Hidden Tesla Tricks Every EV Fan Should Know

Tesla has always been a lover of the Easter egg, dating back to the days when touching the “T” emblem on the in-car display revealed a new menu. These surprises have grown in scope over time (hello, recording studio(Opens in a new window)), and are now more easily available through the Toybox part of the infotainment center. However, there are a few hidden tactics and settings that every Tesla owner should be aware of.

The majority of the time, utilizing the car’s interior touch screen to execute a task is simple. However, some software activities are two or three tiers deep. To turn on the windshield wipers, for example, you must tap the screen twice and then a third time to choose the speed. Alternatively, you can alter the speed of the wipers by clicking the end of the left wheel stock.

These suggestions were tested on a Model 3 with the horizontal display, which is also available on the Model Y and will be available soon on the Model S and X. This upgrade should unify the software across all models, however for the time being, these capabilities are only available on the Model 3 and Y, though most of them should function on the more expensive versions as well. Continue reading for additional ideas to make your Tesla driving experience easier.

Higher Flip-By-Flip Navigation

Better Turn-By-Turn Navigation
(Tyler Hayes)

The touch screen of the Model 3 and Y is divided into two portions, with the map on the right and a view of your car traveling on the left. Turn-by-turn directions are usually found on the right side of maps. However, a software upgrade released in late December 2020 includes support for shifting those arrows closer to the driver. When you tap on the reverse camera while going to an address, the turn-by-turn arrows and names will move.

Navigate House With a Swipe

The majority of people use navigation to get to and from work or home. It’s not that they don’t know where they’re going, but rather that they’ll be notified to traffic or accidents as they travel. Swipe down on the navigation bar before clicking it, rather than tapping it and then tapping on saved home or work addresses. It will automatically direct you to work if you are at home. It will transport you home if you are at work.

Ship Instructions From Your Cellphone

You can send destination addresses from your phone to your automobile instead of searching them up on your phone and then in your car. Share any address or map location you come across with the Tesla app, and it will provide that waypoint to your car’s navigation system. The directions will be waiting for you the next time you get in your automobile.

Inform Your Car to Chill

You might want to try Chill Mode if your Tesla pleasure trips have resulted in a few speeding citations (Opens in a new window). Switch between Standard and Chill driving modes in the driving settings menu to change the acceleration levels. Chill Mode allows for a more gradual and steady increase in pace, which is beneficial to people who have a lead foot. (You may pay for Acceleration Boost in the dual-motor Model 3 and Model Y to boost the car’s 0-60mph pace.) If you do this, the terminology of Standard driving mode will be changed to Sport.)

Creep Mode

For those who’re nonetheless getting conversant in your electric car and wish to bridge the hole out of your inner combustion engine, activate Creep Mode. In this case, creep refers to slowly rolling ahead or backward. When on, this software program setting will proceed to use torque, whereas the automotive is in drive mode. This mode can also profit these dwelling in, particularly hilly areas.

Turn Fans On and Off With a Tap

It’s a game-changer to tap and hold the fan icon on the bottom row of the touch screen to regulate the ventilation. When you tap the symbol, the entire A/C and heating menu appears, which takes up a third of the screen. Instead, press and hold the button for two seconds, bypassing the screen and switching it on and off.

Security for Teen Drivers

Safety for Teen Drivers
(Tyler Hayes)

Limiting the car’s top speed is a beneficial tool for novice adolescent drivers or anyone else using the car. Simply select Controls from the Tesla smartphone app. In the Location area, you can also check the car’s current speed and location.

Regulate Mannequin Y’s Hatch Height

There have been no less than a few forum posts about drivers accidentally hitting the highest of their storage doorways when the Mannequin Y’s rear hatch lifts to full peak. To alter it, open the door manually to the specified stage, maintaining the shutter button for 3 seconds. This can set the door’s reminiscence.

Open the Charging Port With the Charger

tesla supercharger station with tesla plugged in

The little charging flap that covers the charging port can be opened in a variety of ways. You can use your finger to tap on the car’s touch screen or on the charging cover itself. You can also push the button on the plug that goes into the port when it’s adjacent to the cover if you’re charging at a Supercharger station(Opens in a new window) or have an official Tesla charger at home. There’s no need to touch the cover; it’ll open on its own.

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