This Mouse, Inspired by Origami, Is Slender, Featherweight, and Compact

It's quite convenient thanks to its 40g weight and 4.5mm thin profile (plus bump)

Many professionals who use computers want to reduce the amount of technology they have to bring with them when they travel since the digital nomad lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular. If you absolutely need to use a computer mouse, there are numerous lightweight and portable options available to you. On the other hand, the brand-new Air.O mouse that’s now being funded on Kickstarter looks like it could be the perfect solution, what with its foldable design, ultra-lightweight construction, Bluetooth connectivity, and purportedly excellent ergonomics. In addition, when it is magically converted into its mouse shape using origami, it does not appear to be uncomfortably small.
Because this is a Kickstarter project, the claims that have been made on how brilliant the product is and the promises that have been made must, as always, be treated with a large grain of salt. Naturally, we have high hopes that it will live up to its promises, but between the crowdfunding stage and the point at which a product is delivered to clients, a great deal of time might pass.
In order to evaluate this proposal, let us first assess the advantages and disadvantages that immediately come to mind. To begin with the pros, it is really nice to notice that when collapsed, the Air.O mouse has a form factor that is nearly entirely flat. This form is only 4.5 millimeters thick, which is roughly half as thick as a current smartphone equipped with a thin casing. Nevertheless, there is a 10 mm angular bump that can be seen where the sensor unit is located due to its protrusion. The Air.O mouse weighs only 40 grams, making it one of the lightest gaming mice available and competing with others that have perforated or carbon fiber exteriors.

The Air.O is said to be quite strong and durable, which are two more excellent aspects of this product. In addition to that, it boasts a driverless connectivity through Bluetooth version 5.2 and a battery life of three months according to the manufacturer. The mouse features a’scroll wheel’ functionality that is located between the two sections that are designated as ‘button’ areas; it produces a mouse that is relatively ergonomic (it isn’t a miniature mouse), and it is produced in a variety of colors and finishes.

The fact that this mouse can be folded flat is already known to be a drawback. For instance, if that 10 mm angled lump gets squashed up against a screen in your luggage, it might not be the best thing for your bag. Another aspect of the folding mechanism is that it gives the impression of being slightly “sharp” to hold in your hand when you are working because it has a ridged spine.

According to certain depictions, the desk contact points on the origami mouse will be located on its four corners. Although the image captions that depict this describe the corners as “smooth gliders,” this is most likely just wishful thinking on their part. This is perhaps not the best solution possible given that regular mice do not have four very little gliders located on each corner of the body.

The rumor that the mouse is extremely silent is probably true. On the other hand, people frequently value some degree of tactile as well as vocal feedback. In a similar vein, we believe that the “scroll pad” area will most likely not deliver the same high-quality tactile feedback that a mouse wheel does. This is a failure in terms of ergonomics.

The Air.O mouse, once built and ready to point, has a length of only 115 millimeters, despite the manufacturer’s assertion that it is a full-size solution as opposed to other portable mice. Unfurled, the office’s Microsoft Arc mouse (2008 model, with 2.4GHz dongle and two sets of AAA batteries) measures 112 millimeters, indicating that there is not much of a difference between the two forms. The Microsoft model, on the other hand, features standard microswitch buttons in addition to a responsive wheel. Over the course of its existence, Microsoft’s design has undergone a number of iterations of improvement.

At the time of this writing, the crowdfunding campaign for the Air.O mouse has already multiples beyond its initial financial goal, indicating that it should be able to make it to market as well as pledgers’ bags and workstations. There are still more than three weeks left in the campaign, and backers who want to be considered “early birds” can contribute $49 in order to have a chance of receiving a mouse in one of 12 “Kickstarter exclusive colors.” The delivery date for these mice is projected to be March 2023. Please keep in mind that contributing to a crowdfunding campaign is not the same as placing an order in advance for a product. In most cases, there is no assurance that you will receive a finished product in exchange for the money you have pledged.

The Air.0 mouse purports to be a full-size pointer that lacks the cumbersome build of a conventional mouse. It has a thickness of just 4.5 millimeters across 97 percent of its surface when laid flat, weighs 40 grams, and has a sensor bulge that is 10 millimeters in height (about 1.4 ounces). It functions as a durable full-size mouse that has mechanical click buttons and a scroll pad sensor when it is activated by being folded in an origami-like fashion and then magnetically snapped together.

The pointer connects wirelessly through the use of Bluetooth 5.2 and has gliders on the bottom at each point of contact for greater fluidity and control. The battery life is stated to be certified at up to three months, and you can get an entire three hours of usage out of a charge that just takes one minute to complete via USB-C.

The outside layer is made of water-resistant vegan leather, which may be purchased in a wide variety of hues and grain patterns. We’ve been told that grime and dirt can be removed quickly with a cleaning cloth, and that the leather is resilient enough to preserve its structure even after being folded and refolded numerous times.

A high-definition infrared sensor that can track movement at a rate of up to 30 inches per second provides the power for the mouse. The CPI currently stands at 4,000.

There is a good chance that the Air.0 will not be able to take the place of an actual desktop pointer; nevertheless, for digital nomads or people who insist on using a physical full-size mouse even though it takes up very little space and weighs almost nothing, this could be a feasible solution.

The crowdfunding platform, which has its headquarters in Hong Kong, has a relatively modest aim of slightly under $10,000. Air.0 has already significantly surpassed expectations with almost $87,500 committed as of this writing, with 23 days still left in the campaign. An early bird incentive is available for a contribution of 385 Hong Kong Dollars, which is approximately $49 in US currency. This reward entitles the backer to select one of a dozen various colors for an Air.0 mouse.

It is anticipated that the Air.0 mouse will commence mass production in January of 2023, and that it will ship to the first wave of early supporters in March of that same year.

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