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Portrait Blur is coming to Google Photos for Android, with more subjects to choose from

Google Photos

The Google Photos app for Android is scheduled to have enhanced Portrait Blur effects, which will work on older photographs and even more topics, as part of its virtually continual growth.
Portrait Blur effects are already accessible in Google Photos for Google One and Pixel owners, however this requires depth information within photographs to be available. You’ll be able to use the faux Bokeh effects on more subjects now, including pets, food, and plants, thanks to this update. According to Google, the effect can be applied to previous photographs in your Photos library, regardless of whether they were taken in Portrait mode or not. This gives you the power to change the look of existing material.
Thanks to superb edge detection and the ability to fine-tune the blur effects after the camera shutter has been clicked, this feature has become a popular mainstay of the Pixel series. Unfortunately, individuals with a premium Google One plan or a Pixel smartphone will be able to use the upgraded Portrait Blur feature in Google Photos for Android. To use the new tools for your favorite photographs, your device must have at least 3GB of RAM and be running Android 8.0 or higher.

Color Focus, Portrait Light, HDR, and multipole preset filters have all been moved behind the Google One paywall in recent years as a method to promote the online backup subscription service. Given this, no news on whether this option will be made available to those who do not currently have a subscription plan.

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