The 8 Most Effective Crypto Cashback Sites, Services, and Cards

There’s nothing like a little bit of cashback to brighten your day. It’s a nice feeling to be able to get some of your money back when you’re buying groceries, picking up some new wardrobe pieces, or making a big electronics purchase.

Cashback isn’t just for conventional currencies anymore. You can now earn cryptocurrency rewards with your phone, computer, or even a credit card. So, let’s talk about the greatest ways to obtain bitcoin cashback while you shop.

1. The Visa Card Waives Credit Card Fees for Crypto Purchases for 3 Months

For many crypto enthusiasts,’s decentralized exchange is a popular choice, and the platform now provides a Visa card. offers a variety of Visa cards, each with various reward rates and maximum account balances. Their ordinary card, dubbed “Midnight Blue,” offers only 1% payback, however their premium card, dubbed “Obsidian,” offers a generous 8%.

You can manage your card easily with the app, and you may top up your funds with either fiat or crypto. There are, however, some limitations that you may encounter. For starters, you can only withdraw a specific amount each month without incurring a fee (which varies by card), and free exchange transactions using your card are limited.

Furthermore, only provides cashback in CRO, their own cryptocurrency, which may be a barrier for individuals who prefer a different token, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. To see the particular caps and fees, visit’s comprehensive breakdown of their Visa card.

2. The Mastercard of Gemini

Gemini Credit Card to Launch With Mastercard as Network Partner | Gemini

Another excellent bitcoin exchange is Gemini. If you enjoy Gemini, you might like their MasterCard. You can earn up to 3% cashback when you spend with this credit card and there are no annual fees. Gemini offers three different types of cashback. When you buy groceries, you earn 2% cashback, when you eat out, you get 3% cashback, and when you buy anything else, you get 1% cashback.

You can also select to receive prizes in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or one of over fifty different tokens. When you use the Gemini card to earn cashback, your earnings will be credited into your account right away.

3.The StormX App

StormX Review (2022): Get Free Crypto When You Shop Online

StormX is a free software for Android and iOS that gives you cashback when you shop online. You may shop on eBay, Nike, AliExpress, and a variety of other online sites using the app’s referral link and earn cryptocurrency every time you make a purchase. The payback rate varies based on the store you’re purchasing from, so check the rates on the app before you buy.

StormX accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, KeeperDAO, Litecoin, and StormX, their native token, for cashback. However, you can only make a withdrawal once your account balance reaches $25. To withdraw your funds, you’ll also need to link your crypto wallet to the app.

StormX is available for Android and iOS (Free)

4. The website CoinRebates

20% Off CoinRebates Promo Code, Coupons | February 2022

If you’re expressly looking for Bitcoin cashback, the CoinRebates website can be a good fit. You can earn cashback at over 300 online stores using CoinRebates, including BestBuy, Target, and AliExpress.

When you shop with CoinRebates, you can pay using any standard means, such as PayPal or a debit card. You will receive payback in the form of Bitcoin once the website has been notified of your transaction. To sign up for the service, you’ll need to submit your Bitcoin wallet address. This is a really short procedure that takes only a few minutes to complete.

5. Verso’s App

Verso - Universal crypto Cashback

Verso is another good choice for individuals looking for a simple way to earn cryptocurrency rewards. Verso allows you to shop at a variety of well-known websites, like as ASOS, Nike, and KENZO, and get cashback in the form of cryptocurrency for each transaction. Cashback is also available for purchasing homeware through Zooplus and Panda, as well as booking flights with Emirates or Qatar Airways.

Verso offers cashback in the form of USD Coin (USDC) and BTU Protocol tokens (BTU). You may choose to use USDC, a stablecoin having a value fixed to the US dollar, to ensure that the value of your cashback does not change dramatically.

Instead of withdrawing your cashback funds, you can use them to buy gift cards. Verso sells Amazon, Starbucks, Foot Locker, and a variety of other online retailers’ gift cards.

Verso for Android is available for download (Free)

6.The Wirex Visa Card

Wirex Review 2020: Wallet App & Payment Card for Cryptocurrency & Fiat

Wirex’s MasterCard has a lot of positive features. This card transforms to the local currency of your location at the time of payment, allowing you to pay with over 150 different cryptos and fiat currencies. To save you money, the organization tries to use the best real exchange rates for currency conversions.

Furthermore, when you use your Wirex card to shop or pay for other services, you can earn crypto cashback through their Cryptoback program. Wirex presently offers up to 2% cashback on both online and offline purchases, so you may earn rewards no matter what you buy. You can also use the Wirex app to receive payments notifications.

7. CoinCorner 

? CoinCorner Review 2022 UK – С

The CoinCorner is a website that allows you to earn cashback on your online purchases quickly and effortlessly. This website only accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment, therefore it may be a suitable alternative for you if you prefer this cryptocurrency. You may use CoinCorner to purchase at a variety of stores and earn cashback, whether you’re shopping for clothing, technology, cosmetics, or nearly anything else.

You can use CoinCorner’s search function or explore its A-Z list of accessible retailers to find the store you’re looking for. Please keep in mind that the cashback rates differ based on whatever store you choose.

CoinCorner also has a browser plugin that allows you to earn cashback without having to hunt for the site first. Chrome, Explorer, Opera, and Brave are just a few of the prominent browsers that support it.

8.The Lolli Chrome Extension

Check Out Lolli - The Chrome Extension That Gives You Free Bitcoin for  Online Shopping! | PeakD

Without having to open a new window or download any apps, the Lolli Chrome extension allows you to earn crypto cashback with a single click of the mouse. You can purchase at a variety of fantastic online businesses using Lolli, including eBay, Nike, and Sephora, and get paid in Bitcoin.

Keep in mind that the cashback rate varies depending on the shop. When booking excursions on specific websites, you may also use Lolli to receive rewards.

Lolli is currently only available in the United States, but you may sign up for a waiting list to be notified when it becomes available in your country. Lolli also has a free iOS app that you can use to earn cashback when you’re out and about.

Lolli is an iOS app that you can download (Free)

When You Shop With These Services, You Can Earn Crypto Cashback

You can earn crypto cashback whenever you shop or make a payment using the cards, apps, and websites listed above, and develop a healthy fund from your purchases. You might get some healthy crypto cashback from every purchase you make utilizing these amazing services, whether you’re purchasing groceries, getting some new tech, or even booking a flight.

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