On how to keep Microsoft Teams Meetings safe from being hacked

At first, when many people worked from home and video teleconference calls were new, zoom-bombing became a problem for businesses and schools. Nobody knew when a prankster would show up, perhaps in a state of undress or yelling obscenities, to ruin a call that was already in progress.

These days, zoom-bombers have plans that aren’t good. Avanan, an email security company, says that hackers are getting into Microsoft Teams meetings and posting links to malware in the chat, which can be dangerous. The hackers may be able to get into the meetings after getting into the email accounts of employees. Security company Check Point Software says that hackers may be stealing login credentials for Microsoft 365 through phishing emails. Avanan, which is owned by Check Point, says this.

When the hacker gets into a meeting, they drop a malicious executable file called “User Centric” that looks like a real program. This is how it works: if someone downloads and installs the file, a malicious DLL file is dropped by the Trojan program. This allows the hacker to take over the computer from afar.

Microsoft Teams video calls can be hacked, so how can you keep them safe? Three things will help:

1. Ask for confirmation in person.

You should find out what the link is for before you click on it. If hackers get your coworkers’ login credentials, they can pretend to be them and work for you. You can’t be too careful about what you download.

2.The second thing to do is to get antivirus software and keep it up and running.

Microsoft 365 comes with built-in antivirus detection for Microsoft Teams. Avanan says the scanning has been slow to find real-time threats.

3.A password manager is a good way to keep your passwords safe when you log in.

You don’t have to use the same login credentials all over the web. When you use a password manager, you can make and store unique and strong passwords for work and personal use.

When you switch to a new password manager

if your password manager doesn’t have all of the features you want or need, it’s time for you to switch to a new one. Fortunately, most password managers let you try out their premium plans for free. This way, you can try out a lot of different services before you find the one that works best for you.

The best password manager is one that’s simple to use, so you don’t go back to putting your passwords on sticky notes, or worse, using the same password for every site you go to. Trying to find the right password manager may take some trial and error, but it’s easy to switch.

How to Export and Import Your Passwords.

To move from one password manager to another, the easiest way is to export your credentials from the old one to a file on your computer that you can then import into the new one.

Many services let you save the file with a name that is unique to the service. The service may also allow you to export login information like usernames and passwords in a CSV file, too, so you can keep them.

After you’ve saved your old passwords to your computer, install the new password manager on your computer and use it. During the process of setting up the password manager, it will ask if you want to import your current password information. This is where your new files come from. As soon as you import either of these files into your new password manager, you’re ready to go!

While exporting and importing is often the easiest way to move your passwords, there are other ways to move them if this one doesn’t work for you.

There are a lot of things that are going on in the security world this week.

OpenSea is looking into high-profile thefts of NFTs. The company still doesn’t know how the NFTs were stolen.

The US says that Russia is using DDoS attacks to make Ukraine unstable. We saw technical evidence that this week’s attacks on Ukrainian banks were done by Russian military intelligence, the US says. This is what the US says.

At home, do I need a VPN? It’s best to stay inside during a pandemic, so you’ll spend a lot more time online at home. A VPN can help protect that important connection.

The US says that Russian hackers stole important defense data from contractors. US officials say that Russian hackers have stolen information about the development of US weapons and planes, sometimes by targeting users of Microsoft 365 at work.

In the end, Trump’s Truth Social will only make Mastodon stronger. Trump’s Twitter-like app, which looks like the real thing, was just released this week. It will bring more attention to the social network than ever before.

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