If you live in a limited space, this countertop garden is the greatest method to raise produce

If you live in a limited space, this countertop garden is the greatest method to raise produce

Personal Rise Garden

Pros: takes up little room, includes analog and smart functions, and is simple to clean
Cons: the water pump broke down after a few weeks.

Last year, I purchased the Rise Family Garden because I was concerned about food security due to the pandemic and climate change. I chose to replace my modest countertop soil-based garden with a bookcase-sized hydroponic unit after becoming frustrated with innumerable cabbage worms, squash bugs, and heatwaves.

Indoor hydroponic farming and the full-sized Rise unit rapidly became favorites of mine. So when Rise Personal Garden, the brand’s smaller version, was launched, I knew I had to give it a try. I ended up naming it the best tiny indoor garden in our guide to the greatest indoor gardens since I like it so much.

Specifications and design

The Personal Rise Garden is under 10 pounds and is 18 x 11 x 16 inches. The garden integrates in effortlessly with any modern kitchen or space thanks to its tiny footprint and beautiful light wood and white metal design.

It has a one-gallon water reservoir and a pump that helps circulate water and oxygenate plants, just like its bigger brother. You can also see the water level through a small glass window on the bottom left of the device. Full-spectrum lighting that simulates sunlight is provided by the built-in LED grow light.

If you live in a limited space, this countertop garden is the greatest method to raise produce

Here’s a breakdown of the Personal Rise Garden’s smart features:

  • LED indicator light: The light in the top corner of the garden flashes to let you know it’s time to water or add nutrients.
  • Smart Care: When it’s time to add nutrients, Smart Care automatically figures out the optimal amounts to add based on what’s in your garden, plant growth stage, and water quality.
  • App reminders: The companion smartphone app provides helpful reminders to water, add nutrients, and harvest, so you never leave your plants hanging.
  • Automatic lighting: You don’t need to worry about controlling the lights on this unit. They’ll automatically turn off and on according to the schedule set in the app. There’s also a button on the garden that you can press to dim the lights or turn them off and on.

The unit can grow up to eight plants right out of the box. You can grow up to 12 plants by purchasing larger-capacity trays. The kit includes enough nutrients to last six weeks, a nursery for starting seedlings, net cups, and seed pods, as well as a nursery for starting seedlings.

The procedure for setting up

The Personal Garden took less than 20 minutes to set up, compared to the Rise Family Garden, which took nearly an hour. I found the instructions to be clear and simple to follow; no tools are required, and it’s almost ready to use right out of the box.

The final step is to link the garden to the Rise Gardens app through Wi-Fi after unpacking and building it (which is optional, the garden also works without it).

A beginning package with seed pods and fertilizers arrived in the mail a few weeks before I received the unit. The kit was a lovely touch, and I appreciated being able to start my seedlings ahead of time, giving me a head start on the growing process.

Rise Personal Garden: A Review

I can tell that after a few months of growing in the Rise Personal Garden, I love it just as much as the full-sized unit. I was concerned that it would take up too much valuable counter space, but it’s the perfect size.

I like how the indication light shines when you have a task to complete, which is a feature that the full-sized garden lacks. It’s also easier to maintain because it’s smaller. I don’t have to replace it nearly as often as the other unit. It’s also a lot easier to clean, as long as you have a nearby sink to dump the water into.

If you live in a limited space, this countertop garden is the greatest method to raise produce

The Personal Garden, like the full-sized garden, comes with a companion app that serves as a reminder to give nutrients and water. It also tells you when to harvest your plants. Mother Nature takes care of everything outside. Plants inside rely on you to survive, so I appreciate the numerous water reminders (flashing light, clear water level window, and app alerts).

The garden produces high-quality food. It’s ideal for those who don’t have a lot of room or aren’t sure if indoor gardening is right for them. You’ll probably go to the grocery a lot less for herbs and salad greens, depending on what you choose to grow.

Maintenance and upkeep

The Personal Rise Garden is easier to maintain than the bigger Family unit due to its smaller footprint. This makes it a great alternative for people who don’t have a lot of time to devote to duties like water replenishing, pruning plants, removing dead leaves, and harvesting on a regular basis.

You’ll still need to clean the garden every few months, but it’ll be easier to carry and dump unclean water because it’s lighter. Monthly cleaning, in my experience, takes less than 20 minutes.

Cons to think about

There were a few technical issues that I should mention. After about a week, the unit’s light continued blinking, indicating that I needed to add water. A closer look revealed that there was no need to refill. After some correspondence with tech support, I received a replacement pump in the mail. It took me about a minute to replace out the pump, and it fixed my problem.

There’s also the issue of the subscription model to consider. You can sign up to receive regular shipments of nutrients or seed pods, which I chose not to do for the Family Garden because to the high cost. Although the Personal Garden is much smaller, it will require fewer nutrients and pods to keep it thriving, it is still an additional cost to consider.

Are there any other options?

If you live in a limited space, this countertop garden is the greatest method to raise produce

There are a variety of small indoor gardens available. The Aerogarden Harvest Elite was another one I tried and enjoyed. More information is available in our guide to the greatest indoor gardens.

Consider the larger Rise Family Garden if the Personal unit’s eight-plant capacity isn’t enough to feed your family.

Last but not least

The Rise Personal Garden is a space-saving smart garden with a sophisticated design. It’s ideal for growing salad greens and herbs. If the huge Family Garden seems like too much work, the Personal Garden is a worthy and easier-to-maintain option.

Personal Rise GardenSingle Family GardenDouble Family GardenTriple Family Garden
Size18” L x 11” D x 16”H36” L x 16” D x 39”H36” L x 16” D x 52 5/8”H36” L x 16” D x 66 1/4”H
Weight20 Lbs60 Lbs83 Lbs106 Lbs
Electric Consumption40W70W130W200W
Water Consumption1 Gallon of water per week2 Gallons of water per week3 Gallons of water per week4 Gallons of water per week
ModulationCounter top Garden1 Level. Upgrade +22 Levels. Upgrade +13 Levels. Max capacity
Capacity8 plants12 plants24 plants36 plants
Upgradableup to 12 plantsup to 36 plantsup to 72 plantsup to 108 plants
Inclusions8 seed pods12 seed pods32 seed pods48 seed pods

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