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GGT Fact Checking Policy

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Headlines that are 100 percent accurate

  • Every news article on the site goes through a thorough verification procedure in order to ensure that the headlines are 100 percent correct. Rumors and insider reports are labeled as such to distinguish between verified material and industry buzz that our readers might be interested in.
  • Before we write each piece, we double-check that the material is current and correct. Before we start writing, we double-check sources and always go back to the original source (and reference material, if applicable). Even if other sites post questionable information as official confirmation, we require 100 percent confirmation to claim it as such. We never publish clickbait. Although our headlines are big, we don't make sweeping assertions just to seem bold. It must be fact-checked and accurate. KeWiki articles don't just report the news; they also provide industry-leading context that explains why it matters to you.
  • The KeWiki team is made up of authors with different experiences in all aspects of the entertainment industry who are united by a love of all things entertainment and a desire to provide the best and most entertaining content for our site's users.
  • Our writers and editors are industry veterans who ensure that each new piece contains the most up-to-date information, the most accurate information, and all pertinent data. We follow basic journalism ethics when we are the original source.

Taking The Big Picture into Account

  • The same standards apply to feature content, and we emphasize the significance of research and objectivity, as well as providing a compelling case (and when drawing out a conclusion or theory, considering and including relevant counter-arguments). This method enables us to handle more possibilities and respond to reader questions before they arise.

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