16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC’s Health

Your Windows system will, at some point, experience issues that aren’t simple to diagnose, regardless of how experienced you are with it or how new you are to the operating system. (Don’t be alarmed; this behavior is observed on other operating systems as well.) What steps do you take when something like this occurs?

You could hire someone to help you troubleshoot the problem, but you should save this option for the absolute last ditch effort. When you can easily solve the issue on your own by making use of tools that are available for free download, there is no reason to pay another person to do it for you.

We strongly suggest getting some hands-on experience with these tools first. It is possible that you will be surprised by how many problems these alone can solve! If you STILL are unable to resolve the issue, then by all means, call in the reinforcements.

Windows System Diagnostic Instruments

On Windows, issues with the hardware can be a significant source of frustration. When you are utilizing an older version of the operating system, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8, or a cutting edge version of the operating system, they tend to occur more frequently (e.g., Windows Insider).

However, there are times when all you really care about is the hardware that you have. For any of these possible applications, these are the tools whose operation is an absolute necessity on your part.


HWiNFO - Free System Information, Monitoring and Diagnostics

HWiNFO is, without a doubt, the tool that provides the most thorough overview of the system. It displays any and all information pertaining to your computer, from the temperatures of the CPU to the voltages of the fans. This should be your go-to PC checker if you are using a Ryzen processor because other options, such as CPU-Z, have been known to display incorrect readings.

When you want the most accurate readouts of everything that pertains to the components of your computer, it is helpful to have this instrument on hand.

Download: HWiNFO

2. Performance Monitor

How to use Performance Monitor on Windows 10 | Windows Central

As in older variations of the working system, Home windows 10 has an Efficiency Monitor; now, it exists as an app. As soon as launched, have a look at the sidebar. Underneath Monitoring Instruments, it’s best to see Efficiency Monitor.

By default, the Monitor solely exhibits “% Processor Time”, which shows how a lot of your CPU is getting used at any given time; however, you may add extra Counters akin to disk utilisation, power used, paging file measurement, search index measurement, and extra.

3. Reliability Monitor

16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC's Health

Even though it has been available in Windows since Vista in the form of a hidden tool known as the Reliability Monitor, the vast majority of users have never even heard of it. It can be found in the “System and Security” section of the “Security and Maintenance” section of the “Maintenance” section of the “Control Panel.”

In this section, you will find a history of your system as well as a timeline of events and errors that took place over the course of a specific amount of time. On a scale from one to ten, the blue line represents an estimate of how stable your system is over time.

This is a good place to look if something is crashing frequently because it allows you to select the error and then check for a solution to the problem.

Windows Network Diagnostic Instruments

Whether or not you are utilising Wi-Fi or Ethernet, there is a reasonable probability you will run into community issues. It is one of the widespread issues to have as of late. That is why you want these instruments.

4. WiFi Analyzer

16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC's Health

WiFi Analyzer is a free device that does precisely what it’s identify says: it analyses your Wi-Fi community’s setup to see whether or not your wi-fi channel is interfering with other nearby Wi-Fi networks.

As soon as analysed, it will advocate a channel setting for you. It isn’t excellent, particularly in crowded residences and dense cities; however, it may well boost your Wi-Fi speed and reliability by a significant quantity in some circumstances. It is value attempting!

Download: WiFi Analyzer

5. SoftPerfect Network Scanner

16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC's Health

The SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a tool that is simple to operate and can identify any device that is potentially connected to your network. Discovery using IPv4 and IPv6 are both supported by this utility.

At home, you can use it to see how many devices are connected to your network (to check if anyone is using your Internet without permission), or you can use it to find the IP address of a particular device (such as your smartphone). Users also have the ability to perform remote shutdowns.

The free version of the software supports up to 10 devices, which is more than enough for personal use at home.

Download: SoftPerfect Network Scanner

Windows Drive Diagnostic Instruments

6. CrystalDiskInfo

CrystalDiskInfo 8.14.2 for Windows - Download

Have you ever questioned if your arduous disk drive or solid-state drive was in a good situation? It isn’t straightforward to seek out, particularly with newer SSDs that may die earlier than you even notice one thing’s flawed.

Properly, that is the place CrystalDiskInfo comes into play.

This straightforward program provides you with an entire overview of the state of your information drives, together with HDDs, SSDs, and USB drives. Particulars embody temperature, spin-up time, uptime, error charges, and extra. It additionally calculates a total Wellbeing Standing.

Be aware that it has a sister program known as CrystalDiskMark, which you need to use to benchmark your information drives (i.e., see how briskly they’ll learn and write information).

Download: CrystalDiskInfo

7. WinDirStat

16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC's Health

From my point of view, WinDirStat is an application that absolutely cannot be missed. Since I started using it on a regular basis many years ago, it has never failed to satisfy me in any way. Windows Directory Statistics is exactly what it claims to do, and its name accurately describes what it does.

In a nutshell, it examines the data drives on your computer and reports the amount of space occupied by the various folders and files. The information is presented in an organized tree-based hierarchy as well as a detailed graph view.

Not only is WinDirStat fantastic for cleaning up lost files and recovering disk space, but it is also excellent for visualizing where your data is stored, which is a perfect use case for the program.

Download: WinDirStat

8. Windows Disk Management

16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC's Health

Home windows Disk Administration is the in-built disk utility to handle partitions in Home windows 10. The device additionally permits customers the test the well being of the SSD or HDD and create new sections.

Via this utility, you can scan any partition for potential errors properly. To do that, right-click the section you wish to review, then go to Properties > Instruments > Verify.

Please be aware administrator privileges are required to carry out this operation.

Windows Memory Diagnostic Instruments

RAM issues are one of the most widespread computer problems at the house. It is too straightforward to expire physical RAM, resulting in system slowdowns and crashes. Thankfully, diagnoses usually are simple.

9. Resource Monitor

16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC's Health

The Resource Monitor is a feature of Windows that was first introduced in Vista and has been around ever since. In the past, you were required to launch it through the Task Manager; however, as of Windows 10, it has been transformed into a standalone application that can be started from the Start menu.

In most cases, the Resource Monitor is utilized in conjunction with the Performance Monitor. This is because the Resource Monitor provides an advanced method for viewing data in real time regarding your system. On the other hand, the viewing of process details and the utilization of memory are its primary uses for me. In point of fact, this is one of the simplest methods for diagnosing issues related to RAM.

10. Windows Reminiscence Diagnostic

16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC's Health

Do you know Home windows truly has a built-in device that may bodily test your RAM modules to test if they’re freed from errors? An app known as Home windows Reminiscence Diagnostic.

Utilising it’s going to restart your pc. On boot up, the device will run several checks in your RAM, and if it encounters any errors or failures, it’s going to do its greatest to let you already know which module is the perpetrator. It’s best to substitute that module ASAP.

Windows Display Diagnostic Instruments

11. JScreenFix

16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC's Health

Take a close look at the display on your screen. Do you notice any blemishes that don’t appear to be caused by dust particles? If this is the case, you might have a stuck pixel, which refers to a pixel that is permanently set to a particular color. These are able to be very irritating.

One of the ways you can fix a stuck pixel on your computer is by downloading and running the JScreenFix program. The only thing that it does is flash hundreds of different colors every second on the part of the screen that is affected by the stuck pixel. After about ten minutes, this should free the pixel from its stuck state.

Does it always work? No. Because of a physical flaw in the screen, a stuck pixel may remain so for the rest of the screen’s existence. If you have a stuck pixel of your own, however, you should give JScreenFix a try because it has a success rate of over 60 percent.

Website: Jscreen Fix

12. PixelHealer

PixelHealer: repair defective pixels on LCD screens - gHacks Tech News

PixelHealer is a free, however exceptionally efficient utility you need to revive a dead pixel. In contrast to Jscreen Repair, this utility requires customers to obtain it; however, the file measurement is lower than 100KB, so it should not take much time.

Its sister app, InjuredPixels, can be utilised to detect lifelessly caught or hot pixels, which in flip, could be mounted by PixelHealer. The applying flashes RGB colours over dead pixels to revive them.

Each purpose includes a transportable installer that eliminates the necessity for putting in them. Customers can simply unzip the file and run this system.

Obtain: PixelHealer | InjuredPixels

Windows Malware Diagnostic Instruments

13. AdwCleaner

16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC's Health

It’s unfortunate that so few people are familiar with AdwCleaner because it’s great and deserving of more praise than it currently receives. Although it is just a straightforward malware scanner, the fact that it is quick, effective, and free is all that anyone could ask for.

It identifies adware, toolbars, unwanted programs, browser hijackers, and other forms of malware because its primary purpose is to combat malware that is distributed along with installer files. The results of the scan are organized into categories such as services, files, dynamic link libraries (DLLs), scheduled tasks, and registry entries, among others.

Download: AdwCleaner

14. Malwarebytes

16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC's Health

Malwarebytes has been the king of malware scanners for a few years now. Most individuals have heard of it at the least as soon as, but when you have not, know that many of us contemplate this a must-have utility on each pc.

Be aware that Malwarebytes is available in each Free and Premium variation. The Free model is excellent, but the Premium model has every option available. Be taught extra about why Malwarebytes Premium is worth the money.

Download: Malwarebytes

15. ClamWin

16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC's Health

ClamWin may have an outdated appearance, but don’t be fooled by this fact. It is currently one of the most effective free antivirus scanners that can be downloaded. The scans can take some time, but considering that it picks up on almost everything, the time investment is well worth it.

Why should you use ClamWin? Because, unlike the other options, its source code is freely available to everyone. If you want to verify that a program is doing what it claims to be doing, this is an important step, especially if the application in question is a security application. There is no such thing as being too careful.

Download: ClamWin

16. Directory Report

16 Diagnostics Tools For Windows to Check Your PC's Health

Directory Report looks just like the MS-Explorer but always shows the directory size.
This makes it easy to drill down to directories that are using all your space
The familiar MS-Explorer display makes Directory Report easy to use.

Download: Directory Report

Diagnose Your PC’s Problems With These Instruments

We have high hopes that you will find these tools to be helpful. Will you use EACH and EVERY one of them? No, I don’t think so at all. Just take the ones that seem to be the most useful to you and put the others out of your mind, at least for the time being.

You can always add a bookmark to this page and come back to it if you run into a problem that you’ve never encountered before. Just keep in mind that you need to reboot before you start troubleshooting.

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