Protect your house and office with the best security system

You don’t have to spend a fortune to safeguard your home office, and owing to mobile technology, we now have far more options than just a secured door and window fastenings.

The range of products that leverage mobile connectivity, apps, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors is endless and improving every year thanks to data analytics and the cloud. Smart video doorbells that record both video and audio feeds in real-time when you have a visitor; motion and sound sensors that can be used inside and outside, digital door locks, cameras with excellent night vision — the list of products that leverage mobile connectivity, apps, and IoT sensors is endless and improving every year thanks to data analytics and the cloud.

That isn’t to say that all smart home security products are created equal, or that every home requires expensive security setups; sometimes, a few select pieces can create a home ecosystem that is sufficient to protect your home (and office) from intruders and alert you when suspicious activity is detected.

ZDNet has compiled a list of recommendations to help homeowners and remote workers determine how to best safeguard their properties, ranging from entire kits to helpful window sensors and cameras that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is an upgraded version of the original Ring Video Doorbell.

Protect your house and office with the best security system

A smart video doorbell is one of those devices that you don’t understand how useful it may be until you get one. Going for a doorbell with Internet connectivity, video and audio feeds, and the option to check-in remotely may seem overkill at first, but after you get used to the convenience of being able to communicate with guests and delivery personnel no matter where you are, you’ll realize their value.

However, convenience is only one advantage; these goods can also be a beneficial security enhancement, as you can plainly see visitors before opening the door, as well as dissuade undesirable ‘visitors’ looking out your property.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is one of the most recent additions to the lineup, and it has “3D” motion detection, HD+ video capture, Alexa integration, and “Head to Toe” front monitoring. An supplied plate can be used to self-install the camera.

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  • When it comes to visits and deliveries, this is useful for security and convenience.
  • The design is contemporary.


  • For continuous monitoring after 30 days, a subscription is necessary.
  • It necessitates the use of a hardwired power supply.

Home security system by Ring

Protect your house and office with the best security system

If the Ring ecosystem appeals to you, Ring also offers a complete smart home security system that can be tailored to the property and the user’s security preferences.

Home alarms, motion sensors, window and door contact sensors, keypads, a smart doorbell, panic buttons, and both indoor and outdoor cameras can all be combined to create your own security system.

A sturdy beginning kit with five elements is available, including a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion sensor, and range sensor.

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  • By selecting each product separately and connecting them into one network, you can customize your home security and address any areas of true concern.
  • Installation is simple, and Alexa is integrated.
  • As an extra add-on, you can delegate monitoring to a professional.


  • A whole package can be costly.
  • Some customers believe that the basic bundles do not have enough sensors.

Indoor Nest Cam

Protect your house and office with the best security system

Google’s Nest Cams are worth considering for do-it-yourselfers who want a few security gadgets but not a whole solution.

Nest Cam Indoor security cameras are self-contained security cameras that plug into an electrical outlet. Users receive alerts when motion is detected while connected to the Nest mobile app, and they can also tap into the camera at any time to monitor what is going on at home. There are built-in speakers as well as a microphone.

Event-based or continuous recording is available, and snapshots made over a three-hour period can be saved and viewed for free. There is also a subscription option for recording and storage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

However, you might want to hold off and go for the connected, less expensive choices that Google will make accessible in the near future for inside surveillance, as well as battery-powered in-or-out cams.

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  • Elegant and understated
  • If you’re away from home, night vision is an important feature to have.


  • In the home, pets may accidentally activate the camera.
  • Premium features require a membership.

SimpliSafe is a home security system that is simple to use.

Protect your house and office with the best security system

SimpliSafe’s home security system is a good option for anyone looking for a complete protection system without a long-term commitment.

SimpliSafe offers a $160 “Foundation” entry-level kit that includes a motion sensor, an entrance sensor, a base station, and a key fob, and can be modified with additional goods like a siren, video doorbell, a glass break sensor, or smoke, water, and CO2 sensors, among other possibilities. A free HD camera is also provided at the time of writing.

In the event of a power outage, the Wi-Fi-connected system includes a backup battery, and the vendor maintains several monitoring centers to keep a check on residences within the network, with operators alerting authorities even if the gadgets are damaged by intruders.

Larger-scale kits, such as “The Knox,” include additional entrance and motion sensors.

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  • There is no need to sign a contract or commit to a long-term subscription.
  • Sirens, water damage sensors, fire alarms, and other features can be added.


  • Aside from the entrance kits, it’s expensive to set up.

Starter set for Honeywell smart home security

Protect your house and office with the best security system

Honeywell’s home security kit is another popular alternative on the market. A selection of motion sensors, a key fob, and a camera capable of recording visual and audio footage in 1080p HD video are included in the bundle. There’s also night vision.

Honeywell’s security system can be programmed to arm itself automatically when you leave the house, and you can be notified if you neglect to close a window or door with a sensor, for example.

The security system may be set up to run in existing IoT settings offered by multiple suppliers, which is a strong selling feature for this solution. Alexa, Amazon’s speech assistant, has the ability to accept commands.

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  • a night vision camera with a resolution of 1080p
  • Built-in Alexa assistant compatibility
  • Multiple sensors can be added to make it more versatile.


  • The design isn’t for everyone.
  • Some users believe the control app could be better.

Yale lock X Nest

Protect your house and office with the best security system

The Nest X Yale lock could be the appropriate choice for you if you need a safe way to gain access to your house or business.

The Nest X Yale lock, which comes in three finishes, is billed by Nest as “tamper-proof” and grants entry via passcodes or mobile app-based controls rather than a standard key. To control the lock, you’ll need Nest Guard or Nest Connect as a hub.

The device is battery-powered and does not have a deadbolt. Users are notified when power is running low, and if the worst happens, you can temporarily boost the device’s power by holding a battery to the device’s terminal, allowing you to unlock the door.

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  • Suitable for shared living situations, visitors, and carers.
  • The design is contemporary.


  • Expensive
  • If you want to control numerous locks, you may need more than one Nest Connect.

Wyze is a home surveillance service.

Protect your house and office with the best security system

The Wyze Home Monitoring Service, an economical system for monitoring access and potential intrusion into your property, is one home option.

Wyze’s bundle comprises a hub, keypad, two entry sensors, one motion sensor, and a leak/probe device, which is now on sale. Two sticker decals have also been included to warn would-be burglars that they may be spotted more easily.

The monitoring subscription is $59.88 per year after the core monitoring tools have been acquired.

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  • Affordable
  • Additional items, such as cameras and more sensors, can be added.


  • Only in the United States is this product accessible.
  • There are no cameras provided.

What criteria did we use to select these security systems?

We wanted to explore as many security elements as possible when it came to protecting a home and home office. Smart door locks, sensors, and cameras can secure entry points such as windows and doors, and if an attacker manages to gain access to a house, monitoring systems that transmit alerts to homeowners can make the difference between culprits being apprehended or getting away with their crimes.

What is the best security system for you?

Homeowners, unlike businesses, do not need to invest in heavy-duty systems to fully protect their valuables. Instead, a few properly chosen products positioned in vulnerable areas or entrance points, such as a front porch, garden, or near ground floor windows, may be all that is required.

A camera or two, window sensors, and even a video doorbell or smart lock to safeguard your front entrance should be the first things to consider. Larger homes may benefit from additional security components connected to the same network, but smart home security devices can provide peace of mind both inside and outside the home.

Are there any other options to consider?

While our top recommendations covered a wide range of functions and applications, the following are also worth considering.

  • Custom security products from Vivint
  • Frontline: Do-it-yourself home security
  • Smart security kits are available at Abode.

What role do sensors play in a home security system?

Sensors are essential for effective and unobtrusive home security. Infrared, magnetic, audio, and motion sensors are among the various types of sensors used in Internet of Things (IoT) products, and each use is dependent on the type of security product involved.

Video doorbells and both interior and outdoor cameras, for example, use motion sensors, with heat sensors thrown in for good measure, whilst door and window devices may use a combination of motion and magnetic sensors to detect unwanted access.

Do you require access to the internet?

The answer is usually yes when it comes to today’s smart, connected, IoT home security systems, or devices may be connected to a hub that is connected to the internet. In contrast to business security systems, which are frequently monitored remotely, the primary goal of home security systems is to give the user control and visibility, which typically necessitates internet access and a mobile device.

Is a subscription required?

Subscriptions aren’t always required when purchasing a home security system. ‘Basic’ systems, on the other hand, may send alerts to your phone when a sensor detects activity, but they won’t necessarily maintain any feeds or recordings for a long time.

If you want to ensure that you have access to past event broadcasts, it’s worth joining up for a subscription. Additional levels of security, such as automatic emergency calls and multiple device monitoring, or other advanced capabilities, are commonly included with subscription services.


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