10 Popular Heroes With The Greatest Movie Kill Counts, Ranked

Despite rescuing the day, these cinematic heroes committed atrocities and killed a large number of people. Some of these well-known heroes are villains with good intentions, while others get away with their misdeeds. From the big screen to comic books, the cinematic universe is full of fascinating heroes. Some of these renowned personalities are famed for heroic deeds, while others are known for their murderous tendencies. Here are the top 10 most popular heroes with the most movie kills, ranked.

1. No film hero is as ruthless as “Godzilla,” who’s like a strolling nuclear explosion.

Greatest Movie Kill Counts

Godzilla defended humanity from monsters that were even more terrifying than he was. He received a lot of collateral damage and human casualties in return. The cost would have been heavier if his enemies, such as King Ghidorah, had won. He has the ability to demolish cities in a matter of seconds.

2. It’s a widespread quip in superhero films that collateral injury or civilian deaths happen; however, “Man Of Metal” took this to an entirely new degree.

Greatest Movie Kill Counts

Snyder’s deconstruction of Superman’s legend resulted in a nightmare of superpower battles rather than a spectacle. When Superman and General Zod devastated Metropolis, at least 129,000 people died, according to KAC.

3. Barney’s staff managed roughly 1,190 kills throughout three movies as a crew of heroic and ruthless assassins. 

Greatest Movie Kill Counts

The Expendables flicks are well-known for their graphic violence and bloodshed. With the release of the fourth film, fans anticipate that the Expendables’ body count will soon surpass 1,500.

4. As a consequence of his Attraction, folks usually neglect that James Bond is a deadly murderer.

10 Popular Heroes With The Greatest Movie Kill Counts, Ranked

James Bond has outwitted and outkilled every type of adversary, including fully armed terrorists and experts far more lethal than himself. He does not, however, kill for the sake of killing. Many of Bond’s assassins are terrible characters. He only kills innocent people on rare occasions. In total, Bond has killed 597 people.

5. Just a few motion heroes can match the record-breaking physique depend on John Rambo. 

10 Popular Heroes With The Greatest Movie Kill Counts, Ranked

Rambo’s one-man army claimed 59 confirmed kills. Rambo has murdered 552 people in movies, in addition to the Vietnam War. Rambo achieved two world records as a result of killing so many people.

6. Ogami Itto As soon as had The Report For The Most Kills In One Film.

10 Popular Heroes With The Greatest Movie Kill Counts, Ranked

The story of Ogami Itto, a Shogun’s executioner who sought vengeance for the deaths of the people he loved, is told in Lone Wolf and Cub. During the film’s fight, he was a great swordsman who killed over 100 adversaries. His total number of kills approaches 500.

7. Frank Fortress’s live-action variations helped preserve his literary legacy alive. 

Greatest Movie Kill Counts

380 individuals were killed in the gunfights and melees between Frank and his victims. Bernthal’s Punisher has killed 223 people during his appearances in Daredevil Season 2 and his two-part Netflix miniseries.

8. Though John Wick would be the youngest franchise right here, his physique left a mark within the motion style. 

Greatest Movie Kill Counts

To avenge his dog, the long-retired famed hitman reappeared and murdered 299 people in three elaborately orchestrated flicks. His kill count will double as soon as his next two sequels are out.

9. Blade is accountable for the Vampire Genocide in The Blade Trilogy. 

10 Popular Heroes With The Greatest Movie Kill Counts, Ranked

The Daywalker slew 172 vampires over the course of three films. If we include Blade’s TV series, his total will rise to 203. The blood rave is portrayed in the first Blade film as Blade’s biggest murdering spree.

10. Lastly, James Braddock’s The Lacking In Motion Trilogy.

10 Popular Heroes With The Greatest Movie Kill Counts, Ranked

One of his early films achieved a perfect score of 70. Braddock only had 146 kills at the end of the war, less than a third of what Rambo had.

So there you have it: the Top 10 Popular Heroes With The Most Movie Kills, ranked.

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