How to reset your Xbox console to factory defaults in 3 different ways

  • You possibly can reset an Xbox One in three alternative ways if it is malfunctioning. 
  • It is best to attempt a gentle reset and a tough reset first, as these are the best and commonest fixes. 
  • In case your Xbox One continues to be malfunctioning after a gentle and onerous reset, you possibly can power a manufacturing unit reset that can erase all your saved information however ought to restore the console to correct working order.
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Like every technologically superior gadget, the Xbox One can typically lag, freeze, or have different expertise glitches. 

These points might be brought on or exacerbated by adding the latest software program or by durations of protracted use. Luckily, most such issues are remedied by a fast restart or reset.

You may discover a resolution in a manufacturing unit reset for issues that you can’t repair by restarting your Xbox One. Granted, this excessive step will delete all your information and games progress, which means you’ll have to reupload bought video games and replay your means by each problem — however that also beats shopping for an entirely new console.

This is the right way to reset your Xbox One in three alternative ways. 

How one can gentle reset an Xbox One

To carry out a soft reset that ought to jog a glitchy Xbox One again to correct perform, merely flip it off, wait several seconds, then energy it again on. 

You can flip off an Xbox One by urgent and holding the Xbox button on the controller, then selecting both “Restart console” or “Flip console off.”

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Hold the power button on the Xbox One controller

To show the Xbox One off utilizing the console itself, merely press and launch the ability button on the unit’s entrance.

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Hold the power button on the Xbox One console

How one can onerous reset an Xbox One

Maintain the ability button on the console entrance down for 10 seconds, releasing it solely after the gadget shuts down. Disconnect the ability cable, await a further 10 seconds, and then reconnect the ability and switch the console again.

How one can manufacturing unit reset an Xbox One

If all of the resets and different troubleshooting tips haven’t got your Xbox One working once more, it is time for a manufacturing unit reset that can wipe all of your information; however, it may restore the {hardware} itself.

1. Whereas the console, press the house button on the controller.

2. Choose the Settings menu through the gear-shaped icon.

3. Click on the System hyperlink, after which go to Console Data.

4. Choose Reset Console.

5. Click on Reset and Take away Everything.

Now sit again and wait (for some time) because the Xbox One restores itself to its manufacturing unit settings.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If I set up Xbox Series X with a TV then later want to change setup to new handing monitor will there be a problem?

The answer is no, it won’t be a problem but if anything goes wrong you can always reset your console and your games progress and other things will be recorded in your account. You can follow this article to know how to connect a new TV or a separate TV with your console.

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