How to place a rug under a sectional sofa

Sectional sofas are one of the most versatile and fashionable living room furniture alternatives. They’re also extremely comfortable, with numerous reclining and lounging possibilities. But, how big of a rug should you use with a sectional sofa, and where should you put it?

Today, we’ll teach you how to properly arrange a rug beneath a sectional sofa. There are a few different approaches that work well, so once you’ve seen them all, you can choose which one is best for you!

Make a statement with a large area rug.

One of the simplest methods to achieve a designer effect in your living room is to place an extra-large area rug beneath a sectional sofa.

The entire sectional sofa has been put on the area rug in this layout, with the sofa’s back legs slightly overlapping the rug’s rear edge. This type of extra-large rug is perfect for open-plan living areas since it creates a distinct ‘zone’ for the seating area.

A Large Sectional Sofa and a Round Area Rug

If you want something a little different, pair your sectional sofa with a round rug. This looks great with a huge corner sectional with even sides since the sofa frames the rug. Round coffee tables complete this look perfectly.

Ruggable rugs are a great option for busy families with children or dogs. Because these rugs are machine washable, if you spill something, you can just remove the rug cover and wash it. No need to be concerned about spilling red wine on a light-colored rug!

Place the rug in the corner.

This beautiful abstract carpeting is about the same length as the couch. It’s supposed to be directly in front of the couch, but it’s approximately 6 inches off-center.

With a sectional sofa, this arrangement works well because it balances off the heavier side, which, while unorthodox, is quite attractive to the eye. This arrangement also allows for a floor lamp to be placed on the floor.

Place The Rug’s Corner in the Corner of the Sectional

This sectional rug placement is visually appealing. The inclusion of the basket to the side balances out the entire design, despite the fact that the sofa isn’t centered on the rug. Instead of the basket, a side table may be used to create a similar impression.

The round coffee table anchors the design and provides a focal point in the center of this Jute rug. Jute rugs are ideal for use beneath a large sectional sofa like this because they are durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic.

In Front of the Sofa: A Round Rug

Place a round rug in front of the longest side of your sectional sofa if it has uneven sides. This implies that one sofa arm will overhang the rug, but the overall effect will be balanced.

This arrangement allows a coffee table to be put in the center of the rug while being centered with the couch.

Place your rug in front of the sofa’s longest section.

Align the length of your rug with the front of the longest piece of your sofa to produce a balanced effect in your living room. This means your sofa’s ‘L’ will overflow the rug on both sides, but the overall look is balanced and attractive to the eye.

This light-colored shag pile rug contrasts nicely with the sleek dark black sectional sofa in this living room, producing a dramatic, magazine-worthy effect.

Align the rug’s pattern with the edge of the sofa.

If you have an extra-large sectional sofa with even sides, coordinating the pattern around the margins of your rug with your sofa will look fantastic. This clearly necessitates a huge rug, and this lovely grey and ivory area rug is ideal.

This rug is timeless and can be used with a variety of decor styles, making it a valuable investment piece that you may use from home to home.

On both sides of the sofa, place the rug under the front legs.

Placing a wide area rug under both ends of your sectional sofa will create a seamless transition from the sofa to the rug, as well as allowing you to align the rug’s edges with the sofa’s edges.

This will produce a clean square or rectangle (depending on the design of your sofa) that can be anchored in the center with a coffee table or ottoman to finish the aesthetic.

Place your rug in the middle of the room.

Instead of placing your rug beneath your couch, try centering it in your living room and arranging your sectional sofa around it.

To create a focal point, position other furniture around the rug, such as side tables, and a coffee table or ottoman in the center. This combination of a light rug and darker furniture looks fantastic.

Make the rug the focal point of your space.

If you have a lighter-colored sectional sofa, a colorful, bold area rug like this gorgeous Bodrum area rug can add color and energy to your space. To allow the vibrant design to take center stage, the sectional sofa should be placed in one corner of the area rug.

Instead of a coffee table, use side tables and ottomans to keep the space looking tidy and stylish.

For an eclectic look, layer different rugs.

Try stacking two rugs with various textures or shapes underneath your sectional sofa for an eclectic effect in your living room.

This design works especially well with neutral colors and rugs of various textures and types. They used a larger natural fibre rug as the main area rug underneath the sectional and a faux cowhide rug as an accent rug under the coffee table.

With your sofa and rug, make a square.

When it comes to sectional rug placement, a safe bet is to go with a rug that is the same length as the couch’s longest side.

Align the rug’s length with the sectional’s longest side, allowing the ‘L’ to overhang onto the rug. The result should be a square. The wide rug helps to define the seating zone in large open-plan living areas, so this design is ideal.


When selecting a rug for a sectional sofa, be sure to select one that is large enough to anchor the space. It doesn’t have to be bigger than your sofa, but it should take up the most of the space in front of it.

If you want to choose the right size rug for your sectional couch, you should first measure it. You can use your couch to sketch a to-scale floor plan and experiment with different rug sizes and shapes to find what works best for your space.

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