10 Laundry Tips to Extend the Life of Your Clothes

Clothing is expensive, and you want it to endure as long as possible. According to research commissioned by P&G for Downy, while 39% of respondents anticipated wearing them most recently acquired article of apparel more than 30 times, more than 40% of people threw it away after only 10 years. 1 It appears that our cleaning methods are shortening the anticipated wear time. Almost 70% of those asked responded that the main reason they discard clothing is that it has lost its shape, faded, or has begun to appear old. 1 Here are some ideas to help you avoid laundry mistakes that may send your clothes from the closet to the rag bag, protecting your investment.

Carry a Stain Remover Wipe or a Stain Removal Pen.

How to Remove Ink Stains from Clothes - 11 Easy Home Remedies

The first guideline is to act promptly when it comes to stain removal. The latest advances in stain removal convenience are stain removal pens and wipes. Carefully follow the instructions and follow up when you return home. The cells are fantastic, but they aren’t magical; you must still wash the clothing to avoid damage.

Stains should be inspected, treated, and inspected again.

HobyClean Customer Service – Blog Hobyclean

Stains happen, and before washing a garment, it should be checked for colors that may require additional treatment. If you don’t have time to treat the stain right away, mark the area with a clothespin or a large safety pin to remind you to do so before washing.

Check out Laundry Stains A to Z for step-by-step advice on removing specific stains. Don’t forget to double-check the soiled area once you’ve washed it. If the problem persists, repeat the treatment. It will be considerably more challenging to remove if the paint is dried at a high temperature.

Examine the Fabric Care Labels

Care Labels - Guide on Care Labelling Systems - Apparel | Coats - Coats

You must read the care labels on garments unless you are a seasoned laundry expert. If it says to wash in cold water, take it seriously. Believe the title if it states dry clean only, especially if the item is new.

As you acquire experience, you’ll discover that several things labeled hand-wash may be washed on a gentle cycle in the washer. Some unstructured items, such as sweaters and knits, can also be hand-washed rather than dry-cleaned.

If in doubt, consult the care label or consult an expert.

Laundry should always be sorted

When you put your clothes in the laundry, they move around and virtually dance with each other. Would you want your lacy nylon blouse to dance near a hooded jacket’s jagged metal zipper? Most likely not.

Another advantage of appropriately sorting laundry is that when it comes time to dry it, one type of fabric will not be “cooked” while others are still damp.

It’s Buttoned Up and Zipped Up

Your garments will be less likely to catch another fabric or perhaps snap themselves if you button, zip, or close them. You don’t want to come across clothing that is tangled together.

Your clothes will last longer if you flip them inside out once you’ve buttoned them. This will assist in reducing wear on the exterior finish and pilling and color fading.

Double-check that your clothing uses the right hanger when your dress is clean. By enabling clothing to stretch, thin wire hangers can leave stretch marks on shoulders and even cause items to misshape. Knitted objects should always be folded rather than hung to avoid hurting.

Delicates should be placed in a mesh bag.

Delicates Wash Bag Mesh with Zipper - Life Changing Products

A mesh laundry bag might be your best friend when it comes to washing delicate clothes like underwear. It’s particularly great for socks and infant items so tiny that they appear to vanish. Put all of the small pieces in one bag, and you’ll always be able to find them, along with their corresponding pairs.

Detergent and fabric conditioner should be used sparingly.

Almost everyone makes the mistake of using too much detergent or fabric softener in a load of washing. It is not always the case that more detergent equals more extraordinary cleaning. The surplus detergent settles back on the fabric, leaving a dull and rigid finish.

As a detergent booster, start with half the regular amount of soap and 1/2 cup baking soda. You’ll be surprised that your laundry is just as clean and that you’re saving money. If you’re not satisfied, try adding a little more detergent next time.

Commercial fabric conditioners or softeners, such as Downy, can extend the life of your clothes. They function by coating fibers with lubricants that make the materials softer. The fats also make fibers move more readily against one another, making clothes softer, reducing wear and tear, increasing stain resistance, and reducing static cling. For the most outstanding results, stick to the instructions and don’t overdose!

Don’t Put Too Much in the Washer

Overloading The Washing Machine Could Cost You More Than You Think

Filling the washer to the brim with clothes may appear to be a speedy way to get more washing done, but it is detrimental to your garments. First, they don’t get as clean, and second, they rub together so much that the finish of your garments is harmed.

To protect your clothing investment, learn how to load a washer properly.

Reduce the Temperature

Hot water can cause shrinking, stretching, and permanently set stains on certain fabric types. Learn how to utilize the proper water temperature for various fabrics.

High heat in the dryer can also cause stains to set and materials to be damaged. Carefully read the label directions and choose the appropriate dryer cycle to get the best results.

Bleach Should Be Used With Caution

Be careful how you clean in the fight against coronavirus, CDC says - ABC  News

If chlorine bleach is used in too high a concentration, it will harm any fabric, including white cotton. Always dilute chlorine bleach before using it, and make sure you know how to use it safely.

Bleach stains can occur when bleach is spilled on clothing, when residual bleach drips from an automatic dispenser, or when a piece of bleach-stained laundry comes into contact with another item. Take extra precautions to avoid these issues, especially if you share a laundry room with others.

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