PCMag.)

Sailboat for Amazon

Prefer to get warehouse offers and purchase used/returned merchandise to economize? You can do that on Amazon; nevertheless, it’s an ache to seek out them. Or it was earlier than Sailboat got here alongside to show them correctly on the Amazon web page together with the brand new merchandise.

Pay by

Set up Pay for all of your online procuring to extend safety, put up haste. It creates virtual credit cards based primarily on your precise card—so you’ll be able to have a novel card to make use of on all of your procuring websites. The free model enables you to create as much as 12 “playing cards” per thirty days. (In the event you’ve obtained a particular bank card, see if the supplier has an extension like Eno from Capital One).



Received several websites you need to spend much less time visiting?’s HabitLab will try and retrain you into doing so by using totally different sorts of interventions once you go to the positioning. For instance, go to Fb an excessive amount, and it might disguise your Information Feed. No matter works most OK to maintain you away will probably be used essentially the most, till you are barely visiting these websites in any respect.


Ain’t no occasion like a Netflix Social gathering (which was the identity of this extension). Relatively than chill, Teleparty enables you to begin streaming a film or present, then create a web-based chat occasion with any distant pals additionally operating the extension on their laptop computer or PC (even with Microsoft Edge). You may all watch collectively from totally different places. It works now with Netflix, Hulu, Hulu+, Disney+, and HBO Max/HBO Now.


Good your social media artistry with Pablo, which sizes graphics you discover online or out of your drive so that they’re all the time an ideal match on websites like Pinterest, Twitter, Fb, and Instagram. It even comes with images courtesy of the Unsplash free inventory picture website.

Shareaholic for Google Chrome

Shareaholic is should for individuals who want prompt entry to social networks. From the drop-down menu, put up on Fb, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Gmail, Evernote, and greater than 250 different websites with this one extension. It has URL shorteners like inbuilt, in addition to Amazon Want Lists for several real international locations.

Tabs & Home Pages


If you wish to begin out every day recording what has come earlier, contemplate DailyFox. It masses a brand new tab that goes proper to a web-based diary you’ll be able to fill in with as many elements as you want.

Empty New Tab Page

The identity says all of it. With this extension put in, any new tabs you open will probably be empty.

IE Tab

In days of yore, many websites had been optimized for Microsoft’s Web Explorer (IE). When you’ve got an instrument like that at your work that builders by no means bothered to replace, use IE Tab. It masses the web page utilizing IE’s rendering engine, whereas remaining inside a Google Chrome tab. (It requires you to put in an additional program referred to as IETabHelper.exe for it to work.)

Infinity New Tab

One of the simplest ways to arrange a house/begin web page in Chrome is to use Infinity and customize launch buttons for all of your websites and web-based apps, in addition to fast entry to look, climate, bookmarks, and historical past within the browser. Set the wallpaper to rotate so that you by no means have the identical web page twice.


Inspirational, productive, stunning—they may all describe a brand new tab web page made with Momentum, which uses unbelievable photos for backgrounds on helpful textual content you want (like what time it’s).


A nice combo of all the very best issues you will get in a brand new tab web page, from stunning seems a clock/calendar to launcher for web-based apps and websites.


You open numerous tabs, which may trigger your Chrome browser to sluggish to a crawl. Save all that reminiscence by letting OneTab consolidate the muddle to 1 invoice filled with hyperlinks to all the same websites.

Session Buddy

These with an egregious variety of open tabs agree that this supervisor is likely to be one of the simplest ways to see and manage them in a multifunctional place, save them for later, recuperate tabs after a crash, and export tabs for sharing.


Getting fast entry to a drop-down menu/listing of your open tabs is not that groundbreaking; however, SuperTabs throws in a search so you’ll be able to leap to the one you want fast as a tabbing bunny. You may create keyboard shortcuts to utilize SuperTabs even quicker.

Tab Wrangler

Considered one of many wranglers of tabs, this one helps you by deleting the accounts you have not checked out shortly—nevertheless, it makes them simple to get again. Favorite websites do not get closed. Chrome can sync the tabs between computer systems utilizing the identical Google account.

Tab Snooze

Generally, there are tabs open in Chrome that you do not want at that second, corresponding to an article you are dying to learn. If it might probably hold till after lunch, snooze that tab for later within the day, that night, the subsequent day, even the subsequent week or subsequent month. Choose a day. Or simply mail it to yourself to learn every time.

The Great Suspender

The handfuls of Chrome tabs you retain open continuously eat numerous reminiscences. Putting in the Nice Suspender reclaims a few of these system assets. Depart a charge alone lengthy sufficient, and the Nice Suspender “unloads” the tab to present your pc a break. You may always return to the bill and click on it to reload it or make a permission listing of the websites that must all the time be obtainable.

Tabs Outliner

Tabs Outliner offers a take a look at all of your tabs in a resizable, vertical window—tree-style, such as you discover in Home windows Explorer. Closing an account would not take it away from the tree, making it ultra-easy to return to that web page, so there is no distinction between an open or “saved” tab. You may even add notes from internet pages. While you’re sick of all of the work, there is a button to shut each account.


Do not continuously re-open all the identical tabs daily. Use Toby to prepare them, so once you open a brand new account, you have got the choice to open all of them.


Generally, you simply open too many tabs. Exceed 20, and the Chrome interface is sort of not possible to make use of. This extension manages the overflow, offering a hen’s-eye view of open tabs. It will probably search the open tabs and type them by area, title, or creation time.


Flip your new tab right into an entire dashboard with all of the extras you’ll be able to think about, pushing you to new ranges of productiveness. Ultidash builds in a to-do listing, a website blocker with a Pomodoro Timer, integration with instruments like Google Calendar and Gmail, and analytics about your work habits and websites visited.


A lot of open tabs generally is a downside; xTab prevents you from opening up too many accounts by setting a charge to restrict, then killing off the oldest or least accessed bill that is already open—thus retraining your mind to be even-handed when opening them.



This extension is about donations: use it to ensure cash is donated to a charity every time you utilize your PC to stream video on providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Video for YouTube

I forgot your home in a YouTube video from earlier However, can you keep in mind what was occurring? With Video, seek that spot—kind in what was being stated, and it searches the closed-captions to leap you to the good half.

Magic Actions for YouTube

YouTube movies get a gorgeous, configurable makeover with Magic Actions. Use your mouse wheel to regulate quantity, choose HD or cinema mode (with darkened background), go into the HD mode of your selection robotically, and switch off the auto-play as desired, amongst different incredible choices. If you would like, it even hides the adverts in movies and, better of all, hides the feedback, the place trolls dwell.

Picture-in-Picture Extension

This one is from Google itself and works particularly correctly with YouTube, but additionally other video websites. Click on the icon, and the video you are watching reduces to a thumbnail you’ll be able to transfer across the display screen as you do different “work” within the browser. Simply hold the unique video tab open so the stream will not shut.

Video DownloadHelper

Many Chrome extensions may obtain video—however, not from YouTube. That will go in opposition to Google’s guidelines. You may get around that by side-loading a Chrome extension like this one. It helps an enormous variety of websites, even some of the extra grownup selection.

Zoom Scheduler

We’re all relying a bit an excessive amount on Zoom Meetings to get by way of life, so make it simpler than ever by placing Zoom within the browser toolbar for scheduling conferences or immediately beginning a gathering. The assembly URL will get shared directly with individuals by way of Google Calendar.

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