These earplugs help me protect my hearing at loud concerts, and they cost less than $30

I used to go to a lot of concerts before the coronavirus outbreak halted them. But while I enjoyed live music, I never considered the potential damage to my hearing. Now that concerts are making a comeback, I’m going to wear earplugs.

The CDC states that prolonged exposure to noises above 70 dB can cause hearing loss. My Apple Watch Series 6 measures loud music from 90 to 110 dB in events I’ve attended. Louder EDM music festivals and raves

Try the Mimi app on iOS or Android to test your hearing loss. It’s not as accurate as a professional hearing exam, but it’s fun to get an idea.

I’ve been fortunate enough to prevent permanent hearing loss or tinnitus, but I must guard against it. So earplugs come in handy. I’ve tried a few brands, but the Mumba Concert Earplugs are the most comfortable, affordable, and effective.

Mumba High Fidelity Concert Earplugs
  • For $22, you receive earplugs, a keychain case, and two sizes of in-ear shells.
  • So far, the smaller size shells (left) have proven to be significantly more pleasant for my ears. But both sizes are difficult to clean.
  • Every time I go through security, the carrying case gets a second glance, but it’s incredibly handy. It’s easy to lose something so small.
  • They’re slim and tight. They reduce noise without muffleing it, so I can still hear people close conversing.
  • These earplugs can suppress noise by up to 24 dB, potentially reducing the risk of hearing damage. The exact decibel level you hear depends on your proximity to the speakers.

Buy Mumba Concert Earplugs?

Mumba’s Concert Earplugs are worth considering if you attend a lot of loud events.

Mumba Earplugs are of excellent quality and comfort. Compared to Loop brand earplugs, Mumba earplugs remain in my ears better and block less sound. They also help me hear individuals surrounding me, which Loops couldn’t do.

While earplugs like these might help prevent hearing damage, concerts and other noisy activities will always pose a danger.

Mumba Concert Earplugs are available now for $22.

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