This guide will show you how to play Steam games anywhere in your house

While gaming on your desktop Windows PC, what if you’re in a different room of the house and want to continue the game? With Steam Link, an in-home game streaming service that utilizes your local network, you can avoid the first part of this conundrum. There’s now a workaround for the second, but there are a few caveats.
In addition to Steam Deck‘s latest release, the Steam Link function allows you to stream your games from any Android or Apple smartphone with an internet connection to play them from anywhere (R.I.P Steam Link Box). No matter how experienced you are with Steam, you may still have connectivity issues or poor performance with Steam Link, even after it has been released from beta.
Setting up Steam game streaming between your desktop and your mobile device is the first step.


There’s no way around it: your Wi-Fi needs to be strong, fast, and free of congestion or interference if you want to get the most out of it. Steam streaming may be nearly flawless in your own home if you have a wired ethernet connection on both ends, but it can be entirely unplayable if you have a weak wifi connection. That’s all you need to remember.


  • To get the most out of your Steam streaming experience, you’ll probably want to download or upgrade the desktop client first. Please download the Steam link client if you’re interested in streaming games from your computer to your mobile device. There is no need for additional software if you’re broadcasting to another Windows or MacOS computer using the most recent Steam client.
  • Select “Other Computer” from the Steam Link app settings on your phone if you’re streaming to a mobile device. When the pairing process is complete, you’ll be presented with a four-digit PIN to input on the desktop. Use the same account on the same network if you’re using two PCs to stream in-home instead of pairing them.
  • Click “Remote Play” on your desktop Steam client, then select “Pair Steam Link,” and enter the code you’ve received on your phone. To ensure a successful pairing, make sure you’re both on the same network and follow the setup procedure to completion.
  • I recommend that you set a four-digit PIN to safeguard the connection between any remote apps and your PC before you begin streaming. Because you’re allowing another device to have complete remote control of your computer, you need take precautions to ensure its security. Set a PIN for Steam Link here:.
  • Select the “Set Security Code” button on the “Remote Play” settings page from previously.
  • Enter a four-digit PIN in both fields and click “OK” to complete the process.

You’ll need to input the PIN every time you want to stream from your home or from a remote location going forward.
Finally, you’ve completed the setup procedure! Streaming via Steam Link should be speedy and seamless whether you’re on your home network or using a public Wi-Fi hotspot or a mobile internet connection. That’s not everything.


  • First, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection capable of uploading large amounts of data. Even if Comcast is providing you with 150Mbps down and 5Mbps uploads, sending a high-res video stream to the cloud isn’t going to be possible.
  • If you have a working internet connection and your devices are paired, you can begin streaming games.
  • Start the Steam Link app on your mobile device and pick the computer you previously added.
  • Press “Connect” after selecting “Start Playing,” then input your PIN code of four digits. Your host computer should go into Steam Big Picture mode and provide a stream to your phone, assuming it isn’t sleeping. When using the camera and input controls on a mobile device over an LTE connection, there is a minor delay in my experience, but this can vary depending on your network and location.
  • Additionally, the Steam Link mobile app lets you choose from a variety of control options. Using the app’s home screen, touch Settings, then Controller. After this point, you may either continue to use Steam’s amazingly powerful and customized touch input or connect a controller to your phone that the host PC can recognize.


  • Streaming games through a home network is nearly comparable to streaming over the internet. You simply need to be logged into Steam on both your mobile device and desktop computer (using the same account and network).
  • In order to stream a game from a Windows or PC computer to an Android phone or other device (such as a tablet), you simply select a game in your library on the receiving device and press the play button. Desktops running Windows or macOS can be used to stream any of your games by clicking “Stream” on any of them in your library. Simply press the “Start Playing” button on the Steam Link app.
  • As a result, the game should now appear to be broadcast in real time on both the host PC and the receiver’s screen.

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