What exactly is USB-C? Explained: the newest and most powerful type of USB cable

  • A USB-C cable is a newer form of USB connector that is more powerful and easier to use than prior USB connectors.
  • Many popular gadgets, such as the MacBook Pro and Nintendo Switch, can be charged quickly with USB-C cables, and data can be transferred quicker than with any other USB type.
  • With more gadgets likely to use USB-C cables in the future, it’s a smart idea to have one on hand.

“Universal Serial Bus” is the abbreviation for “Universal Serial Bus.” It was given this name by engineers because they believed it would eventually replace all other connectors on the market and become the single universal connector.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. USB has evolved into a half-dozen variants over the years, including mini-USB and micro-USB.

And the main USB connector style, known as USB-A, is notorious for its flaws. It’s infuriatingly tough to insert correctly on the first try because it’s almost but not quite symmetric.

The USB-C standard is now the most recent version of the USB standard. But, unlike the others, USB-C may be good enough to last.

Here’s all you need to know about USB-C, the most innovative version of the technology in years.

Explaining USB-C

The USB-C connector is instantly recognized because, unlike the previous USB-A, it is oval in shape – a rectangle with smoothed corners. It is impossible to insert wrongly because it is totally symmetrical.

Furthermore, USB-C is narrow enough to fit on phones without difficulty. This implies it can be used as a standard connector for computers, phones, and other devices such as game consoles.

The Nintendo Switch, MacBook Pro, and Samsung Galaxy range of phones are among the products that employ USB-C cords.

With the appropriate arrangement, USB-C ports are the fastest around.

Data, power, and even video and audio can all be sent using USB-C ports.

However, the speed with which it operates is determined by the device to which it is connected.

USB ports come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are three different types: USB 3.1, USB 3.2, and Thunderbolt 3. (the latter mainly found on Apple computers). Check your device’s handbook or contact the manufacturer to find out what type you have.

A USB-C cable inserted into a USB 3.1 port can transfer 10 gigabytes per second by default. You can receive 20 gigabytes per second by plugging into a 3.2 port. Thunderbolt 3 connections allow USB-C cables to transfer data at a rate of up to 40 gigabytes per second.

This is far faster than any other USB connector.

USB-C cables may also transport electricity; they’re often used to charge mobile devices, computers, and even security cameras.

The power output of a conventional USB-C connector is 2.5 watts, which is the same as most USB-A connectors. However, many gadgets use the Power Delivery (PD) protocol, which allows a USB-C cable to supply up to 100 watts of power.

Laptops and other high-wattage devices may be charged with PD cords, which is impossible with older USB standards.

In a nutshell, USB-C cables outperform all conventional USB cords. More and more gadgets will adopt USB-C as time goes on.

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