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Introducing the new Roomba i3 with this new software update

Roomba i3

Robot vacuum cleaner Roomba’s firmware was upgraded this week, making it more powerful and less expensive than previous models from iRobot. The $349.99 Roomba i3 is now equipped with smart maps that allow customers to direct their robots to specific cleaning areas.
For the first time, iRobot’s top-of-the-line Roombas now include a capability that allows you to instruct the robot to specifically clean a specific area or rooms rather than the entire house.

Roomba® i3 Series Robot Vacuum | iRobot®

iRobot has delivered on its promise that its iRobot Genius software would enhance your robot’s intelligence without charging you any more fees. With smart mapping, which is done without a camera, you can tell the vacuum exactly where to clean using the iRobot Home app or a voice assistant, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant. This allows you to control the vacuum using voice commands. It was possible to map your house with the i3 before the update, but the maps could not be saved and used for subsequent cleanings.
However, Keep Out Zones and Clean Zones (such as “in front of the couch”) are not included in this list. The Virtual Wall Barriers that iRobot sells separately will still be required by customers who want to keep their robots out of inappropriate areas. Or you can simply close the doors.
With this upgrade, it’s easier to tell which model you’re looking at. The $800 Roomba j7 Plus has sophisticated navigation that can recognize and avoid domestic things such as cables, shoes, and, yes, dog excrement.
While it has the strongest suction and a D-shaped bot to help it reach into corners, the $1,000 Roomba s9 Plus lacks cognitive navigation. After vacuuming, all three models may connect to iRobot’s Braava Jet M6 robot mop and use it to mop.
Because of its Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal technology, the i3 is iRobot‘s lowest-priced robot vacuum that actually cleans its bin for you. The robot alone costs $349.99, while the Clean Base and the robot itself cost $549.99 for the i3 Plus. In addition to the aforementioned features, the i3 EVO has a new name:

Roomba i3+ Review: Lower cost, but not less capable

As for the i7 Plus, it’s no longer available for purchase on iRobot.com. With its Keep Out and Clean zones, it is the most similar in function to the i3.
The i4 and i4 Plus models of the i3 are now available at Costco and other retail outlets as the i4 and i4 Plus, and they will also receive the firmware upgrade.

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