Razer Unveils Its Hypersense Suit, Which Is Most Likely An April Fool’s Joke

According to a page on Razer’s website, the Metaverse Hypersense Suit is a first-of-its-kind highly advanced full-body gaming suit powered by Razer HyperSense haptic technology.

With over 1,333,337 embedded haptic sensors that are believed to feel everything from physical movements to human emotions, the gadget is said to “truly assist immerse gamers into their experiences.” It’s highly likely that this isn’t true and was part of the company’s April Fools’ joke that went out a little early because it’s April 1st in some timezones right now. The FAQ for the Hypersense Suit demonstrates that this is not a serious product from the company.

Razer is a well-known manufacturer of gaming peripherals. Every April Fool’s Day, the business will surprise its customers with new products, keeping them eager to see what the brand has in store for them on this day of the year. Razer toasters and floaty mouse are just a few of the previous masterpieces that have won over fans and kept them interested for years. Excited for its debut…. Razer’s “HyperSense Suit,” a video game suit that allows users to access the metaverse, has been formally introduced on April Fool’s Day in 2022.

In order to enable Razer’s HyperSense haptic technology, the company has created a full-body suit. Haptic sensors in the suit allow players to experience the intense emotions and physical effects of the game. A player’s ability to adjust feedback intensity can be changed by pressing the chest buttons or the Razer Synapse. To keep you cool during long gaming sessions, the suit is comprised of customized Razer Flowknit breathable stretch fabric and contains lightweight metal alloys in specific spots, as well as Chroma RGB color effects.

The HyperSense Suit from Razer is presently looking for beta testers, and those who are interested may learn more on the company’s official website.

Razer’s HyperSense technology has a single goal: to enhance player immersion by enabling peripherals to react to in-game events. It’s now decided to take things a step further with this outfit that immerses the player into the action.

All major corporations are now trying to draw attention to the Metaverse, which is why they’ve created something called HyperSense Suit. Wearing the Razer HyperSense suit syncs with your consciousness and senses, creating an alternate reality that is as deep and dynamic as the actual world when you’re fully immersed.

To ensure that the sensations are as authentic as possible, the HyperSense Suit has 1,333,337 touch sensors. Using the built-in button or the Synapse app, Razer thought of the obvious: allowing users to customize the intensity of the vibrations. Lightweight and robust design; sweat-resistant fabric; and excellent RGB lighting are also notable features.

Take solace in knowing that your consciousness will be uploaded to the cloud and exist eternally in the Metaverse if the suit overrides the host’s functionality, according to Razer’s Hypersense Suit FAQ.

We’ll give Razer a lot of credit here because they put a lot of effort into the Hypersense Suit, and they even have a teaser and GIFs of someone changing the suit’s colors using a variety of emotions on their website. They’re even searching for beta testers for the suit; but, it’s not first come, first served; rather, it’s a competition. Potential “winners” can enter by filling out a form on their website with their name, email, location, and Discord username. Bonus entries can be earned by describing how you would utilize the suit in the company’s Discord channel using the #RazerHyperSenseSuit hashtag.

The (possibly fake) Metaverse Hypersense Suit’s full specifications are provided below:

  • Stretchable, sweatproof fabric: The suit uses a modified version of the breathable Razer Flowknit fabric used on our latest headsets to provide quick-drying comfort and full-range movement, ensuring you stay fresh and nimble throughout any gaming marathon.
  • Armor that is both durable and light: The HyperSense Suit is made of an intelligent metal alloy that can scale to the exact toughness of your in-game armor, defending you from virtual and real-world attacks.
  • RazerTM HyperSense Metaverse Bio-Ware powers 1,333,337 haptic sensors.
  • Metal alloy with intelligence
  • Razer ChromaTM RGB technology
  • Battery life is unknown, however it is kinetically charged as the suit moves.


  • 1,333,337 haptic sensors powered by Razer™ HyperSense
  • Metaverse Bio-Ware
  • Modified Razer™ Flowknit Fabric
  • Intelligent metal alloy
  • Powered by Razer Chroma™ RGB
  • Battery-life: Undeterminable, kinetically charged through suit movement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Razer HyperSense Suit going to transform me into a specific metal superhero?

No, because the outfit has no military weapons and does not improve your physical performance in any manner.

What is the ideal time for me to wear the Razer HyperSense Suit?

For as long as you want to feel fully alive.

What should I do if the Razer HyperSense Suit won’t come off?

We recommend that you immediately reframe your perspective by asking yourself, “Why would I want to?”

What happens if the Razer HyperSense Suit begins to control my thoughts?

If the suit manages to override the host’s functionality, be assured that your consciousness will be uploaded to the cloud and will live on in the Metaverse indefinitely.



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