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How to Shop for a Mechanical Keyboard

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Most keyboards that include laptops and desktops suck. Mechanical keyboards, so known as a result of they’ve particular person mechanical switches beneath every key, are extra pleasurable to sort on, extra sturdy, and extra customizable than this typical membrane, butterfly, or scissor-switch keyboard. And for individuals who spend all day typing, programming, or gaming, it may be satisfying to customize the dimensions, switches, keycaps, format, and even the backlight to your actual wants. For those who’re interested in mechanical keyboards however don’t know the place, to begin with, all the terminology and choices, begin right here. And if you recognize the fundamentals however wish to go slightly deeper, we’ll level you on the correct path.

Dimension and format

An illustration of different keyboard layouts, including compact, tenkeyless, and full-sized.
Illustration: Sarah Macreading, Dana Davis

The primary and most essential determination when searching for a keyboard is what measurement and format you need. You’ll have a few gazillion choices however they fall into 4 important classes: full-size, tenkeyless, compact, and ergonomic.

Full-size keyboards have all the keys, together with letters, numbers, modifiers, operate keys, arrow keys, and a quantity pad. We advocate this measurement just for individuals who desire a built-in quantity pad. Huge keyboards power you to place your mouse farther out of your physique, which might put pressure on your shoulders, neck, and again.

Tenkeyless (typically abbreviated TKL) keyboards lack a quantity pad however have all the different keys. We advocate this measurement for most individuals as a result of its being considerably extra compact than full-size and has all the most used keys. And a standalone number pad is a greater choice in order for you a Numpad, as a result of you possibly can transfer it out of the best way once you’re not utilizing it.

An illustration of different compact keyboard layouts.
Illustration: Sarah Macreading, Dana Davis

The compact category is a catchall for a wide range of sizes and layouts. Boards that might be 75%, just like the Vortex Tab 75, have the identical keys as tenkeyless, however, they’re all smushed collectively in order that the keyboard has no empty area. Boards which might be 65% and 68%, just like the Qian Magicforce and Drop Alt, lose the operate keys alongside the highest however maintain the arrow keys and some keys from the navigation cluster. We predict 65% and 68% keyboards hit the candy spot for most individuals—they’re a lot smaller than tenkeyless boards, however, they’ve all essentially the most continuously used keys. Keyboards just like the Vortex Tab 60 and the Obins Anne Pro 2 embrace solely the important block of letters, numbers, and modifiers and don’t have any operating keys, no arrow or navigation keys, and no Numpad. We advocate a 60% keyboard provided that you’re prepared to retrain yourself to recollect key combos each time you want the arrow or operate keys.

Ergonomic keyboards can are available in any of the above sizes, however, are cut up down the center so you possibly can maintain your fingers, wrists, arms, and shoulders at an extra pure angle than you’ll on conventional flat keyboards. Ergonomic keyboards are both partially cut up and totally cut up. Partially cut-up keyboards have a small hole down the center however are related on the backside; they have a decrease studying curve however aren’t as adjustable as totally cut-up keyboards. Absolutely cut-up keyboards are essentially the most versatile and adjustable, so you possibly can angle every half nonetheless you favor.

Most of our really useful keyboards have standard layouts, which implies not one of the keys is uncommon sizes or in uncommon places. This makes shopping for substitute keycaps simpler if the included ones are put on out or in case you fall down the rabbit gap of customized keycaps. Some gaming keyboards have nonstandard backside rows, and plenty of ergonomic keyboards have distinctive layouts with uncommon key sizes and places.


A close up of a mechanical keyboard with two keys removed, showing tactile switches underneath.
We advice beginning with Cherry MX Browns or an equal tactile swap from a special maker. Photograph: Michael Hession

Subsequently, you’ll determine which switches you wish to sort on. Mechanical keyboards have particular person switches beneath every key, which makes this model of keyboard extra sturdy, simpler to restore, and extra customizable than a membrane, scissor, or butterfly keyboards—in addition to extra comfy in lots of instances. Mechanical switches are available in three important varieties: linear, tactile, and clicky.

  • Linear switches really feel clean once you press them down, from high to backside.
  • Tactile switches have a noticeable bump partway by the keypress, which helps you to know that you simply have activated the important thing.
  • Clicky switches really feel much like tactile ones however have an added click-on sound to match the tactile bump.

From these three important swap sorts come many variations, outlined by their actuation power (how a lot of effort it takes to activate every key) and by their actuation level (how far down you need to press to activate every key).

Many corporations now make mechanical switches, however, the commonest are Cherry MX switches. We advocate beginning with Cherry MX Browns (or an equal, extra on these in a second) as a result of they’re a well-liked tactile swap that’s good for many duties and quite sufficient for many workplaces. Many individuals like linear switches like Cherry MX Reds for video games, as a result of the comparatively gentle actuation power and steady journey, make them simpler (and theoretically sooner) to activate, however, they are often troublesome to sort on for a similar cause. We don’t advocate clicky switches, equivalent to MX Blues, in case you work or sport in a shared area, as a result of they’re very noisy and can seemingly annoy your co-workers or housemates.

How noisy any keyboard is dependent upon lots of components, together with not solely swap sort but additionally case materials and design, keycap form and materials, room acoustics and noise ranges, and the way closely you sort. All else being equal, right here’s how the widespread varieties of Cherry switches evaluate:

TitleKindActuation powerNoise
Cherry MX BrownTactile45 gCommon
Cherry MX ClearTactile65 gCommon
Cherry MX PurpleLinear45 gLow
Cherry MX BlackLinear60 gLow
Cherry MX BlueClicky50 gExcessive

Since Cherry’s swap patents expired in 2014, quite a few clones (from corporations equivalent to Gateron, Kailh, and Outemu) have developed into accessible. These switches are inclined to mimic Cherry MX switches in feeling and color-naming scheme, although high quality can differ. We advocate Cherry, adopted by their equivalents from Gateron or Kailh. Keyboard corporations like Logitech, Razer, and HyperX have additionally begun making their very own mechanical switches, both independently or in partnership with corporations that clone Cherry switches. Cherry and different swap makers additionally make low-profile switches, that are flatter, however aren’t appropriate with the identical sort of keycaps as the opposite switches mentioned right here. And there are but different, utterly various kinds of switches, equivalent to Topre, buckling spring, and Alps clones. PCGamer has a fantastic explanation of most of those switches.

To be taught which switches you want, we advocate shopping for a switch tester. We advise shopping for your keyboard from a vendor with excellent return coverage so you possibly can swap it in case you don’t just like the switches.

What options matter for typing and programming

Any keyboard can be utilized for any job—there’s probably not any such factor as a particular keyboard for typing, or a programming keyboard, or a gaming keyboard. That stated some options are extra helpful than others for sure duties. When you’ve determined what measurement, format, and switches you need, right here’s what else is value in search of in a keyboard you intend to make use of primarily for typing or coding.

Construct high quality: Low-cost keyboards with plastic instances and backplates really feel and soundhole once you sort and may flex once you press too onerous on them. A sturdier keyboard manufactured from metallic or different higher-quality supplies gained try this. And there are two varieties of the body: a “high-profile” body that units the keys inside a plastic case, or a “low-profile” body that has the switches sitting on high of the case. For those who’re not the kind to maintain a tidy desk space, we advocate a low-profile design as a result of it’s a bit easier to clean.

Keycaps: Many keyboards include ABS keycaps, a lightweight sort of plastic that’s extra liable to put on and may develop into clean and glossy with heavy use. Keycaps manufactured from PBT are usually extra sturdy and have a grittier texture. Keycap profiles decide how the keycaps in every row are formed. Many pre-built keyboards include keycaps that might be sculpted to cup your fingers and really feel comfy to sort on. For those who purchase keycaps individually, there’s a whole world of different profiles: DSA, SA, GMK (Cherry), XDA, and extra.

Programmability: Many nonmechanical keyboards can’t be programmed—that’s, you possibly can’t change the default habits of sure keys to carry out different actions—in any respect. You merely join them to your pc they usually do the traditional keyboard stuff. However, an excellent chunk of mechanical keyboards could be personalized. The only method is by way of DIP switches on the underside of a keyboard that alter the format (QWERTY, Colemak, or Dvorak) or habits of some keys. For instance, you possibly can swap between Home windows and Mac layouts, swap the Caps Lock key to Ctrl, or disable OS-specific keys just like the Home windows or Command keys.

Different keyboards provide onboard programming, the place you press sure keys to file macros and customize backlighting. But others include software programs you need to use to file macros, remap or customize sure keys, and futz with backlighting. Off the deep finish entails fully customizable layouts you need to build and flash to the keyboard.

Detachable cable: A detachable USB cable is preferable to a built-in one, as a result of if the cable breaks it’s simpler to switch simply the cable moderately than the entire keyboard.

Backlight: Backlighting is usually a good addition but it surely isn’t a requirement for typing or coding. If a keyboard does include backlighting, we desire it to be both a tasteful white or programmable—although customizable backlighting nearly all the time prices extra.

Scorching-swap switches: Swapping out switches on most mechanical keyboards requires the tools, experience, and time to desolder the present switches and solder in new ones. On a hot-swappable board, you possibly can merely pull the switches out and snap new ones into place. It is a newer characteristic sometimes discovered solely in costly, high-end mechanical keyboards, however, the skill to check out switches anytime without having to interrupt out a soldering iron is a pleasant bonus.

What different options matter for gaming

You should utilize any keyboard for taking part in video games, however, gaming-specific keyboards have an enjoyable mixture of lighting and software programs not typically discovered on regular mechanical keyboards. Along with the options above, right here’s what else to search for in a gaming keyboard.

Gaming mode: This essential characteristic disables the Home windows key so that you don’t unintentionally pull up the Begin menu and knock yourself out of a sport.

RGB lighting: RGB lighting will not be a helpful characteristic, however, it’s an enjoyable one. The good RGB lighting is straightforward to customize, consists of flashy animations, and allows you to change lighting based mostly on which sport you’re enjoying.

Software program: We desire gaming keyboards with a non-compulsory customization software program, which might make sure options are a lot simpler to make use of. A good software program doesn’t require an account and allows you to change key bindings, file macros, and customize the RGB lighting.

Macro recording: Macros are typically helpful just for individuals who play MMOs and simulation video games however are a pleasant characteristic that makes repetitive keystrokes simpler.

Different options

Some keyboard options are nonetheless a pipe dream or include critical drawbacks. Some extras aren’t valued paying extra for, and others are full advertising bunk.

A characteristic we wish however remains to be onerous to seek out

Wi-fi: As of early 2021, there are nonetheless few wi-fi mechanical keyboards, and vanishingly few good ones. Most come with serious trade-offs like poor battery life and connection points. We hope to see extra respectable choices within the close to future, however for now one of the best ones we’ve discovered is the Vortex Tab 75.

Perks that don’t value paying further for

Additional media management knobs: Keys configured to play and pause media or modify quantity could be helpful for individuals who use them continuously, however further, devoted buttons and knobs that take up a further area in your keyboard and may be used for every other goal are inconvenient.

USB and audio passthrough: Having USB ports and an audio jack constructed into your keyboard could be handy in case you continuously plugin and unplug units, however plugging issues into your keyboard provides extra muddle in your instant workspace, and routing audio units by a keyboard can add further interference.

Options that don’t matter

Palm rests: Ideally, most individuals shouldn’t sort with their palms or wrists on a palm relaxation. As an alternative, most individuals ought to hover so their arms and wrists are at a neutral angle moderately than flexed upward on the wrist, a place known as extension. “Repeated extremes of wrist extension can put extreme stress on the median nerve because it passes by the carpal tunnel of the wrist, and this impairs nerve operate and ultimately ends in harm,” explains a Cornell research study. Palm rests additionally take up lots of desk areas, so if a keyboard comes with one, it has to be detachable.

Toes: Most keyboards are angled upward from the entrance to again, or include little toes to angle the keyboard even additional. Utilizing a keyboard on this place additionally causes wrist extension. Professor Alan Hedge, director of Cornell University’s Human Factors and Ergonomics Research Group, stated, “To reduce the danger of harm and to optimize efficiency, it will be significant {that a} keyboard can be utilized with the hand in its most impartial place. That’s, straight and stage.” A keyboard with a flat—and even damaging—the slope is ergonomically best, so don’t use these little toes, and maintain your keyboard as flat as doable.

N-key rollover: NKRO refers to what number of simultaneous inputs a keyboard can deal with earlier than it could now not acknowledge further keypresses. Some earlier keyboards might deal with solely two or three simultaneous keypresses, however nearly all keyboards at the moment help no less than six-key rollover, which is greater than sufficient for typing, programming, and gaming.

Anti-ghosting: Ghosting is now not a typical situation, however on outdated keyboards, in case you pressed three or extra keys without delay it might trigger the board to register phantom keypresses. Fashionable keyboards have anti-ghosting options, so that is now not a differentiator.

Optical switches: Optical switches use a laser to inform once you actuate a key. Producers declare that is a lot sooner than a conventional mechanical swap, which might theoretically be helpful in gaming. In our expertise, a lightweight linear swap just like the widespread Cherry MX Purple is loads quickly. Optical switches will also be used to breed an “analog” really feel. Much like a joystick, how a lot you press down on the important thing impacts the enter. These keyboards are uncommon, costly, and profit only some genres of video games. For now, optical switches are costly without including a lot of profit.


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