I tested Copper Cow’s Vietnamese-style coffee packs and discovered that making my favorite drink on the move was simple

When I go to a Vietnamese restaurant, I prefer to vary up my order so that each meal is unique. However, one thing remains constant: I always get Vietnamese coffee. To balance out the bitter, nutty flavor, it’s generally made as a drip coffee with Robusta beans, then combined with sweet and thick condensed milk. It’s a robust and satisfying thirst-quencher, hot or chilled.

While I do occasionally purchase frozen Vietnamese coffee concentrate, it does not taste as nice or as fresh as the coffee I have at restaurants, and I also enjoy the ritual of brewing a cup of coffee. The coffee I drank from Copper Cow Coffee, a company started by Debbie Wei Mullin, a Vietnamese-American entrepreneur and former World Bank consultant, was a big improvement, and I was blown away from the first sip.

Obtaining coffee

Copper Cow Coffee is packaged in two parts: one contains a ground coffee combination of 70% Robusta (bitter, less acidic) and 30% Arabica (floral, fruity, acidic) beans, while the other contains sweetened, additive-free condensed milk from California.

Mullen researched 40 different Vietnamese suppliers before launching, seeking for ethical, organic processes and tasty beans. Her main supplier uses environmentally friendly selecting and processing processes that do not include pesticides or chemicals. “We have trust that our coffee is created using a 100% pesticide- and chemical-free procedure from soil to roast,” Mullen told Insider Reviews of the farmers, who are paid twice the market rate per pound of beans.

How does it work?

Copper Cow also has a great pour-over pattern, which I really like. You only need a vessel – your favorite mug, coffee flask, or anything with walled sides — and hot water to create your coffee. Tear the top off the packet, open the side flaps, and place them on the cup’s sides. After wetting the grinds with a small amount of water, continue dipping them in water to allow the coffee to filter through.

I tested Copper Cow's Vietnamese-style coffee packs and discovered that making my favorite drink on the move was simple

You can add the condensed milk after eight ounces of water has passed through. Because of my insatiable sweet taste, I usually add the entire packet, but you can use as little or as much as you like and save any leftovers to spread over fruit, oatmeal, or ice cream.

Optional flavors

Copper Cow also serves Vietnamese-style lattes with churros, mint, and rose flavors, as well as dairy-free creamer prepared with coconut milk.

Senior reporter Owen Burke sampled the churro flavor and had the following to say about it: “Copper Cow’s Vietnamese coffee is simple to make at home or on the move. The pre-ground coffee is full-bodied, thanks to a generous quantity of Saigon cinnamon in the coffee bag, and the sweet condensed milk will only appeal to individuals who have no soul. Tip: Don’t dump the entire packet into one cup, or your dentist’s new Mercedes-Benz will be your responsibility alone.”

I tested Copper Cow's Vietnamese-style coffee packs and discovered that making my favorite drink on the move was simple

The old version is still my personal favorite. I like the flavor and convenience, and it’s potent: an 8-ounce cup contains 120 mg of caffeine, compared to 95 mg in a standard cup of coffee. Copper Cow’s filter and grounds are composting, while the outer container is recyclable.

In conclusion

A 5-pack on Amazon costs $15, which isn’t too terrible considering I don’t drink coffee every day. Consider Copper Cow Coffee your daily treat, even if you drink coffee every day – it’s no more expensive than a cup from a coffee shop, it tastes amazing, and it’s really simple to make.

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