How to Remove the Drain Hose from Washing Machine

Repairing appliances might be costly, but there are several that you can handle yourself. You may need to replace the washing machine drain hose if your washer is still full of water after the cycle has finished. You must first remove the old one before putting on the new one. Because this is neither a difficult nor a delicate activity, even beginners should not be scared to dabble in do-it-yourself repairs.

Troubleshoot the Situation

Some issues are more straightforward to recognize than others. The drain hose has ruptured or has broken loose from the drain pipe if water is shooting out from behind or beneath your washing machine during the wash or rinse cycle. You might also hear the washing machine end its cycle only to discover that your clean clothes are sitting in a washer full of water due to a failure to drain.

If the water is spurting or leaking in any form, the first action is to turn off the machine. Remove the plug from the washing machine, making sure it does not fall into any standing water.

Turn off the water supply. At the back of your washer installation, there should be a set of faucet handles. Turn both of them completely to the right.

Collect your tools

To remove the hose, you’ll need to disassemble the washer. This will necessitate the use of a screwdriver. You may require both a flat-head and a cross-point nozzle depending on the type of washing machine you have. Slip-joint pliers, towels, and a small pail are also required.

Prepare the Installation Area for the Washer

Carefully slide the washing machine away from the wall until you have enough space to work. Towels, a mop, or a wet/dry vacuum can be used to clean up any spilt water.

Remove the Water

Use a wet/dry vacuum to suck out any water in the bottom of the washing machine drum if you have one. You can also use a small bucket or a clean, empty coffee can to drain the water. The most efficient method for draining the water is to open the washing machine and access the hose. Because washing machines are not all designed the same, if you have the handbook for yours, now is the time to read it and figure out how to disassemble the machine’s body.

Take apart the washing machine.

To discover the screws that keep the body together, see the handbook or look at the washer. To get to where the drain hose links to the drain pipe, remove the screws and open the machine. The drain pipe is normally found beneath the barrel, at the bottom of the machine.

Get rid of the hose

The washing machine hose clamp can be found where the washing machine hose joins the drain. To open the clamp, squeeze the tabs protruding out using the slip-joint pliers. To get the clamp out of the way, slide it along the length of the hose.

To catch any water, place a towel, bowl, or small pail under the drain pipe and pull the hose free. Remove the hose clamp and slip it onto the drain pipe so you can use it to replace the old hose.

Push the plastic arrowhead bolts through the support bracket holding the hose in place where it travels through the back of the washing machine, if there is one, with the slip-joint pliers. Remove the hose from the wall, then the support bracket, and you’re finished.

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