Why am I upgrading from an iPhone 12 Pro Max to an iPhone 13 Pro Max?

From the iPhone 12 Pro Max, I’m moving to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. What can I say, I’m a sucker for large phones.

It’s been huge screens for the greatest phones or bust for me since I got the iPhone 8 Plus. The more screen real estate available, whether for streaming shows, FaceTiming, or perusing social media, the better. More recently, I’ve discovered TIkTok (click here to follow Tom’s Guide on TikTok), and the 6.7-inch screen of my iPhone 12 Pro Max makes shooting and editing movies a joy.

It doesn’t, so the iPhone 13 Pro Max will have to serve unless I switch to Android and get a phablet like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which grows to a whopping 7.6 inches. However, when it comes to the iPhone vs. Android debate, I’m a firm believer in Apple’s ecosystem.

In fact, I’m upgrading from an iPhone 12 Pro Max to an iPhone 13 Pro Max because the latter was never truly mine. It’s an Apple lease, with the idea that after 12 months of payments, I’ll return it for the 13 Pro Max. That doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to the upgrades.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max offers a longer battery life than my iPhone 12 Pro Max, according to our iPhone 13 battery test, as well as cool new iPhone 13 camera features and adaptive refresh up to 120Hz for the smoothest scrolling on any Apple handset yet. The 13 Pro Max retains the 6.7-inch display, but with a reduced notch, despite being slightly heavier than its predecessor.

For the first time, the iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with a 1TB storage option. Even with all of my TikToking, I’m confident that thanks to my big iCloud plan, I won’t need this much iPhone 13 storage. Instead, I’m decreasing my storage and using Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Plan to minimize my current monthly charge.

How can this help me save money?

If you’ve ever questioned whether or not Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program is worthwhile, the answer changes from year to year and model to model. For example, the Upgrade Program prices for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 are nearly same, but I spent more each month on the iPhone 12 Pro Max than I did on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Instead of paying $1,099 up front, you can pay $54.08 each month for the 128GB iPhone 12 Pro Max. The 256GB version will set you back $58.28 a month, while the 512GB version will set you back $66.58. The monthly cost of the new 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max option is $74.91. All of these plans include Apple Care+, a valuable benefit for those who are prone to mishaps.

So, instead of paying $58.28 per month, I’ll pay $54.08 per month for the next 12 months by decreasing my storage. My iCloud storage plan eliminates the need for a lot of on-board storage once again.

Take into account your storage requirements as well. Perhaps you have enough free space on your phone to justify, as I do, reducing your capacity this year. Also, if you want to upgrade from your existing phone to one of Apple’s newest models, look for the best iPhone offers. Carriers are offering tempting deals, including their own loan alternatives to Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program.

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