Is it worth it to invest in Apple AirPods Pro? They’re popular among our IT gurus, but there are other options

For Apple users, the Airpods Pro are among the most popular truly wireless headphones. However, with so many alternative wireless earbuds to choose from, you may find yourself debating whether the AirPods Pro are the ideal fit for you.

To offer you a more complete picture of whether or not you should buy AirPods Pro, we asked our team of experts for their thoughts on the Apple headphones. This is what they suggested.

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Why you should buy Apple Airpods Pro

If you already have Apple equipment, our coworkers argue that the convenience and compatibility of AirPods Pro are too wonderful to pass up. The following are some of the reasons why you should purchase AirPods Pros.

Tercius Bufete, our deals editor, has compiled a list of the top prices and discounts available on the internet, particularly for popular items like the AirPods Pro. For passionate Apple users like himself, Bufete suggests Airpods Pro.

“I really like how these noise-cancelling headphones work with my gadgets. They’re fantastic on the metro and when paired with an Apple TV for some privacy viewing. While I don’t believe they’re worth the $249 Apple charges, they frequently go on sale for $180-$200. The AirPods Pro are a no-brainer at that price.”

Insider Reviews’ Senior Tech Correspondent Lisa Eadicicco also thinks the Airpods Pro are a good fit for individuals who already possess one of Apple’s many devices.

“The AirPods Pro, like other Apple goods, are more expensive than most competitors, but they deliver a greater experience. The AirPods Pro have excellent audio quality and noise cancellation, but it’s how they work with Apple’s iPhone and iPad software that makes them the greatest option for Apple enthusiasts. Not only do they sync effortlessly with Apple mobile devices, but Apple also continuously adding new functions to them whenever new software is released.”

Cons to consider with Apple Airpods Pro

While some think the AirPods Pro’s low price and interoperability with Apple products are reasons to buy them, others on the Insider Reviews team think they’re a drawback.

Joe Osborne, Senior Editor in Tech & Electronics, doesn’t think the AirPods Pro’s expensive price is worth the risk of losing or breaking one.

“If you’re easily distracted or prone to misplacing your AirPods, the AirPods Pro are simply not worth the money if you’re easily distracted or prone to misplacing them. I’ve since relegated myself to basic AirPods, and if my silly, klutzy tendencies continue, I may have to resort to reconditioned devices.”

If you’re willing to spend money on earbuds, Senior Tech Reporter Antonio Villas-Boas thinks there are better options on the market.

“The AirPods Pro are fine, but their iconic design and flawless interaction with the Apple ecosystem are their biggest selling points. For the same money, you can get wireless earbuds with superior sound quality and noise cancellation.”

What alternatives should be considered

Because the AirPods Pro may not be the greatest fit for everyone, several of our colleagues have suggested a few alternatives for those still shopping for earbuds or headphones.

If you’re thinking about investing hundreds of dollars on wireless earphones, Villas-Boas recommends the Jabra Elite 85T, which was our top selection after testing the best wireless earbuds.

“The AirPods Pro retail for $250, however they are frequently available for less $200. With that in mind, I recommend the Jabra Elite 85T, which retails for approximately $180. The Jabra Elite 85T boasts better sound quality and noise cancellation than the AirPods Pro, and it can connect to several devices at once, which is one of the AirPods Pro’s defining features. If money isn’t an issue, the Sony WF-1000XM4 offers unrivaled music quality and noise-cancelling capabilities.”

Osborne prefers earphones that are less expensive than the AirPods Pro, like the basic AirPods, or headphones that aren’t wireless at all.

“I would recommend the cheaper AirPods devices, refurbished versions of those models, or staying with Lightning wire headphones as an Apple user. True wireless headphones may not be the greatest option for people who lose things frequently, such as most parents.”

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Frequently asked questions

Is it worthwhile to invest in Apple AirPods Pro?

Whether or not you should buy AirPods Pros is a point of contention among our experts. The AirPods Pro were acclaimed by our staff when they originally came out for their comfortable and stylish fit, noise-cancelling performance, and ease of usage with Apple products. If you’re still on the fence about the AirPods Pro, we recommend checking out the Sony WF-1000XM4 wireless earphones. They have higher noise-cancelling performance and sound quality, according to our experts.

Is it possible that Apple may release new AirPods in 2021?

Apple is known for releasing new items in the fall of each year, so it’s possible that newer AirPods modes will be announced at the same time as other products. According to Bloomberg, a newer version of the AirPods basic models will likely be released this year, but a second-generation AirPods Pro will not be released until 2022.

What is the price of Apple AirPods Pro?

There are ways to buy AirPod Pros for roughly $180-200 instead of the $250 price tag directly from Apple, as our Deals Editor highlighted above. We gathered all of the finest AirPods bargains, including the regular versions, AirPods Pro, and the newer AirPod Max variant.

If you decide to get AirPods Pro or another model, you can use our roundup to locate the greatest deal on the one that best suits your budget and demands. Check out our guide to the best AirPod models to compare models.

Are the Airpods Pro water-resistant?

The Airpods Pro are not water- or sweat-resistant. Water and sweat resistance are provided, but they should not be submerged in water. Apple recommends drying your AirPods Pro with a cloth before putting them in the charging case if they get wet during a workout or for any other reason.

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