Best Couch Covers That Look Great

A washable slipcover will help keep your couch looking new at all times, whether it’s brand new or decades old. There is no need to reupholster!

You can entirely replace the color or texture of your current seat with a couch cover, or you can re-cover it in a similar material for a like-new look. These items are easy to use and provide a decor solution that helps you to achieve the style you desire on a budget.


There are a few things to consider before beginning your search for a new sofa cover:

  • Sofa covers are often available in two styles: They’re either constructed of separate pieces of flexible fabric that completely wrap the couch’s base and cushions, or thick pads of material that just drape over the seat and are held in place by accompanying straps. The second design is better for short-term use (e.g., keeping your sofa clean while pet-sitting), whilst the former is intended for long-term use.
  • Sizing & Fit: Before purchasing, take measurements of your seat and cushions. The last thing you want is a sofa cover that is too big and baggy for your seat, because it will make it more evident that it isn’t the original. Attempt to achieve the most accurate fit possible. Also, sofa coverings have a propensity to shift about after extended use and can appear crooked if you aren’t careful about tucking them back into place.
  • Color: Sofa covers provide you the freedom to experiment with the color of your couch. It’s far easier to return a sofa cover and try out something different than it is to buy a complete new sofa if you don’t like the change. There is only one restriction: Some reviewers also mentioned that covering a dark-colored couch with a light-colored sofa cover can be difficult since the old color may show through the stretched-out fabric. If you’re looking for a sofa that looks completely different from the one you have currently, bear this in mind.


Our selection of the best sofa covers includes a variety of fabrics, styles, and sizes to fit a variety of couch arrangements, such as loveseats, sectionals, and armchairs. We whittled down the bewildering amount of options to only those that have received great ratings from reviewers, and we’ve included some of their first-hand feedback below so you’ll know exactly what you’re receiving.

With these top-rated couch covers, you can protect your family’s favorite seat from craft projects, muddy paws, and the occasional beverage spill.

BEST IN GENERAL: 1-Piece Stretch Sofa Cover

Best Couch Covers That Look Great

Because of its elastic fabric, this best-selling polyester-spandex slipcover precisely forms to your couch. The material is easy to clean and has no off-gassing, so you can put it on and start wearing it right away.

This is ideal for covering furniture that you can’t part with but need to cover due to damaged upholstery. “Our dog did a number on our old leather couch,” one reviewer comments. This cover was quite simple to put on. It even came with stickers to identify which parts were the arms, front, and back. Very soft and readily washable.”

The couch cover is available in an astounding range of over 30 colors (more than any other on our list! ), ranging from subtle to bold.

HIGHEST QUALITY COVER: Pixel Ultra Soft Stretch Sofa Cover

Best Couch Covers That Look Great

This machine-washable two-piece cover fits a variety of couch sizes and allows you to tuck and modify it for a virtually seamless look. It’s also available in sizes to cover chairs and loveseats.

Because this polyester-blend sofa cover isn’t stretchable, it won’t be as soft as certain elasticized textiles, but it won’t have the rough texture. Even though it takes a little effort to put it on properly, reviewers claim the end result is stunning: it doesn’t appear to be a slipcover at first glance.

“The material of this cover is really soft,” one reviewer says. It’s actually more comfortable than the material on my current couch… It may take some tweaking to get it to appear just right, but I believe most people can get the cover to lay flat and look great on their furniture.”


Best Couch Covers That Look Great

Sometimes all you need is a temporary fix. It could be because you’re anticipating pets, kids, or a lot of red wine to show up at some point during the evening.

This sofa protector has a suede-like texture and is liquid-resistant. It has a back strap for a snug fit, and the underside is thick and grippy to prevent it from sliding about while guests sit on and get up from your couch.

FABRIC FOR HEAVY DUTY: Skirted Sofa Slipcover

Skirted Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover

This skirted couch cover is a deep, rich blue that stands out in any space, but its strong denim texture makes it a particularly good choice for families with pets who chew or scratch furniture.

The fabric’s feel has been described as “durable,” “soft,” and “dog-friendly” by several reviewers. It’s simple to clean and significantly more durable than other lightweight slipcovers. It is available in both loveseat and couch lengths, so measure your seat before purchasing.

BEST FOR SINGLE CUSHIONS: Bulle Textured Grid Separate Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover

Bulle Textured Grid Separate Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover

This silky, elastic jacquard sofa cover will breathe new life into your three-seater. It has elastic edges instead of tie-backs, so it will mold to your seat. It’s also available in a wide range of hues.

It comes with several cushion covers, according to reviewers, so guests will assume this is the original upholstery of your couch. “I love the unique covers for each cushion,” one person says. Even after many washes, the fit is perfect and there is plenty flexible flexibility.”

BEST COVER PATTERN: Damask Printed Sofa Slipcover

Damask Printed Stretch Box Cushion Slipcover

Couch covers with patterns are unusually difficult to come by. If plain colors aren’t enough, this damask slipcover will do the trick. “It is comfortable, great looking, and for less than $100 transformed the complete appearance I desired in a living room,” one reviewer said.

It’s made up of two polyester and spandex sections that stretch to accommodate most three-seater sofas. It also comes in six distinct color options.

SUITABLE FOR SECTIONALS: Textured Grid Right L-Shaped Sofa Slipcover

Textured Grid Right L-Shaped Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover

Because an L-shaped sectional couch is such a large investment, it can feel as though the upholstery has been ruined. Thankfully, changing or recovering the sofa is significantly easier and less expensive with our two-piece sofa cover.

Reviewers praise how soft the polyester-and-spandex fabric is, as well as how easy it is to remove for washing.

BEST PATCHWORK CONCEPT: Patchwork Scalloped Printed Furniture Protector

Best Couch Covers That Look Great

This patchwork sofa cover will look great draped over any loveseat. This reviewer-favorite cover, unlike your family’s heirloom quilt, is designed to protect the back, arms, and seat of your sofa from spills and messes.

It also has a lovely appearance. “The embroidery and detail in real is even greater than in the photographs,” one person adds. It does not, however, grip as well as some other types, so bear that in mind while tucking it into your seat cushions.

ARMCHAIRS ARE THE BEST: Stretch Chair Slip Cover

Best Couch Covers That Look Great

This soft knit two-piece cover set can be effortlessly put on and off an armchair to give it a brand-new look. It comes in a variety of colors and has a fuzzy texture. We’re confident that your pet will feel completely at home here!

THE BEST ARM COVERAGE: Stretch Armrest Covers

Best Couch Covers That Look Great

Recovering the entire couch when only one section is worn out is a pain. You can acquire these small-sized covers that fit right over the arms if your sofa arms exhibit wear and tear at the seams due to age, upholstery quality, or a pet’s troublesome chewing habit.

These armrest covers come in a set of two and are constructed from the same polyester/spandex blend as many full-sized coverings. This style works with rounded or square sofa arms and fits arms that are between 6.5 and 8 inches broad. It comes with ten twist pins to help you secure them in place quietly.

And there’s no need to contrast as much as the image suggests! There are 22 solid colors to choose from, ensuring a near-perfect upholstery match.

THE PERFECT OTTOMAN COVER: Square Ottoman Slipcover

Best Couch Covers That Look Great

This slipcover is ideal for updating the look of your ottoman. It’s made of velvet and fits over the footrest with an elastic bottom to keep it tight. (If you don’t want this area to show, fold it under.)

Senior home editor Melanie Yates says, “I used this cover to match an ottoman to my navy-colored loveseat for a more coherent sofa-chaise combination.” However, because it’s velvet, you’ll want to keep a lint roller handy to remove any dust or hair that collects on it.

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