7 Classic Interior Design Ideas That Will Give Massive Return on Investment

It’s ideal to acquire your inspiration from the source when it comes to understanding the newest interior trends 2022 has to offer. With that in mind, we asked a few of the industry’s leading interior designers for their predictions on which trends will characterize the coming year.

You’ll see a pattern for the year 2022. Following an unpleasant couple of years, the prevailing trend in home design concepts is to provide an escape from the outside world — a tranquil, healing sanctuary that inspires our color, material, and layout choices, among other things.

With this in mind, expect to see health and wellness trends at the forefront of design, with concepts like biophilic design, healthy housing, and sustainability at the heart of all the smaller color and style trends.

To get you started on your 2022 decorating plans, here are 11 professional-approved interior design trends for 2022.

Should You Adhere to Interior Design Trends at Home?

According to Julia Kendell of Kendell & Co, interior designer, TV personality, and design expert at the South East Homebuilding & Renovating Show, 2022 should be about decorating to make oneself happy rather than slavishly following interior design trends.

“In what will undoubtedly be an uncertain 12 months ahead, we should be thinking at what we need to promote our wellbeing and happiness at home (and WFH),” she says. She does believe, though, that many interior design trends are based on this concept, with styles emerging that can help us feel anchored in our homes while also instilling optimism.

A Green Ocean

7 Classic Interior Design Ideas That Will Give Massive Return on Investment

Tones of green are one of the most apparent choices for interior design trends in 2022, since they have the strongest and most immediate relationship with nature. Green fits nicely into the broader trend of biophilic design in the home, which entails re-creating a connection to nature indoors in order to replicate some of the health and mood-boosting benefits of being outside.

“Because green lies in the middle of the visible color spectrum, it is completely neutral and hence provides optical comfort, even at high intensities,” Julia explains. “Use natural tones, woven and raffia accents, and displays of lush, air-filtering houseplants.”

Looking for ideas for what color to pair with green in your 2022 scheme? “Combine with bursts of complementing orange or coral for a much-needed spark of energy,” Julia says.

Ceilings that have been painted

In 2022, painted feature walls are unlikely to be a popular interior design trend. Rather, the ‘colour drenching’ trend in painting a room, as described by Homes & Gardens magazine, is the technique of choosing one color and painting it across many surfaces in one space. This will be extended to include the ceiling in 2022.

“As the urge to dowse ceilings in fantastic hues to create a dramatic impact evolves, so does the desire to dowse ceilings in magnificent hues,” explains Poppy Peace, Creative Director of Milc Interiors. Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls in a tiny room can assist the area’s borders dissolve, decreasing visual noise and providing a comfortable, cocooning effect within the space.

The Arches

Curved lines have been a popular interior design trend for several years, but designers predict that arched forms will take center stage in 2022.

“The delicate attraction of curves is set to rise in popularity,” writes Poppy, “as seen gently sweeping across many new hotels and excellent restaurants.” What are the best ways to incorporate this style into your home? “Alcove shelves and bold, contrasting headboards are proven to be the ideal method to encourage the trend,” she explains.

Arches are increasingly becoming popular in architectural design, particularly as modern house addition ideas. Arches are destined to make an influence on every level of home design, from barrelled vaulted roofs to windows and even doors.


This may be a new term to you, but it has quickly gained popularity as an interior design trend to follow in 2022. Julia Kendell adds, “Cottagecore emphasizes the Romantic rural life with traditional ideals, home-grown and artisan created goods the basics of creating a beautiful, pastoral vibe.” But how does that look in practice?

“Think wildflowers, Venetian plaster walls, chalky paint surfaces, and imperfections.” Vintage antiques and natural materials play a significant role in this uncomplicated appearance, making it a fantastic choice for people wishing to live a more sustainable lifestyle.”

While this trend has a natural affinity for rural homes, there are features that can be incorporated into even the most metropolitan residences, creating a link to the simpler side of life that helps you feel anchored in your home.

Copper Elements

7 Classic Interior Design Ideas That Will Give Massive Return on Investment

In recent years, brass and matt black finishes have been the most popular interior design trends for fixtures and hardware, but Juliette Thomas, founder and Creative Director of Juliettes Interiors, believes there is a new contender to consider.

“Copper will begin to supplant brushed brass as the most popular finish, providing a fresh new finish and stunning look to kitchens, bathrooms, and even living spaces.” This exquisite colour will be incorporated into high-end dining tables, with white textured marble tops serving as a statement piece for the next year.”

Is this going to be the next big kitchen fad in 2022?

Furniture that is gracefully aging

Characteristic furniture with a natural patina is a terrific way to make a house feel cozy and lived-in, rather than a soulless display home. From scouring internet marketplaces to investing in exquisite antiques, there are a variety of methods to find older furniture that appeals to you. Whatever strategy you take, this concept fits into a bigger trend of sustainability, which you’ll see more intelligently handled in homes in 2022.

Leather, according designer Julia Kendell, is a fantastic place to start with this trend. “Unless you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on a genuine, aged leather statement chair, leather has been out of favor for a while, but the combination of natural, warm earthy tones and sense of permanence offer the perfect addition to interior furniture that will last a lifetime and have a story to tell.”

“Furniture that is built to last and stays with us throughout our lives is intrinsically soothing and grounded, given our desire for a sense of ‘certainty.'”

Slatted Patterns

The fluted and slatted style trend dominated 2021, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down in 2022.

“With fluted glass becoming a hot trend in 2021, we’re witnessing a shift to fluted wood design.” “The current trend for three-dimensional, vertical silhouettes assures that interiors will stand out in 2022, from kitchen cabinetry to standout headboards,” adds Poppy Peace.

This wall paneling idea can also be used to divide your space and change the proportions in your room. “The linear form of slatted designs also helps to provide the appearance of bigger ceilings with intelligent, elongating properties,” Poppy explains.

Neutrals that are restorative

7 Classic Interior Design Ideas That Will Give Massive Return on Investment

Bolder colors, which have been popular in recent years, appear to be on the decline in 2022, with softer shades and neutrals taking their place. While others believe that the warmer neutral colours of beige, tan, and brown will continue to be popular in 2022, Juliette Thomas of Juliettes Interiors believes that grey will see a comeback.

“Colors will shift away from beige and toward deeper greys in 2022, with additional textured features providing depth to rooms.” Tones of grey will be the foundation for numerous projects, from matt walls to soft and velvety sofas, giving homeowners with peaceful and pleasant surroundings,” she says.

Relaxing Blues

Shades of soft, calming blue, according to Juliette, will be abundant in 2022. “Calm blues are on the increase, providing a fresh, light, and hopeful sense to places, with homeowners preferring to breathe new life into spaces,” she says.

Color trend forecasters such as Dulux chose Bright Skies, a gentle blue tint, as the color of the year for 2022, and while Pantone’s choice of Periwinkle as the color of the year is considerably more saturated, it still has a tranquil vibe.

“This serene, pastel shade creates an airy and uplifting sense wherever it is applied,” Juliette suggests as a suitable compliment to grey.

Lighting that makes a statement

“Lighting is often an afterthought for individuals,” says Rob Lessmann, MD and founder of Design’d Living, a luxury interior design firm.

“However, we have already created interiors around statement lighting fixtures and will continue to see this as a major trend in the future.”

This lighting trend, which is inspired by the fascinating new lighting types now being produced, includes large, dramatic pendant lights and chandeliers, statement wall lamps, and intriguing table and floor lamps. Statement lighting, on the other hand, isn’t confined to fixtures. “Good lighting should be adaptable to create the appropriate mood, including work light, relaxing light, and specific lighting to highlight certain aspects, such as artwork, ceiling cornicing, and ornamental features,” Rob explains.

Japandi is a time-honored Japanese tradition.

7 Classic Interior Design Ideas That Will Give Massive Return on Investment

Japandi is a design concept that is both a portmanteau of Japanese and Scandinavian, as well as a literal mash-up of these two classic interior styles, both of which have roots in pared-back minimalism. While Scandinavian interiors have ruled for decades, this twist on the interior design trend is expected to emerge in 2022.

“Japandi design is a common style of Japanese and Scandi interior components,” explains David Conlon, chief designer and founder of en masse custom.

“The Japandi minimalist trend is full of sleek dark woods, Scandi light woods and natural materials, light-colored walls, and basic and simple design, which, when well-curated, is very amazing to look at and is also extremely snug and comfy.”

Consider bamboo in a Japandi plan when it comes to material options. “Bamboo is a prolific grower and incredibly strong,” David explains. “It will truly bring the sensation of nature into the space and produce a calming impact,” he adds. Japandi is a great fit for both sustainable and biophilic homes, making it a great option for 2022.

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