This huge mouse pad is so much better than the one you have now that you won’t need to buy another one

  • The Steelseries QcK Heavy mousepad outperforms the little, flimsy mouse pads you’ll get at work or on sale.
  • It was well worth the $10 I spent for it in 2017, and I’d buy it again today for $15.
  • Because of its enormous size, thickness, and weight, using your mouse is more comfortable.
  • the last one you’ll ever require

I recently dug up an old, inexpensive mousepad I was given at work to check how it worked, and it has further reinforced my decision to get a $15 “gaming” mousepad.

Although the Steelseries QcK Heavy Gaming Surface is touted as a “gaming” mousepad, it’s been perfect for everyday use and work in my home office. When compared to those cheap, little, fragile, standard-issue workplace mouse pads, the difference in quality is night and day.

I went for the medium size, which is larger than conventional mousepads and allows you to move your mouse around more freely.

While I only use about a fifth of the enormous area when I’m working, I enjoy that I never have to worry about my mouse sliding past its boundaries. My wrist also sits more comfortably on the pad than on my desk, and there is still enough of area.

Because of its huge size, I was able to lower the sensitivity of my mouse and make longer sweeps with it without having to lift it to move the pointer around the screen. When I use my mouse on high sensitivity to stay within the borders of smaller mousepads, I lose precision and control.

This huge mouse pad is so much better than the one you have now that you won't need to buy another one

Because the pad has such a big surface, I can move the region where I use my mouse to another portion of the pad for more comfortable use without having to move the pad itself — most of the time, I use the upper left corner of the pad, and other times, I like to use the middle area. It’s been wonderful having so much space and flexibility.

The Steelseries QcK Heavy is constructed mostly of neoprene (or a comparable material), with a rubbery base and a cloth top.

It’s substantially thicker than a typical mousepad, at 6mm thick, and it adds a surprising amount of weight. The rubberized underside, in addition to its weight, stops it from moving about my desk.

SteelSeries QcK Heavy Medium Mouse Pad

The top surface is a standard mouse pad material, but it feels substantially better and more natural than the cheap office mousepad I was previously using. Since I purchased the Steelseries QcK Heavy in 2017, there have been some visible signs of wear, especially where my wrist rests, but this is simply aesthetic and has no bearing on the mouse pad’s usability.

Cleaning the mouse pad according to Steelseries’ recommendations is a good idea every now and again.

Before taking the photo, I had recently cleaned the mousepad, which shows where my wrist and mouse wear the pad. I rotate the mousepad every now and again to avoid wearing down a particular place, but I don’t think it’s really required.

All of this is to imply that if you’re still using a cheap, flimsy mousepad, the Steelseries QcK Heavy mousepad is a wonderful upgrade. Steelseries provides a smaller QcK mousepad if you don’t like the enormous size of the medium, although it isn’t as thick as the Heavy model. It should, however, provide a better experience.

Steelseries also has mouse pads with stitched edges, but I’ve never been a fan of them because they feel like they’re restricting the liberating feeling of using a huge mousepad.

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